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Can you believe that a trip to the dentist resulted in a lifetime of motorsports involvement?The Boreens have been in involved with the Sports Car Club of America since 1970 and have been hooked ever since.They were the driving force behind the creation of the Classic American Muscle (CAM) class in SCCA Autocross.  This program has been very successful in attracting new members to the SCCA.They ran over 15 events in 2021 and have a very busy 2022 which includes a Driver's School  on May 21, 2022.We discuss what's involved in autocross and how to get started.The Boreens represent all the great things about motorsports.  We are lucky to have them involved in our sport.Connect with the Boreens via Email.Check out our sponsors:Show Sponsor LMS-EFI Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Track-First Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Rad Air of Wickliffe Website, Facebook, Instagram, ASMOILFollow us!Late to Grid - InstagramLate To Grid - FacebookLate To Grid - Twitter 
It was great to have Marlon Sumlin on again .  He was first on with Jay Andrew in Season 1, Episode 7.In this episode we talk about Marlon's B Spec racing, his new role at Rad Air in Wickliffe as their Motorsports Manager, and Marlon's 2022 plans which includes NASA Great Lakes, Grid Life, One Lap of America, and spotting in the Skip Barber series.Learn more:Contact MarlonHereditary Cancer Awareness: www.facingourrisk.orgNASA Great Lakes Facebook: Great Lakes Website: out our sponsors:Show Sponsor LMS-EFI Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Track-First Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Rad Air of Wickliffe Website, Facebook, Instagram, ASMOILFollow us!Late to Grid - InstagramLate To Grid - FacebookLate To Grid - Twitter
Betsy McIntyre is an active member of the Neohio Region of the SCCA and was introduced to motorsports by her friend, Tim Fulgham.  She attended an Autocross event, said looked fun, bought Tim's MINI Cooper and she was hooked.So what keeps Betsy coming back and getting even more involved in regional motorsports?  The fun and friends!  Plus, she likes being involved and helping people.   We talk a bit about Betsy's motorsports involvement which includes not only being behind the wheel, her volunteering, and she offers some great advise on how women can get involved involved in motorsports.Sign up for Neohio's Home Opener Time Trials EventHas Betsy been Late To Grid?  Yes, while running a Miata in Autocross.  I guess the answer is always Miata.Contact Betsy:Betsy's EmailHow to connect with the Neohio SCCA:Neohio SCCA WebsiteNeohio FacebookNeohio InstagramCheck out our sponsors:Show Sponsor LMS-EFI Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Track-First Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Rad Air of Wickliffe Website, Facebook, Instagram, ASMOILFollow us!Late to Grid - InstagramLate To Grid - FacebookLate To Grid - Twitter
If you want to get into motorsports - this is the episode to listen to!!Want to learn more about Time Trials events - this is the episode to listen to!So why listen to this episode?  My guest, Vinnie Taibi, does an awesome job of explaining the progression from volunteer to being an on track racer.   Plus he walks us through what Time Trials event looks like. Vinnie is the Social Media Director and Time Trials Chair for the Indianapolis Region of the SCCA and is the new Great Lakes Division Time Trial Admin.  Man, he keeps busy!We talk about how Vinnie got into motorsports which was, of course, influenced by family as it many times is.  We also cover the cars that Vinnie has owned and there's a great Integra story in there too.  We need more people like Vinnie in our sport.  He's not afraid to share and try new ideas. He's generous with his time and he has lots of energy.One of the best quotes from Vinnie is, "Come from the cars and stay for the people."  This is really what's it about.  It's about having fun with others, building relationships and helping each other get better.How to connect with Vinnie:Personal InstagramLime Motorsports Team Instagram and FacebookHow to Connect with Indy SCCA:Indy Region SCCA InstagramIndy Region SCCA FacebookIndy Track Days & Time TrialsCheck out our sponsors:Show Sponsor LMS-EFI Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Track-First Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Rad Air of Wickliffe Website, Facebook, Instagram, ASMOILFollow us!Late to Grid - InstagramLate To Grid - FacebookLate To Grid - Twitter
