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Presenting approachable strategies for mind-body health. Sharing stories and information from real people, for real people. Not only yoga and meditation, but all the things you can do ~ today, tomorrow and everyday ~ to Live Your Yoga.
20 Episodes
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Molly Black. Molly is a Mindfulness Teacher trained in Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) -who guides her clients to create a healthy relationship with present awareness and build resilience through Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, and Reiki. In this episode Molly and Juan talk about Mental Health and the role of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness in this area. Molly shares her story about her own health journey and offers how contemplative practices can help support other interventions and approaches to mental health.Find out about Molly's Portugal Retreat: Mindful Yoga Retreat in PortugalTo find out more about Molly:Facebook: @wellnesswithmollyInstagram: @wellnesswithmollyWebsite: Wellness with MollyVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Frankie Grausam. Frankie is a musician, yoga teacher and current student of the Your Yoga Flow 300 Hour Program.Frankie chats with Mark about her experience as both a teacher and student of the Hot Yoga Style, what is like to own and run a yoga studio and her educational journey with Your Yoga Flow!Visit our Website***please note we had a few audio difficulties during this session so you might notice a little bit of extra sound :-)
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast! Our episode today is a Kindness Meditation practice with Your Yoga Flow Faculty member, Andrea Nacey.Andrea guides you through a meditation using breath and mantra to cultivate happiness, peace, freedom and kindness. Take time to be still and to manifest kindness into your life.Instagram: @youryogaflowFacebookWebsite
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Craig Foden. Craig is a John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist and bodyworker from the UK. He holds professional certifications in Myofascial Release, Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy, Therapeutic Massage' alongside Health, Fitness and Exercise/Mobility Coaching.  Craig is currently completing Your Yoga Flow's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and we are so happy to have him on our podcast today.On this episode Craig and Juan discuss Bodywork, Fascial Release, the role of men in Yoga and much more!To find out more about Craig:Website: Craig FodenOn the Spot OnlineVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Tiffany Sparrow. Tiffany is a  Body Image Coach, Singer Songwriter, Certified Music Therapist, Advocate for Sound Body Love & Liberation and Yogi!Tiffany shares with Mark how music can be a tool for healing, her own musical journey and how to integrate music and sound into your practice. Check out the links below for some lovely music and practices with Tiffany!Song & Body Love Meditation with Tiffany: Free Song + Welcome ( Bliss Attunement with Tiffany: Calendly - Tiffany SparrowTo find out more about Tiffany:Facebook: @tiffanysparrowmusicInstagram: @tiffanysparrowmusicWebsite: SparrowharmonixYoutube: Tiffany SparrowVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast! Our episode today is a Guided Relaxation practice with Your Yoga Flow Faculty member, Nancy Frohlick.Unwind from your busy life with this 30 minute guided Savasana practice for deep relaxation. Lie down, close your eyes and drift into deep rest and stillness. This is a wonderful practice at the end of a long day or when you have difficulty sleeping. Living Your Yoga can sometimes mean finding time for self-care, time to pause and time to reset. Let Nancy guide you to a place of deep rest.Instagram: @youryogaflowFacebookWebsiteMusic Credits:The Sun Is Scheduled to Come Out Tomorrow by Chris Zabriskie. License: Creative Commons LicenseThe Magic of Bamboo by Siddhartha. License: Creative Commons License
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Andrea Nacey. Andrea is a Yoga Teacher, Light Worker, Your Yoga Flow Faculty Member and owner & operator of Cayoosh Yoga & Meditation Studio in the Heart of Lillooet, B.CAndrea chats with Angela about navigating and adapting her business and practice during the course of the pandemic, practices she turned to for support and finding balance in life. To find out more about Andrea:Facebook: Cayoosh YogaInstagram: @yinsentialsCayoosh Yoga WebsiteVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Gillian Pearce. Gillian is a Yoga Teacher, Healer, and Guide. She offers Tarot & Angel Card readings through which she supports healing and insights. In this episode Gillian and I talk about changing careers as a Yoga Teacher, the challenges of navigating career change, using sacred ritual for support and she shares how we can use these tools for our own healing and daily practice. To find out more about Gillian:Facebook: Gillian Pearce YogaInstagram: @gillianmariepearceYoutube: Gillian PearceGillian's' WebsiteVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!This episode is a sneak peek into one of our 200 Hour Teacher Training lectures taught by faculty member, Mark. In this History of Yoga Audio Lecture, Mark discusses the origins of Yoga, the schools and practices that developed and the paths of Yoga that practitioners and students embark upon. In the training all lectures are video based but we know how valuable audio content can be and hope you enjoy learning with Mark.Instagram: @youryogaflowFacebookWebsite
