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It's a quick thank you with a cryptic nugget tucked in there!  Support the show (
It was difficult to not get really emotional during this interview.  It certainly got me as I listened during the post-production editing.  When you hear Aderson you'll know exactly why.  Support the show (
How does a kid from Haiti with his only support coming from the guidance of brave parents become a force at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country?  Hear his inspiring story, mixed with humor and humility in the next two episodes.  Support the show (
Gail Rubin a certified Thanatologist and self described "Doyenne of Death" tackles the how to's of planning for the ultimate destination with humor, grace and food for thought you'd never think of.  Check out her website after the episode:  http://agoodgoodbye.comSupport the show (
Meet Bill McCarren, the Executive Director of a tabernacle, of hallowed ground--the National Press Club. Support the show (
Tessa Sullivan and her husband Brendan can't get back to their home away from home in Stanleytown, VA.  So while she's stuck down under, hear how this brave woman became the face of the #MeToo movement in Australia.Support the show (
It took New York Times best-selling author,  Judge Martin Clark 20 years to become that overnight sensation.  And once he did, he became a prolific writer in the John Grisham mold.  Enjoy the episode with this funny and thoughtful writer, who has become my new favorite author, and check out his body of work here: Support the show (



On what would have been her 30th birthday. Support the show (
Amanda Simpson talks about her career as a test pilot and the challenges she faced as a transgender woman.  Her amazing story, like many of my guests, is pretty badass.Support the show (
When he ran as Hilary Clinton’s running mate in 2016, one astute journalist coined the nickname for him-- “America’s Dad”-- because of his kind demeanor among other attributes.  Tim Kaine is one of the most decent people I know, a devoted public servant, and now with his music, he's got a fallback in case politics don't work out!  Here's his latest hit: the show (
Shawn Harper grew up with learning disabilities and in poverty.  And even when he got to the NFL, he was still taunted with "you're not supposed to be here".  He persisted and proved the doubters wrong.  He is now a  motivational speaker coaching business on overcoming disadvantages and succeeding.    Hear his inspirational story and for more great stuff go to  Support the show (
He's back with another amazing story of getting an innocent man released from prison following a wrongful murder conviction.   And there's more!Support the show (
Dan Casey is quite a character who has lived a life with enough eclectic stories to fill many a podcast episode.  He's also an example of how one journalist can do amazing things and change lives.  Here's Part 1.  You'll definitely want to return for Part 2!Support the show (
Some of my progressive friends will go "What!?  You're giving someone at Fox News a forum?"  Yes, I am.  Dana Perino is quite accomplished.  And she's also a kind soul like Alison was.  Support the show (
Michael Jones makes a difference every day.   As Managing Director for Campaigns at he gets to shepherd projects that really do change lives.  Meet a righteous warrior with amazing stories.Support the show (
Eric Feinberg was an ad man who found himself in the battle to combat the evils of Google, Facebook, and Instagram.  Hear how my friend and fellow internet warrior helps me fight the good fight.Support the show (
Her grandmother was a WASP whose last request was to be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.  Erin Miller talks about her successful grassroots campaign to get a law passed in congress making it happen.  Support the show (
Washington Post veteran jounalist Laura Vozella talks about her career in the business and what it's like covering politics in Virginia.    Support the show (
Have you ever known a real boxer?  How about a female boxer?  Meet Alicia Doyle, author of A Fighting Chance.  She's got more to throw at you than just a solid left hook.  Support the show (
Renaissance Ben

Renaissance Ben


Ben Williams is a gifted writer, storyteller, and pinball wizard.  He captured my voice as the co-author of my book, For Alison, and now provides a voice for the curators at Virginia Museum of Natural History. Support the show (
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