Jimmy Peters from Resolute Motorsports Club joins me on the latest edition of the Late To Grid podcast.It all started with a 1972 Chevy Nova  that was built for Autocrossing and track days.  Jimmy found a gap in track day offerings and wanted to create something that would fit everyone's schedule.  So now he's building a 500 acre motorsports venue!Lots of great insights in this episode from how to tackle a big project to how networking helps connect you with people that can help you. We are super excited for Jimmy and the motorsports community and can't wait to record future episodes at the facility!How to connect with Resolute Motorsports Club:Resolute Motorsports Club WebsiteInstagramFacebookYoutubeCheck out our sponsors:Show Sponsor LMS-EFI Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Track-First Website, Facebook, InstagramFollow us!Late to Grid - InstagramLate To Grid - Facebook
Like many of our guests Chris grew up in a motorsports family.Chris raced jet skis and has a funny Late To Grid story that he shares.  He made it to the Jet Ski World Finals in 1998! When he was done racing on water he found the SCCA and started racing RX-7s.In 2004 he started LMS-EFI and has been focused on engine management systems, data loggers, dashes, and complete vehicle wiring.  While his focus is on Mazda and rotary, Chris works on many other makes and models.He now races an ex-NASCAR car in GTA  and ST2 in NASA.  How fun!  He set a track record at Gingerman in GTA and won a sprint race at Mid-Ohio in the RX-7 that I now own.  He's fast! What keeps interested in motorsports? Customers become friends.  He likes the people and the smell of race fuel.He's very thankful that his wife and sons are supportive of his racing and the business.How to connect with the Chris & LMS-EFI:LMS-EFI WebsiteLMS-EFI FacebookLMS-EFI InstagramEmail: chris@lms-efi.comCheck out our sponsors:Show Sponsor LMS-EFI Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Track-First Website, Facebook, InstagramFollow us!Late to Grid - InstagramLate To Grid - Facebook
Dave was our most listened to episode in our first season and he won races after being on the show.  Podcasts work folks!!   Learn more about Dave In Episode #9Dave had a great 2021 racing in SRF. 2nd in Great Lake Division (SR3)4th in a major at Mid-Ohio4th at GrattanWins at Nelson LedgesHe also raced in AER in the Junk Player Special at Mid-Ohio.For 2022 Dave is planning to race four endurance races in Champcar and AER with the Junk Player Special team.  His SRF will get the new transmission package that these cars are using and he'll race one or two events at Mid-Ohio.Dave wanted to talk more about the Neohio Region of the SCCA than his racing.  Typical Dave.Dave and his program chairs have a full season planned.  They just finished up a big award ceremony. and will be on track in April at Nelson Ledges. The event that has the most interest for the 2022 season is the Enduro at Nelson Ledges.  Way too much to type out - take  a listen and learn more about all the great events happening in 2022.How to connect with the Neohio SCCA:Neohio SCCA WebsiteNeohio FacebookNeohio InstagramCheck out our sponsors:Show Sponsor LMS-EFI Website, Facebook, InstagramShow Sponsor Track-First Website, Facebook, InstagramFollow us!Late to Grid - InstagramLate To Grid - Facebook
Karting is where it starts for many racers so it only makes sense that we have two guests on this episode that are heavily involved in karting in the midwest.Like many in our sport, family got them involved in motorsports.  At age six Dan started going to the Indy 500 and Eric's dad had a vintage car business and was dragged to Lernerville Speedway.Dan's worked in the Motorsports industry for over 20 years first as writer, photographer and managing editor for TrackSide Online - an online content service provider working primarily in IndyCar. He also provided PR work for drivers and teams which lead me to a relationship with BeaveRun Motorsports Complex (now Pitt Race), where his kids raced karts.Eric is a fan of start-ups and has been in karting since 2010.  He's just getting his four year old daughter into a kart and his two sons have raced karts for years.  Eric enjoys being at the track and supports PKC's goal to get more involved in motorsports.Pro Kart Concepts was born out of a few opportunities.  Pitt Race's continued karting program growth, two new kart tracks being built in Ohio and an opportunity with the OTK brand.PKC will provide karts sales, set-up, tuning , trackside support, arrive and drives, and consumables.  Coaching will be part of their offering as well.  These services are needed to grow a success karting program.  The goal is to keep their customers on track and out of the garage. Although we talk about data, karting is simple.  It's all about getting on track, running laps and having fun.Dan was asked what I want to people to learn from this episode he replied,  "I’d like to let people know that getting in to karting with their family is about making memories together that can’t be replicated. For a fortunate few it may result in a lifetime career but for all it’s a lifetime of memories. "How to connect with Pro Kart Concepts:PKC on FacebookPKC Website (Eric's & Dan's emails are on the site)Other resources, companies mentioned:OTK KartsPitt Race Karting
