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How Did I Get Here?
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How Did I Get Here?

Author: Lisa Michelle

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We are all so much more than what others think they know or see on the surface...This podcast is a reflective conversational interview with everyday people who are willing to share their life journey...the highs and lows, struggles and victories, obstacles and triumphs. As we unravel the complexities of our unique foundations, you will hear that there is more than one way to make it here and that it's ok to continue to be and do you!
57 Episodes
The Four F's w/ Brian Page

The Four F's w/ Brian Page


Brian's lesson life, enjoy life, do right by people, and be authentic!
This is just between you and me.  I just had a career change and I wanted to share the journey with you...who knew a course correction could come so late in your career.You can follow me on Instagram @howdidigetherepodcast
Even though she knows the subject matter, Lindy feels imposter syndrome but realizes she's imposing that on herself.  She has had to learn to trust herself when in the room, having those conversations.
Ben is an IT Functional Analyst by day and your friendly neighborhood Haiku poet by night!  His lesson learned is...If you want to get good at something, you're going to have to put a lot into it, so you have to find that thing that you just can't get enough of.You can find Ben online...Website:  Haiku Talk at
Janessa Williams, a talented artist known as @color_tripz on Instagram, shared her lessons learned:Be patient, it's ok to be hungry, but don't rush the processTake time for yourself, it's very important to unplug and recharge, andSpend time with the ones you love
Adrienne shares that we have so much more in common than we differ...we have to value, respect and honor those differences and not try to make them NOT different, but to welcome open conversation to understand them.  With that we can see that we are stronger because of our differences, not weaker.
Here are all things Patrice J. Bridal...Website:  http://www.patricejbridal.comEmail:  Ido@patricejbridal.comIG:  @patricejbridalShop location:  11977 St. Charles Rock RoadSuite 134Bridgeton, Missouri 63044314-292-9652
Colorism w/ Joyce Gorrell

Colorism w/ Joyce Gorrell


There is so much more that can be interesting about a person than just the color of their skin.  The important thing Joyce wants you to remember is that we are all people at the end of the day, trying to do our best, figure things out, wanting to feel safe, like somebody cares, or just that we matter.  
Lisa shares that it is important to be adaptable and flexible...let go of what and how you think things should be, have an open mind and don't be afraid of change.  
Mike's lessons learned are...Always learn something new, try something new...that's how you learn about yourself.  You'll never expand your horizon if you stay in the same shell all the time.Make that connection to what you loveWe have to work together to focus more on what we have in common.
Bryan's lessons learned are to be patient, think positive and give people the benefit of the doubt.
Welcome To Year 2

Welcome To Year 2


I'm so excited to usher this podcast into a new year.  It's been heartwarming and enlightening to have these conversations and to have the privilege of sharing their journeys with you.   I hope you continue to enjoy listening.  So don't forget to share, follow, like and comment.   See you back here next Wednesday.
Debbrie's lessons...When you have siblings that pave the way, they set the example for you as well.  You can call on them and be confident that they are going to give you good, sound advice.It's never too late to try something new, you just cannot be afraid
Kara learned that she'd rather have excessive love, laughs and forgiveness than anything else and she discovered she's not as bad as she thought she was!
No Recess? w/ Allan Gober

No Recess? w/ Allan Gober


Allan's lesson's important to try to seek out intermediate feedback from someone who is willing to give you honest criticism!
Kara's lesson learned...tomorrow is filled with new and fresh opportunities, so keep the faith!
Full Circle w/Tammy Lewis

Full Circle w/Tammy Lewis


Tammy feels you can do everything with a little delegation and distribution of responsibility.You can find more information on all of Tammy's endeavors here:Her nonprofit organization Pink Pearl Hero on Instagram at and https://www.pinkpearlhero.comHer empowerment group Women of Wealth - Women Empowering Women on Facebook at also created a digital organizational planner - 1DOPEPlanner that you can find out more about on Instagram at
In honor of Don's mom I wanted to revisit and share his special memories again with you.
In honor of Michelle's dad we are replaying this episode to share her memories again with you.
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