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Recipes for Real Life Sh*t
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Recipes for Real Life Sh*t

Author: Ben McPhee & Jon Corbin

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You can chuck the chili and forget the French toast. From How to Not Suck at Social Media and How to Stay Sane Around Kids to Arguing with Customer Service Reps and Not Being Sexist, this show is here to provide easy-to-follow recipes for get­ting good at the real shit you deal with every day. Jon and Ben are two seasoned Life Chefs who have walked the walk around more than a few blocks, but thankfully still can't spell gonorrhea on the first try. Let them and their guests amuse your bouche with some sometimes-cynical, sarcastic-but-tasteful, always-actionable ingredients for making yourself the perfect sociocultural snack.
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"...what's better than being roundly liked is being fully known - an impossibility...if you're so busy being likeable that you forget to be yourself." Jessica Valenti is smart. She's also wrong. A terrible recipe for being likeable is one stuffed with character compromise and approval-seeking. An amazing recipe for being likeable is one balanced with awareness, nobility, and investment - like the ones Jon and Ben cook up in this episode. (Important Note: How to Not Be Annoying is an entirely separate recipe for another menu at another time...) 
Everyone should dance like MC Hammer, but nobody should spend and (not) save like him. The definition of "Real Life Sh*t" is smart money management, and it's on everyone's mind these days. Jon and Ben are joined by 3-time best-selling author, speaker, and founder of MeVest, Lesley-Anne Scorgie. Grab your diamond-studded spoons and your cashmere bibs and enjoy a recipe you're not going to want to forget.
There's no more critical of a time for leadership, nor is there a better backdrop for testing true leadership qualities, than when everything is f@#%ed. AKA 2020/2021. And make no mistake about it: we are all in positions to be leaders - in life, in family, in business - however we may want to define the role and its expectations.Joining us on this episode is Greg Witz, CEO of Witz education and author of the book,  “Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way: The Ultimate Guide to Leadership in the New World of Business”.
Oh, you wanna be a funny-guy? You wanna make people laugh?? Well then be prepared to put some knickers into knots and offend some people. The question is, how can you go about getting people to cackle without offending TOO MANY of them in the process? The answer: a couple of great recipes from two Life Chefs and a TikTok star.Joining us on this episode is comedian and actor, Neema Nazeri. @neemanaz (Instagram & TikTok)  
By now, we all know the first (and arguably, the only) rule of life: if it didn't happen on social media, it didn't happen at all. With so much time and information flowing through the Instabooks and SnapToks of the world, it's probably in your best interests to not suck at the whole thing. So here we are with a recipe for success. #SharingIsCaring Joining us on this episode is Lauren Shirreffs, founder of 2Social, a top-tier social media agency working out of Los Angeles and Toronto.
Don't get us wrong, of the many similarities we share with Trick Daddy, we also love the kids. But let's not try to pretend - especially going through a pandemic - that they don't have the astounding ability to drive us nuts. OH EVERYBODY IN YOUR FAMILY IS RATIONAL AND RESPECTFUL AND STOIC AND ALL THE KIDS YOU KNOW ARE EXCLUSIVELY BLISS AND READY TO RUN FOR OFFICE? Cool, you don't need us. For everyone else, here are a bunch of handy ingredients to help keep the balance. 
In case you want to know some more personal details about your Life Chef hosts, and better understand with whom you are about to embark on this tickling journey of perspective, discourse, education and introspection, and listening to 43% of any given episode while you jog/cook/drive/work/sleep, here we are. Meet us, hear us, know us, judge us, love us, hate us. Then make sure you listen to all the other episodes too, 'cause that's the good stuff.   
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