Can you believe that we have an Indy 500 winning race mechanic on the show?  Not only that though - he has an awesome background in motorsports which includes Penske's Indycar and IMSA programs, worked with Mario Andretti and Paul Newman, and graduated from the Jim Russell Racing School. Michael Ribas gives us some great advice, "Show up,  work hard, and have a good attitude."  He applied that advice each and every day and he went from graduating from racing mechanic school to an exciting career in professional motorsports.In case you didn't know, I'm a huge Roger Penske fan and Michael shares some insights about Roger's work ethic. It's not all about hard work though - you have to have the opportunity as well.  Make the most of the opportunity!We transition from Michael's motorsports background and talk about his coaching program.More and more people are engaging with coaches whether it's for personal fitness, career growth, personal development, or getting better on the track.I love this quote he gives, "It's for first time through for all of us."  Think about that.   This is where a coach can help.  Coaching isn't about giving you the answer, it's about helping you find it.  Michael shares a few ideas on steps you can take to set your goals.  What's the goal?   What do you want?  It's OK to think big, but be realistic. We've all heard that writing down goals is important.  Michael wrote down that he wanted to win the Indianapolis 500.  17 years later he did!Michael also shares a funny story about the Indycar movie, Driven.Connect with Michael & Exceed Transition Coaching:Exceed Transition Coaching on FacebookExceed Transition Coaching on InstagramExceed Transition Coaching on TwitterMichael Ribas on LinkedIn
We catch up with Aaron Quine at his race shop and learn more about his racing and motorsports career.  Aaron's story is another great example of how networking, being a professional, and looking for opportunities can pay off.Like many of our guests, Aaron got the racing bug from his father who raced Corvettes and Aaron grew up at Mid-Ohio and Nelson Ledges.  In fact, his dad gave him some great advice, "Meet as many people as you can.  You help them and they'll help you."  Last year he won the Great Lakes series championship in TA2, started racing in the IGT series and won at Daytona.  It was his first time in a Porsche and went from 7th to 1st in the rain.Aaron will be racing in SCCA's GT2 series, the IGT series, and SRO in 2022. Aaron instructs and coaches at the Mid-Ohio School and the Ford Performance Racing School at the Charolette Motor Speedway.Aaron's Corvette was featured in DEI's PRI Road Show - Here's the burnout!Looking for race tires?  Check out Stupid Fast Tires.  His shop in Wadsworth can get your tires ready to go, but he also offers trackside services.  44 foot, gooseneck trailer, with four tire machines and four tire balancers.  They can handle it!  Also, he can help with your car's handling.  Aaron helps his clients better understand how tires can help their vehicle's on-track handling and performance.Aaron shares news that there might be a Camping World NASCAR Truck race in his future.   This is another awesome example of networking.  Good luck Aaron!!We learn about a scary coaching moment where a student didn't listen and they ended up on the roof.  Yikes!Plus, check this out, Aaron's so cool that Summit Racing has a special Aaron Quine paint kit you can purchase.How to connect with AaronAaron's FacebookStupid Fast Tires FacebookCall: (330) 573-4338SponsorsSummitDEIQuartermaster
