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Author: Brian Baggett, Jim Graham, Jason Young, Brad Tarver, Josh Hogan

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An Apple-centric technology podcast hosted by Brian Baggett, Jim Graham, Jason Young, Brad Tarver, and Josh Hogan
112 Episodes
The fellas discuss OTA streaming solutions, the new M1 Macs, the Apple streaming stick you didn't know existed, and much more!
Episode 112: Bezos' boys

Episode 112: Bezos' boys


Brian talks about his AirPods Max, we get into the Amazon Echo glasses, our favorite HomeKit cameras, the HomePod Mini, & why are we all in on Amazon Echos??
Episode 111: Two Handed Job

Episode 111: Two Handed Job


The guys catch up after a brief summer hiatus and talk all about the new Apple event including the Apple Watch Series 6, the new iPad and iPad Air, and iOS 14!
The fellas discuss iOS, iPadOS, and HomeKit announcements at WWDC20.
Brian and Jim are solo this week! They talk about a controversial blog post that claims iOS is filled with ads, Apple opening up iOS to new default apps, and so much more!
Join us as we discuss email snoopery, a new version of Fantastical ships, Spotify buys up more podcasts, Josh builds an arcade, and Brian automates all of the things. All this and more!
The fellas talk about Jim's new Pokemon phone, Apple not encrypting iCloud backups, Brian builds a VPN, and more!
The fellas discuss the future of music, massive AirPods Pro sales numbers, cloud cameras, and Apple TV! All this and more!
The guys talk about Black Friday purchases, the new Cybertruck, VR gaming, and much more!
Episode 104: McClunkey!

Episode 104: McClunkey!


The guys talk about AirPods Pro, Jason's lack of Marvel knowledge, the new MacBook Pro, and some new Disney streaming service. All this and more!
Episode 103: The Eye Bra

Episode 103: The Eye Bra


The guys talk about the new Google announced products, rumored AirPods Pro, Photoshop on the iPad and so much more!
The guys talk about their issues with Catalina and iOS 13, how they consume media, and a stealth iPad upgrade!
The guys discuss the new tvOS, watchOS, and somehow forget how reminders in iOS work. All this and much more!
The guys get their new iPhones, talk iOS beta upgrade woes, and so much more!
New iPhones! The guys discuss the big September 2019 Apple announcement!
The guys talk about the new iPhone 11 rumors, Mophie's new charger, new Apple Maps, and a case that looks great if you have $3,000 to spend.
Dropbox annoys users, Netflix loses users, Apple funds podcasts, and so much more!
The guys talk about Jony Ive leaving Apple, Apple's new TV shows, sleep tracking, FaceTime on Apple Watches, and Jason's dog almost becomes a cohost.
The guys discuss macOS announcements from WWDC 2019
The guys discuss WWDC 19 ... specifically iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS)
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