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Author: Mrs. Renai & Mr. B

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Join Mrs. Renai, author of the BecomingWifeyBlog and her husband, Mr.B as they discuss love, marriage, parenting, and relationships in general. Whether focusing on a specific subject or commenting on hot topics in society and popular culture, this couple hopes to make you smile while offering helpful advice on how to make the most of any type of relationship!
16 Episodes
It's the final date week and while we have a few dates that are truly...dates, this week: Erin, Kristen, and Corey all have respectful and (frankly) repetitive conversations, Alexis questions her positions with Kendal outside of the bedroom, and Erica's hair struggles in the Hawaii humidity.Follow the full blog @
This week: USA is stealing our ideas and hearing our prayers, Kendal is compassionate trash, Tula is the homie homie, Alex is too honest, Corey is a lot like toast, and Nickole just has a lot of feelings. This episode is pretty boring in the grand scheme, but we aren't mad at it. *shrug*Don't forget to follow the blog at 
This week Chelsea is a toxic, broken record, Mya loses her chili over some grilled chicken, Kendal gets thrown a few curve balls, and Erin is way overthinking! We are a little extra and goofy this week. These late nights are starting to wear on us, but we hope you still enjoy our antics...
Another week, another episode of couples doing questionable things on Temptation Island. This week: we spend way TOO LONG on date scenes, Thomas wants Sophia to be in his life forever, Kendal thinks he's in a throuple, and both Juwan and Mr.B are trying to be 'on trend' with those GOT DAMN beads!What did you guys think? Check out the full blog at
We have officially reached the 1/2 way mark in our Temptation journey and the new crew does not disappoint! Join us as we experience our first round of eliminations, suffer through Shaquille's cringiest moments, and become a part of the first real three-way to go down on the island. What did you guys think of this week's episode? 
On this week's episode:Shaq is a cringey lap-dog, Alexis-eaze shows off her many talents, Blake the dentist might not be the only one who's fake, Erica reminds us not to come for her, and Kendal is going to be single now and ask questions later! Don't forget to check out the full blog at
This week: man bun Jesse is in popular demand, Kendal thinks the single guys are still in the "interview stage", Blake the dentist is the "dad" of the group, Nickole worries about how dumb she looks, and everyone at the girls villa came prepared with 70s themed costumes.Also...beads. Lots and lots of beadsDon't forget to follow the full blog at 
It's episode 2 of Temptation Island 3 and we are ready to separate the couples (FINALLY) and get started on this life changing journey *cue eye roll*. Kristen flips out about Clorox wipes, Chelsea pops her regular booty, and Thomas wants to flirt and tease (respectfully). Mrs. Renai also keeps you updated on the various beads and the trendy men who wear them. Check out the full blog at 
The new season of Temptation Island kicked off last night. Listen as Mr.B and Mrs. Renai provide a recap of the first episode, with their colorful commentary mixed in. This week Mr.B & Mrs.Renai meet the four new couples and the singles who are there to tempt them! They unpack each couple and their issues, drink the koolaid from Mark Walberg, and judge the hell out of Blake the dentist...or is it Griffin? Also...Mrs. Renai needs to know...what's up with the beads, bro?Don't forget to check out the main blog: 
Mr. B & Mrs.Renai discuss all things Valentine's Day! 
This week's topics include:Does a real man stand by his woman when she gets pregnant by someone else? (& what does that even mean?)Should "females" stop being samples and start acting like full sized products? Are you tired of "gold digger" videos? What colors should you choose when trying to attract a potential partner? Don't forget to follow the full blog at Enjoy! 
This week we discuss: Can someone find true love on reality TV?What do we do when we feel like our bestie is getting close to someone else? Can you absorb negative energy from "good" D?Mr.B closes out the episode with our 3rd round of 'agree or disagree' when it comes to specific relationship advice.  Let us know what you think about these topics and don't forget to check out the main blog at 
In this week's episode Mr.B & Mrs. Renai discuss: Can a relationship be based off of mutual hatred?Can men do anything right?Are second chances after a break-up toxic?We close out the conversation with a second round of past relationship advice with Mr. B. Do you agree with us? Let us know and don't forget to check out the main blog at 
 This week we'll be talking about: Is it okay to keep gifts and trinkets from a past relationship when entering into a new relationship? Is there such a thing as "bad timing" when it comes to finding "the one"? Do women force men into monogamy only to later withhold sex? Mr.B also shares a few pieces of relationship advice that others have received. Do we agree or disagree? Find out and let us know your thoughts! Don't forget to check out the full blog at
This week we discuss: Why don't marriages last like our grandparents' generation? Is your partner supposed to be a pain in the ass? Reasons why you should get married. and more! Don't forget to check out the full blog on
In this week's episode, we take it back to a old topic that was buzzing a few months ago: Is it okay to see other people if you're married but separated? (RE: Will Smith & Jada P Smith & August Alsina Scandal) Can you forgive your friend for having an affair with your partner? Is it a good idea to hook up with your bestie? What if you're lonely during lockdown?Listen as we tackle these topics and more!Also check out the full blog at 
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