If there's a lesson to be learned here it's, Say yes to any opportunity. As you'll listen Andrew Rains has had a busy career in motorsports and he's still a young man.  From working at a performance auto shop to flying on a private jet with a Grand Am team as a pit crew member, Andrew has built a foundation for solid career in our sport.While at Auburn University he was on the Formula SAE team and handled driving duties and was responsible for sponsorships.  This program connected with him his business partner and they realized the need for better and simpler data systems.He's also a tenured professional coach and racer with wheel to wheel experience in the Pirelli World Challenge series (2015 -2017) and he raced a stock car for a year.  Andrew has taken the APEX Pro technology beyond motorsports to offer custom engineering and technology development services for entrepreneurs and companies with needs in the connected device space (Internet of Things) - see Moxieint link below. Andrew also has worked at the Porsche Track Experience at Barber Motorsports Park and still offers coaching to drivers looking to get better. The APRX Pro offers a free app for your iPhone and there's the APEX Pro Unit that provides better GPS data and gives real time, visual feedback.  There's an OBDII unit as well.Andrew talks about getting stuck at the Canadian border while having his truck and trailer searched, selling a bunch of assets to buy the remains of the Grand Am team only to sell the cars a year later and then build a Honda Accord.  We also talk about coaching and how using a coach can save you money in the long run.  How to Connect with Andrew & Apex Pro:APEX Pro WebsiteAPEX Pro InstagramDownload the APEX Pro App (it's free)APEX Pro FacebookAPEX Pro User's GroupMoxieiot WebsiteHow to Connect with Late To Grid:Late To Grid InstagramLate To Grid FacebookLate To Grid TwitterShow Sponsor: Track First InstagramTrack First WebsiteTrack First Facebook
David Kalb Jr is a young and upcoming professional race car driver out of Aurora, Ohio.  At age 4, David's love for racing sparked through playing with matchbox cars, and watching NASCAR with his uncle Tom. A year later, he would begin his racing career in a kid kart racing at Thompson Raceway Park. After Thompson, David started kart racing at Pittsburgh International and won 2 track championships. David then gained recognition running national karting events in WKA, USPKS, SKUSA, and F-Series.David has an impressive record winning 3 WKA National karting titles, and having many impressive finishes throughout his 4 years driving dirt and asphalt race cars.David has an awesome perspective on racing - Enjoy the moment.  How refreshing!  In 2022 his plan is to race 30 races which means two races per weekend.  Tons of seat time and tons of exposure for his sponsors. Dirt Sprint cars are very popular right now and with with David's positive  outlook he could be a great brand ambassador for your company.  Contacting him easy, just click the links below. How to connect with David:David Kalb Jr. Racing on FacebookDavid Kalb Jr. on InstagramDavid Kalb Jr. on TwitterDavid Kalb Jr. WebsiteDon't forget to check out our sponsor, Track First.
If you've been around motorsports for any length of time you know the fast rise in popularity  that endurance racing has seen.  It's one of the easiest ways to get into wheel to wheel racing - and it's a blast!We caught up with the Dana and Bill from the ChampCar Endurance Series to learn more about their series and the 2022 season.Plus, they have a podcast coming out called Inside ChampCar.  Be sure to find it and hear about all the exciting ChampCar updates.These guys have so much going on, I don't know where to start!  From having Bob Varsha and David Hobbs in the broadcast studio for upcoming events to having partners like Race Suit Rentals and Discovery Parts for equipment rental - ChampCar has it going on!Listen in as we talk all things endurance racing including how to get involved, volunteer opportunities, what sponsorships means to their organization, and the ChampCar class structure (hint: it's simpler than you think).  Right now they have 29 events scheduled for 2022 and are working a couple they are super stoked about - but, they wouldn't spill the beans.Connect & Learn More:ChampCar WebsiteChampCar FacebookChampCar InstagramChampCar TwitterSponsors:Title Sposnor:TireRack.comSeries Sposnors:RVA Graphics and WrapsLifeline USAUUC MotorwerksFrozen RotorsNLA PartsRacing RadiosBell RacingChampCar Endurance Series Sportsmanship award:The Chandler SchoolChampCar Endurance Series – Class Sponsors:Class A – Krispy KremeClass B – Discovery PartsClass C – Money Shift Racing
