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Kiera and Simon discuss... well baths mainly. And other other places and times to read. If you have any top reading habits you can get in touch with us via Twitter at @BadReadsPodcast.
Kiera and Simon rave about short books, drop some serious numbers when it comes to book length, and speculate on what types of reading give us an endorphin hit. Simon gives a health warning for Clarissa. We’d love to hear about whether you’re also counting words and pages or whether you delight in a longer read. Find us on Twitter @BadReadsPodcast.
Episode 4: Adaptations

Episode 4: Adaptations


Simon and Kiera discuss film and TV adaptations of books, from the many adaptations of Philip K. Dick and Nick Hornby to Persepolis and The Company of Wolves - and go on a tangent through the Marvel Universe. (Kiera thinks the worst thing you can do to Thor is cut his hair, and Simon notes that he gets an eye cut out.) We’d love to hear about your favourite adaptations: find us on Twitter@BadReadsPodcast.
Simon and Kiera discuss their reading goals - and whether the idea of setting reading goals is even a good thing. Not included is any discussion of Reading Gaols, which would be a completely different episode about Oscar Wilde - and a joke that works much better in written show notes than it does spoken on a podcast. If you have any ideas for good reading goals (or reading gaols even) please do tweet at us.
Simon and Kiera discuss the ways they find which books to read - how (surprisingly) hard it can be to discover books that suit what you feel like reading now, and the perils of making and accepting book recommendations. We'd love to hear how you find new books, your reading patterns or recommendations.
Simon and Kiera chat about what it means to be a good or bad reader and why it’s time to reassess what reading habits and preferences we give value to. In this podcast, we talk about guilty pleasures, eye-tracking technology and chaotic neutral reading, and consider whether audiobooks, subtitled movies and news articles count as reading.
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