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This is a New Classic first - we have an underwater photographer who is creating really unique and interesting work in the Hawaiian seas. Her name is Katharine Kollman and she shoots with one of the intriguing Nikonos cameras. In our chat we discuss:what is feels like to 'free dive'the mechanics of photographing under waterthe Nikonos projectliving in HawaiiMake sure to check out Katharine: out New Classic:SHOP:
This week we dive into the photographic journey of Edmund Boateng - a US based photographer from Ghana. Edmund has a great YouTube channel where he documents his creative process. Edmund spends a lot of time crafting stories and building characters via his photography. We chat about:his muse, 'Malik'working in movie industrypencil drawings4x5 phtographydoing film photography in GhanaMake sure to follow Edmund on Instagram: EZ400 film here: New Classic on Instagram:
Welcome to season 3 of the podcast! Today we have a great photographer and a YouTube favorite Thomas Heaton, talking to us about his adventures in landscape photography.  We cover a variety of topics including:the romance of film photographycamping is the best way to 'get the shot'big bertha ... the Fuji G617digital vs filmfilm is getting too expensive ...Make sure to check out Thomas' work:Website: Instagram: New Classic:Buy EZ400 -- Instagram:
Leica, Leica, Leica ... that should help get some clicks and views 😁. All jokes aside, there are plenty of reasons to consider coppin a Leica. Of all the cameras you can buy, this one really feels like a good investment, considering how it appreciates. I talk to Vicheth Moul, a camera aficionado and dealer, about the ins and out of buying a Leica. We discuss:$15,000 James Bond Leicathe durability of Leica cameraswhat are you actually paying for?is the Canon P a good alternativeMake sure to follow Vicheth and reach out if you need his services: New Classic on Instagram: New Classic EZ400 Film:
This was a super fun chat with one my homies: Naeem Douglas. We go way back - not really 😅 but we've met a couple of times over the course of last year and it's been an absolute pleasure getting to know him. We covered many topics but I mostly wanted to get his take on how he creates portraits of strangers on the streets of NYC.3:57 journalism vs street portraiture7:50 a murder story ...11:56 the magic of street photography23:48 the importance of confidenceMake sure to follow Naeem on Instagram: New Classic on Instagram:
What's good?! This episode's guest, Melanie King, brings us her wealth of experience with alternative analogue processes. She is an artist and photographer who is currently focusing on astrophotography. Best of all she incorporates elements from the world around her into the analogue and chemical process for her photography. Here's a few things we chat about:3:56 -- the keys to astrophotography7:18 -- London alternative photography collective18:27 -- film photography is precious21:13 -- reclaiming silver from fixerMake sure to check out Melanie:Instagram: New Classic:Instagram:
This time we are featuring photographer Izzie Farr. She hails from London and is an everyday passionate analog shooter just like you and I. When she isn't out creating dope images of her own, she is often out championing diversity and proper respresentation in the photography space. I've learned plenty from her and can't thank her enough for exposing me and our community to so many talented women photographers.2:49 Izzie's photography5:07 How to best continue to learn12:20 Fighting for representation31:31 Doing photography for youMake sure to check out Izzie on Instagram: New Classic on Instagram: out Ribsy on YouTube:
We are in the Bronx! This time chatting with Kumoshai, a professional portrait photographer creating vibrant and edgy images. We had a fantastic conversation covering the following:print your images BIG90's hip hop"All the Talent is in the Hood"creating your own opportunitieschallenging standards of beautyGo check out Kumoshai's links!Instagram - "All the Talent is in the Hood" - New Classic on Instagram: our 35mm film here:
Darkroom photography is an art in and of itself. Joe Rovegno aka JoeRo takes this to heart as he makes mix media artwork using his darkroom creations. We discussed:street photographygetting creative in the darkroomalways learning new skillsbuilding community in NYCputting in the workMake sure to check out Joe at these links:Instagram: hereLAMS NYC: New Classic:
This is a long overdue episode where we look at the challenges and problems facing film photography from a sustainability point of view. From the plastic, to the developers, to the waste, there are many layers to this problem. This conversation features Eileen White, from the Sustainable Darkroom. She and I discussed:'fixer' is a big problemplant based developersgrowing ingredients in your home gardenthe "terroir" and seasonality of her rosemary developerpractical actions that each one us can doMake sure to check out Eileen and the Sustainable Darkroom. You can join their Patreon or download their resources as well:Instagram -- -- -- -- White -- White --