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Suzi Gibson. Suzi is a Mindfulness Teacher, Mind Calm Coach, Children’s Meditation Teacher, EFT ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Mind Detox Practitioner, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Your Yoga Flow Alumnus.Suzi chats with Angela about the practices she teaches and incorporates into her daily life, the path to recovery from adrenal fatigue, and the offerings she shares with her online and in-person community from her studio A Wee Retreat in Scotland. To find out more about Suzi:Facebook: A Wee RetreatInstagram: @aweeretreatA Wee Retreat WebsiteVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Emily Kane. Emily is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Author and part of the Your Yoga Flow teaching team. In this episode Emily talks with Juan about evolution and innovation along her path of yoga, her creative endeavors, and how she stays inspired to move forward in a changing world. You can find the link to Emily's latest book, The Energy & Art of Restorative Yoga in the notes below!To find out more about Emily:Facebook: Emily Kane YogaInstagram: @emilykaneyogaEmily's WebsitePurchase Emily's book The Energy and Art of Restorative YogaVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast. Our episode today is a guided audio Yoga Nidra practice!Your Yoga Flow faculty member, Angela takes you on an internal journey that will help you find the will to carry through with challenging tasks. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation, done in a reclined position, that allows you to rest deeply and helps you cultivate psychological and emotional resilience. Find a comfortable, quiet space, close your eyes and let your journey begin.Instagram: @youryogaflowFacebookWebsiteMusic Credits:Title: OceanTappingAuthor: P C IIISource:
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Susan White. Susan is the co-founder of Shine Online, Buti Yoga Master Trainer, Sleek Technique Principle Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Dance teacher, Performer and Your Yoga Flow Alumni.Susan shares how she blends different movement practices together, the development and creation of an online platform, and shares tips for yogis looking to create fusion practices of their own.To find out more about Susan:Facebook: Shine OnlineInstagram: @swhite.movementShine Online WebsiteVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Dana Mahon. Whether through healthy food, self-care practices, yoga, or who we spend our time with, Dana’s deepest desire and greatest joy is seeing women truly nourish themselves on every level. This led her to recently rebrand her business to Dana Mahon Wellness, where she offers women endless opportunities to do just nourishIn this episode Dana discusses her discovery of wellness practices, her book Release Your Inner Wild, and shares practical tips for incorporating wellness practices into our everyday lives.Dana is offering Live Your Yoga listeners a special price for her 30 Days to Wellness Signature Program. Use the promo code "Innerwild" for $20 off the course (reg $59). Code is valid Feb 26-March 26, 2021To find out more about Dana:Facebook: Dana Mahon WellnessInstagram: @danamahonwellnessDana's Website (and be sure to sign up for Dana's monthly NOURISH newsletter here!)Dana's PodcastVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!This episode is a guest lecture taught by Holistic Nutritionist, Intuitive Guide, Tarot Card Reader and Your Yoga Flow alumnus, Ally PotrebkaAlly Potrebka is a Tarot Card Reader and Intuitive Guide. She works online to help spiritual seekers create deeper connections with their Self, the Divine and a community of like minded people. In this episode Ally covers tips to stay healthy during cold season and shares actionable steps you can take to stay well, so you can continue to Live Your Yoga.To find out more about Ally:Instagram: @theprismlighthouseAlly's Website: The Prism LighthouseVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Helene Whitfield. Helene is the founder of Your Yoga Flow and an innovator in the world of Yoga!In this episode Helene discusses her experience in developing in-person retreat style Yoga Teacher Trainings, Online Yoga Trainings and shares her thoughts about the strengths of Online Yoga Training and its accessibility and affordability.To find out more about Helene:Facebook: Your Yoga FlowInstagram: @youryogaflowTeacher Training Website: Your Yoga FlowVisit our Website
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!Our guest for this episode is Desirée Dunbar. Desiree is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, healer and guide who blends multiple styles of movement and healing in her classes and performances.In this episode Desiree discusses her unique approach to dance and healing,  collaboration with other artists, the evolution of her teaching, and how she blends movement, energy healing and meditation together to create holistic healing experiences. To find out more about Desirée:Facebook: The Secret Garden SocietyInstagram: @dezzadanceDesiree's Dance WebsiteSecret Garden Society WebsiteVisit our Website
Incorporating Yoga into other areas of your day can be a challenge. It can feel great to be in a Yoga class, but then once you finish your practice what happens? How can we integrate the skills we learn in Yoga class to other areas of our lives? Join Your Yoga Flow faculty member, Juan Villegas for this lecture exploring taking Yoga off the Mat and learn skills to really Live Your Yoga, wherever you happen to be in your day.Instagram: @youryogaflowFacebookWebsite
Learning how to be with your thoughts can have a profound effect on health and wellness. Join Your Yoga Flow faculty member, Mark  Atherton for this Meditation on Thinking and learn skills to really Live Your Yoga, moment to moment, breath to breath.Instagram: @youryogaflowFacebookWebsite
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast! Our guest for this episode is Your Yoga Flow faculty member, Angela Inglis. In addition to being part of the Your Yoga Flow teaching team, Angela is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Musician, and Massage Therapist In-Training. In this episode Angela discusses her journey that took her to studying Ayurveda in India, her daily Ayurvedic practices and ways in which we can incorporate Ayurvedic principles and ideas into our everyday lives.To find out more about Angela:Facebook: Angela Inglis Ayurveda & Yoga | FacebookInstagram: @insightayuryogaAngela's WebsiteBook Angela suggests reading: The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant LadVisit our Website
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