In our first episode for season two we chat with Luca Mars.  As you'll read below, Luca is an accomplished racer and he is only a sophomore in high school!Connect with Luca on Instagram & Facebook.Luca talks about his recent announcement to race in the Michelin Pilot Challenge in 2022 and he's participating in the third edition of the HPD in the Acura GT3 for 2022.  He is just coming off a successful season in IMSA MX-5 Cup.  We talk being at the track and how karting can be the start to it all.If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities with Luca contact Brett Mars at 412-310-0980Special thanks to Dan Scholosser for helping to arrange this interview.  Anyone wanting to get into karting or get better at karting needs to connect with Dan.  Luca's Racing Resume: Karting History: 2012: Started karting in the Pitt Race Karting Series winning Kid Kart and Rookie Championships first two seasons. 2014: Began Regional and National racing winning 26 of 31 races and scoring Championships with Pitt Race Karting Series, Great Lakes Sprint Series, USPKS and WKA. 2015: Moved up to the Mini ranks continuing success with wins and Championships in Rotax US Nationals, Florida Winter Tour, USPKS, SKUSA Pro Tour, Rok Cup USA and WKA. 2018: Granted the opportunity to move to Junior ranks a year early and produced results quickly winning Rok Cup USA, Florida Winter Tour, Rotax US Finals and SKUSA Winter Tour Championships. 2020: Granted the opportunity to move to Senior early and in a single year of competition ranked First in the US with an average finishing position of 3.43 in major races with Seconds in Florida Winter Tour, SKUSA Winter Series and Pro Tour Championships. International Opportunities: Earned invitations to represent Team USA at the Rok World Finals in Lonato, Italy 3 times with a best finish of 4th. Earned invitations to represent Team USA at the Rotax Grand Finals in Italy (2), Brazil and Portugal 4 times with a best finish of 6th. Have the unique distinction as the only American driver to achieve this at the Mini, Junior and Senior levels. Earned an invitation to be the sole Team USA representative at the CIK/FIA Academy Trophy Series in 2019 finishing 6th and 8th at events in Germany and Italy before an injury prevented competing in the Final event. Competed in additional International Events with the German DKM Kart Series and Italian ACI Karting Championship CIK Series with best finishes of 5th and 4th respectively. 2020 Car Racing Details: Lucas Oil School: Sebring Short Track & New Jersey Motorsports Park Thunderbolt – 2 Day Schools F2000 Testing Program – John Walko Racing: Carolina Motorsports Park, Roebling Road, Pitt Race, Nelson Ledges – Private and Open Testing Formula Race Productions – F2000 Championship Series – John Walko Racing: Mid-Ohio (P2), Pitt Race (P2/P3), Road Atlanta SCCA Hoosier Super Tour – Formula Continental – John Walko Racing: Pitt Race (P2/P2) Great Lakes Championship Series – Formula Continental – John Walko Racing: Pitt Race (P1/P1) USF2000 – Testing: Arms-Up Motorsports/Greg Borland - Road America & Exclusive Autosport/Michael Duncalfe – Sebring 2021 Car Racing Details: IMSA MX5 Cup: First ten races include 7 Top 10, 3 Top 5, 1 Podium and 3 Hard Charger Awards Competed at Daytona, Sebring, St Pete Grand Prix, Mid-Ohio & Road America SCCA Hoosier Pro Tour&a
Aaron and I kept the recording rolling and talked about SCCA, racing and life.Thanks for your support during our first season of Late To Grid!
Aaron Johnson is an accomplished SCCA race car driver that has an awesome passion for our sport.While Arron's racing resume is impressive, what's more impressive is he's accomplished all of this while raising six children and relocating  domestically and internationally.  Plus, he's a budget minded racer that doesn't break the bank to go fast.In the early years he had a Triumph TR-6, then raced a Spitfire in H Production and now races a Honda S2000 in E Production.Aaron's Racing Resume:Obtained SCCA Regional Competition License in 2002Obtained SCCA National Competition License in 2004Over 50 SCCA Races Won a few regional races between 2002 and 20051st SCCA National Win H Production – Heatwave National 8/12/072007 SCCA Runoffs – Qualify 28 Finish 21 H Production2008 blew up an engine big time and took 2008/9/10 to fix2011/12 ran regional races to get the car back up to speed 2013 SCCA Mid-States Conference Champion H Production2013 4th Place National Points H Production2013 2 US Majors Tour Victories, 4 Second Places H Production2013 SCCA Runoffs – Qualify 14 Finish 8 H Production2014 year off and some regional races2015 ran 1 race in the s2000 before he bought it 2017 SCCA Runoffs – Qualify 26 Finish 24  E Production2020 2 US Majors Tour Victories E Production2020 SCCA Runoffs – Qualify 14 Finish 11 E Production2021 2 US Majors R Victories, 4 2nd Places E Production2021 US Majors Tour Northeast Conference Champion E Production2021 SCCA Runoffs Qualify 9th Finish DNF E ProductionHow to connect with Aaron FacebookYoutubeSCCA Majors  Schedule 2022
