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Author: Adrian Spataru, Bohdan Andrusyak

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The podcast for uncommon weird Artificial Intelligence applications and news.
16 Episodes
Poaching is a multi-billion dollar illegal industry, and AI is being used to combat it. Techniques such as infrared cameras, game theory, sound analysis, reinforcement learning, drones, and 3D printers are being employed to identify and track animals, detect poachers, disrupt the poaching market, and preserve wildlife. Other solutions such as trap cameras and existing datasets are being used to help with the preservation of wildlife and stop poaching.This episode was recorded 2 weeks before the war in Ukraine, some things might feel out of context/out of place.Episode powered by
Can AI be our Friend? In this episode, we talk how AI is used as a companion. We talk about the good, bad and ugly of AI from healthcare to personal development. References: Twitter Adrian Adrain : Bohdan : podcast is Powered by Cleanvoice ( )
AI & Modern Warfare

AI & Modern Warfare


Over the last few years, military funding for artificial intelligence has increased steadily. In this podcast, we talk about current applications of AI in modern warfare, as well as the current state of affairs with AI in the military.  References:   Power by  Twitter Adrian Adrain : Bohdan :
AI & Agriculture

AI & Agriculture


Milk? Tomatoes? In this episode, we talk how AI help us in agriculture. From seed generation to harvesting and more in this episode. Strawberry Picker: on CV and Agriculture Vegetation weeds froms crops new Corn Species: DeepCorn
How can AI help our mental health? Can it identify depression better than humans? What is the impact of current algorithm on our health? We answer these questions and more in this episode. Great Ted talk on how to build embedding of psychiatrist session of articles analysing chatbots for helping with mental healthDepression Detection for Social Media Detection Emotions (and detecting fake emotions) help to diagnose depression Adrian's Twitter: Spataru Linkedin: Andrusyak Linkedin: This podcast is power by
AI - The Meme Lord

AI - The Meme Lord


Can AI create memes? Be funny? In this episode, we explore the dank world of AI generated content. GPT-3 Actually useful for explaining jokes. Jokes Spataru Linkedin: Andrusyak Linkedin:
AI & Regulation

AI & Regulation


Should AI be left alone by legal scrutiny? In this episode, we talk about the regulatory frameworks in the USA & EU regarding Artificial Intelligence, what technologies are banned and how the future (from the legal perspective) will look like.References:EU AI Regulations: AI Regulations:  Questions?Adrian Spataru Linkedin: Andrusyak Linkedin: 
Can AI lead our country? In this episode, we explore how AI is helping politicians getting elected, create policies and make our governments more efficient. ReferencesThe AI Economist:Improving Equality and Productivity with AI-Driven Tax Policies of  data-driven policies Report on AI and the public sector of AI Politicians AI is perceived in policy making? Policy Making by EU  Questions?Adrian Spataru Twitter: Spataru Linkedin: Andrusyak Linkedin:
AI in Cooking

AI in Cooking


What are we eating today? A questions which we ask our self everyday. What if AI can help us answer this questions. We will explore cooking robots, nutrition detection and more.ReferencesSamsung Robot Chef - Automatic Nutritional Understanding of Generic Food - of Social Ties Influences Food Choice - the nutritional landscape of food - Spataru Twitter: Spataru Linkedin: Andrusyak Linkedin: 
AI is a just a tool. It can be used for good or evil. Today, we will talk about the later and the different ways criminals are using AI for profit.References Spataru Linkedin: Andrusyak Linkedin:
From designing clothes to selling them online. We talk how AI is currently changing the Fashion Industry & the ethical implications.Adrian Spataru Linkedin: Andrusyak Linkedin: Papers
ReferencesProcrastinating Students: Teachers: Summarization of online classes: tracing and performance prediction performance of students: online courses provide good education and Education: Data Science Course:
#References What AI can do for Football, and What Football can do for AI - Liverpool Research (enough for this podcast..quite dense) Evaluating Soccer Player: from Live Camera to Deep Reinforcement Learning TrackNet: A Deep Learning Network for Tracking High-speed and Tiny Objects in Sports Applications SoccerNet-v2 : A Dataset and Benchmarks for Holistic Understanding ofBroadcast Soccer Videos #Social Media Adrian Spataru - Bohdan Andrusyak -
Adrian's Linkedin:'s Linkedin:
ReferencesThe AI of Alien Isolation: Paper: Hide & Seek: Balancing Software: Motion In-betweening: Reinforcement Learning for Navigation in AAA Video Games:
With a $19 billion market cap, the Anime industry can benefit from machine learning methods. We will talk about current methods and the future of the industry as a whole.
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