We are back in the US, and this time quite close to my home NYC. This episode features Chrystopher Davis, a street photographer based in Newark, New Jersey. Chrys has such an interesting story and I loved hearing about it. We covered the following:his love for his home, Newarkthe Leica M6street photography energymuseum photography archivesbeing an employee of LomographyGo check out Chrys:Instagram -- -- sure to follow us on IG:
It never occurred to me that someone would prefer darkroom printing over the act of photography. The more that I think about ... i feel that might be me too 😅 Either way, it was great chatting with Lina about her passion for all things analog. In our chat we discussed:studying photography in college/universitypreferring the darkroom over photographybeing inspired by Florence, Italyworking with Adox (German film manufacturer)the challenges threatening the production of filmMake sure to follow LinaInstagram: Classic FilmInstagram:
What up?! We back with another gem, this time featuring another 4x5 photographer. However, this one shoots tin types -- the age old practice involving wet plates and home made photographic emulsions. Carla and I had a great chat and covered a lot of ground including:the dirty history of tin typeswhy tin types?choosing "art" as a careerwho is Sojourner Truth?photo subjects love their 'mirror image'Make sure to follow Carla:Website - Instagram - of course follow New Classic on IG:
We are back with season 2! First up is Alex Burke, a fine art landscape photographer based out Colorado. Alex is a master of 4x5 and shared some pretty interesting experiences with us. Alex chatted with us about:the joys of 4x5getting out of your comfort zonetaking days to create the perfect shotmaking money with photography during the worst of pandemicMake sure to check out Alex's work here:Website: New Classic:Website:
Finally after quite some time, I get to share my conversation with Ciaran. A UK based photographer, Ciaran has been able to put together a fantastic series of portraits, focusing on his network and friend group. His project, Queer Acts of Resistance is calming, powerful, and thought provoking. It was great learning about this and other topics:the role of gear in photographyempowering other voicesrepresentation mattersphotographing strangersdocumenting your everyday lifeMake sure to follow Ciaran and look out for his upcoming gallery events. Her is his IG: out New Classic on IG:
I got the chance to chat with one of my favorite photographers, Alex Harper. Her style is so unique, interesting, and captivating, as she photographs many of today's great artists. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about her journey in photography and how she has gotten to where she is today. Here are some of the topics we cover:artistry runs in her familybeing bored with digital photographythe relationship between acting and photographyinspiration from 'Contact High'photographing well known artistsCheck her out on IG: our New Classic on IG:
We all coped with the early days of the pandemic differently. Wesley's approach was pretty damn interesting ... 307 hours of walking, 1.6 million steps, and 34,194 images later, he has a full fledged photography book out now (pre-order link here). Book aside, listen to us chat about:our love for classic hip hop cultureliving in the presenthow he 'created' his photography careerintentional photographyhis new book "Notice"You can find Wesley on:Instagram: Newsletter "Process" : Check out New Classic on Instagram:
For many, film photography can be more than just an activity -- it can be a refreshing source of energy and joy, especially in the times when you need it the most. Meet Lex Nikol -- a Seattle based photographer, director, stylist, musician (and more) who cooks up some of my favorite editorial portraiture. Listen to us chat about:getting through tough times via photographythrifting for point and shootsher love for Portra 800portraying Black womenmixed media artYou can find Lex on:Instagram: out New Classic on Instagram:
Karin Majoka is a great photographer and fellow YouTuber who entertains her audience with her day to day photography in Germany. During our fun chat we somehow managed to cover various aspects of film photography including:painting vs photographywhat is creativity?GAS is ok, sometimes ...the psychology of photographystop hating on LeicasYou can find Karin here:Instagram -- -- out New Classic on Instagram:
It's so much fun talking to other lovers of film photography. This time I chop it up with Nadja Amahn, a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, who is also the curation of 'Black with Film'. Our spans a few topics including:her first film camera ... when she was 6how VSCO inspired a generationyoung vs oldthe responsibility of curationBlack with FilmCheck out Nadja here: out Black with Film here: sure to follow New Classic on IG:
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