Bill was at PRI again and spent sometime catching up with industry insiders to learn about what's new in motorsports and racing. Links to who we caught up with:EBC Brakes InstagramChillout Systems InstagramChillout Systems WebsiteNASA InstagramDrive NASA WebsiteNASA Great Lakes InstagramNASA Great Lakes WebsiteAIM WebsiteAIM YouTubeHoosier Tire WebsiteHoosier Tire InstagramGrassroots Motorsports WebsiteGrassroots Motorsports YouTubeBraille Battery InstagramBraille Battery WebsiteLifeline WebsiteLifeline InstagramGavin Graham Racing InstagramGavin Graham Racing WebsiteGarmin Catalyst
Bill interviewed a few of the exhibitors at the 2021 SEMA show.Hawk Performance Brakes:Taylor Allen shares more information about Hawk and announces the new endurance racing brake pad.Hawk's InstagramEBC Brakes:Candice and Steve share more about EBC brakes.  We learn RP1 & RPX pads with floating discs and they tease us about a new release that will be announced at PRI. EBC Brakes Downey tells us more about services  and reminds us that it's a free site.  Buying or selling a race car, trailer, to rig has never been easier!Racing Junk InstagramOhlins:Brian Fowler tells us more about the products that Ohlins offers and reminds us that Ohlins was selected as the damper provider for  Next Gen NASCAR car.  He also shares a few new product launches.Ohlins Instagram NRG Innovations:Jason the VP at NRG Innovations talks about their affordable product lines for your daily driver and your track car.  They are releasing a new line of reclining seats and designer steering wheels.NRG InstagramBig Kids Garage:James Packer tells us more about his new project, Big Kids Garage.  He's a NASA racer and has a long history in motorsports.Big Kids Garage InstagramEssex Racing:Jack from Essex Racing which is the exclusive AP distributor in America talks about AP Racing's products which includes brake components and clutches.  He also discusses the selection of AP to part of the Next Gen NASCAR car.Essex Racing InstagramG-Force Racing Gear:Craig Robinson tells us all about what G-Force Racing has to offer and highlights their new helmet. We learn that a new suit, glove and  shoe line is coming out next year.  For this year there is the Super Nova T800, full carbon fiber helmet.G-Force Instagram
We talk about Miatas with two Miata drivers, Jim Tramontano (No Money Motorsports) & Dave Peters (HPDEjunkie).Jim created No Money Motorsports - A site with the primary goal to get folks on track, as much as possible, by spending as little money as possible.  He started autocrossing in 2007, started track days by volunteering with NASA in 2012 and moved up the HPDE ranks in his Daily Driver Miata.  He's in his 5th year racing Spec Miata with NASA Northeast. Dave (Episode 16) created a website, HPDEjunkie, the most inclusive and most current listing of HPDE / Track Days and Open Track events for North America.We discuss their cars, how they built them, and get their advice on set ups and more.Setting tire pressures, alignments, and suspension settings all get discussed.  Dave's tire pressure tip - use white marker to highlight the tiny triangles on the shoulder of your tires to see if you are going past that point.  If you are, increase the tire pressure.  If you aren't close to the triangles, reduce the tire pressure.Where to go for Miata advice and parts?  Talk with other Miata drivers at a track day and see who's running well.  Talk with them and see where they source their parts.If you race your Miata be sure to check out the Mazda Motorsports website for . Connect with Jim:Instagram: @no_money_motorsports_blog Web: nomoneymotorsports.comConnect with Dave:Instagram: @HPDEjunkieTwitter:  HPDEjunkieFacebook: HPDEjunkieWeb: hpdejunkie.comYouTube:  HPDEjunkie 
We sit down with Reed Kryder from Kryder Racing and boy did we learn a lot!  What a background! Reed's a former IMSA and SCCA driver who now coaches aspiring racers and owns Kyder Racing which provides car set up services, offers an arrive and drive program, and builds cars for customers.We talk about Reed getting his old GTU car back on track for a vintage race, Reed's background at Goodyear, and get his insights into better driving.  Reed is responsible for the Test & Tune events at Nelson Ledges Road Course which offers a street car day and race car day each month. Reed's advice on getting better?Work to get consistent and identify where your issues are (braking, knowing the apex, driving line, etc).  He also suggests running 4-6 laps, make adjustments and repeat.  Plus, he shares so much more!  Check your tires after a session - which are hotter?  Hotter tires are the ones that are sliding on the track.  Reed says, a lot of racing is passion - what's your passion?  Go and do that.Kryder Racing WebsiteCall 330-854-4889 to learn more about Kryder Racing
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