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Author: Todd Uebele

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2020 was such a difficult year for everyone. Coffee With Jesus was started to provide hope and comfort to others. Join the host, Todd Uebele, and his guests as they share how God was their rock through trying periods of their lives. They share their stories to uplift and encourage you as you step through life.
20 Episodes
Have you experienced a rapid and sudden change that seemed to come out of nowhere?  It can seem overwhelming and even downright scary sometimes.In Adapting to Sudden Change, Todd Uebele shares what he has done when faced with the confusion and anxiety that comes when life throws a curveball so large, it seems impossible to deal with.  God is our strength, our protector and our deliverer. He will see you through any change, no matter how sudden, no matter how big, no matter how scary.Listen as the host share some practical ways that you too can face the scary change and overcome the anxiety and fear that such a change can induce. 
How can we receive encouragement through hard times? Specifically in moments and situations when everything seems to be spinning out of control.Psalm 91 calls us to dwell in the shelter of the Most High. It reminds us that we can take refuge in the Lord’s presence. In summary, it reminds us that our Lord is with us and protects us...even if we are unaware of the danger around us. In  God, Our Protector, Todd shares three different moments in his life where God protected his life. Two of those events happened when he was stationed in Afghanistan, and the other event happened as recently as a few weeks ago in Qatar. Listen to how in every one of these events, God extended his magnificent hand to guard Todd and those who were with him.Listen now to this encouraging and uplifting episode. Discover God’s promises in Psalm 91, and be reassured and comforted by God, who loves you and protects you. Listen to those three stories as well to see the promises of Psalm 91 unfolding. God is with you and protects you. Hang in there; trust the Lord. Do you have any story of how God protected you? Connect with us and let us know.  Description by: Yilda RiveraPodcast host: Todd Uebele
Do you tend to worry about every little thing?  When facing a challenge, does your mind automatically think of the worst outcomes?In this episode,  host Todd Uebele shares the challenges he faced during a recent life changing event. Not only changing jobs, but moving to the other side of the world presented a host obstacles to overcome.Todd has talked about how God is in the details before, and taking his own advice, he decided to trust in the Lord to handle the small things and the big things.  He challenged himself to trust God through through every step and through every obstacle.  He asked God to be in the details.By giving it up to God and trusting HIM, Todd was able to see that God in still the details. He was able to see how throughout the whole process and transition, God was taking care of him. When things went smooth, God was in the details.  Where there were bumps in the road, God was in the details.God is still in the details even when it seems that the problems coming your way will never end. Even when it seems that the storms raging around you will go on and on. God is your anchor in the storm.  He will take care of you. Todd’s story will encourage you to trust that God will take  care of you and that He will carry you through any challenge and help you overcome any obstacle.Description by: Yilda RiveraPodcast host: Todd Uebele
Did you ever wonder what goes into the production of a podcast? Did you ever wonder what happens behind the microphone during interviews?  Did you ever wonder how much the host flubs his lines (hint: a LOT)?If so, we have the perfect episode for you! In this SPECIAL bonus episode, Coffee With Jesus host, Todd Uebele, takes you behind the scenes. He shares unheard clips from interviews, as well as gaffs and flubs from some of his solo episodes.  Some gaffs and flubs are even live!If you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes for podcast recording, this is just the episode for you! Please note that this episode had minimal editing.  The quality may be a little lower and recorded mistakes are included as well as mistakes from from previous episodes.Clips included from the following episodes:Episode 4 - Failure is Not an OptionEpisode 5 - Cracks Filled With GoldEpisode 6 - 4 Habits of Highly Effective ChristiansEpisode 8 - God Our DelivererEpisode 9 - Here Am I, Send MEEpisode 10 - Courage Under FireEpisode 13 - Rising From the DustClips include the following guests:Dr. Timothy Rogers-MartinPastor Paul CalcoteMs. Yilda RiveraPastor Tolani Abike AdewolePodcast Host: Todd Uebele
Ep. 14: Don't Give Up!

Ep. 14: Don't Give Up!


Has it seemed like your struggles have gone on for an eternity?Don't give up!  God will get you through the fiercest storm and help you over the highest matter how hard it gets, our God is greater...don't give up!Does it seem like your problems are an insurmountable mountain?Don't give up! Sometimes it can feel like simply hanging in there can be a mountain in and of it self.  Don't Give Up!  God is bigger than any mountain you face!  God WILL see you through. He will carry you when you need it.  Don't give up!In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, Todd Uebele shares an example from the life of the prophet Elijah and expands on a simple yet profound statement made by Pastor Tolani in Episode 13.If you need prayer, you  can chare your requests  by signing up and signing in to share your story.   If you have a comforting story to share or would like to pray for others, please sign in and do so. You can also share your feedback on the episodes, if you would like.
What is like to free yourself from the chains of anxiety, hopelessness, depressive forces, and remorse? How do you free yourself from the chains that hold you down?In  “Rising from the Dust,” special guest Pastor Tolani Abike Adewole describes how, through multiple miscarriages and inability to retain pregnancies, she was scorned by family members due to her cultural upbringing. She was hurt and labeled by others.  Tolani shares how she found in the Word of God the antidote to rise from the entanglements and systems we see ourselves in. She unpacks Isaiah 52:2: “Shake off your dust...Free yourself from the chains on your neck...”After over 10 years of fighting lies of hopelessness by standing in God’s Word, Tolani conceived and is now blessed with 4 children. She rose from the dust of being called a barren woman and being scorned by her culture. She rose from the dust and broke the chains of despair by standing strong in a space where knowing who God is and who you are in God are the key to remove those chains. “It’s from that position when you begin to rise”—Tolani reveals.Listen now to this encouraging and uplifting episode. Discover those traits of who God is that will bring you comfort; and see how you are favored, precious, and unconditionally loved. Remove the chains of despair and rise up.Don’t forget to join us in spreading God’s comfort  by signing up and signing in to share your story. Or you can also share your feedback on the episodes.Special Guest: Tolani Abike AdewoleDescription by: Yilda RiveraPodcast Host: Todd Uebele
Do the storms of life have you feeling overwhelmed?  Have the dark clouds blocked all light and hope?Don't give up!  There is hope!  There is One out there who is greater than any storm you may encounter, who's light will pierce through even the darkest of clouds.In "God Calms the Storm," Todd Uebele shares one of the darkest periods of his life. He shares how God helped him through the literal storm of Hurricane Katrina and both the emotional and spiritual storms that followed. As he goes into detail about his experience, he shares how God provided him with the strength and the comfort he needed to make it through those storms.
Ep. 11: Set Me Free

Ep. 11: Set Me Free


“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”—Lewis B. SmedesHow do you go about forgiving someone who has wronged you? What about forgiving someone who has wronged those you love?Countless sermons have been preached on the importance of forgiveness and our relationship with God. Countless books and commentaries have been written about how forgiveness brings healing to one’s soul. But how do you actually rid yourself of the anger that weighs your heart down?In this episode “Set me Free,” Todd Uebele bluntly describes a season in his life where he was burdened with unforgiveness and anger toward someone who wronged him and his family while he was stationed in Afghanistan. An insatiable thirst for revenge was consuming him. Forgiveness was so irrational at the time, and unattainable.Listen to the podcast to discover how,  with God's help, Todd was able to overcome his thirst for revenge and step into the restorative experience of forgiveness.  
How can you overcome worry and fear? How can you be filled with a peace beyond your understanding?Through a battle with cancer, Yilda Rivera found the answer to the questions above in this verse:"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."—Philipians 4:6-7In this episode we have a very special guest, Yilda Rivera.  Yilda is a cancer survivor, a wife, mother, engineer and author of the top selling book: Courage Under Fire. In her book and in this episode, Yilda opens up about her battle with breast cancer. The intensely personal story leads us from the cancer diagnosis, through the sometimes painful process of treatment and through to a surprisingly successful outcome. This outcome doesn't have to do with overcoming cancer, but about overcoming fear and worry.  Join us as she describes how God was her rock, helping her overcome fear and worry.
2020 was such a difficult year for everyone.   Coffee With Jesus Podcast started with the mission to share comfort and  hope with those struggling and navigating through last year’s ongoing hardships. Coffee with Jesus continues in 2021 with that mission: Bringing encouraging and uplifting stories to all of those who could use some peace and hope. Join the host Todd Uebele and his guests, as they share how God was their rock through trying periods of their lives. They share their stories to uplift and encourage you as you navigate through the storms of your life. Subscribe now and enjoy uplifting stories and insightful conversations to brighten up your journey. 
“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13Anyone who takes a step into my house knows that I fully enjoy every aspect of Christmas. I go all out with the decorating at my house. Clark Griswald?  He’s an amateur. While some may think that misses the point and the spirit of Christmas.  There is a reason why I enjoy Christmas to its fullest each year.  One year, I almost didn’t survive Christmas.
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”  -- Isaiah 6:8Most people called by God have one of two reactions.  Isaiah's, where they enthusiastically embrace what God has called them to do, or Jonah's.  Jonah hopped on a boat and went the other way.  It took getting eaten by a whale and being spit up on shore for him to do God's will.  In this episode, Todd explains how he is more like Jonah, but hopes you are more like Isaiah. He keeps it real and hopes you will too.
"God is our refuge and strength,    an ever-present help in trouble."  ~Psalm 46:1God is our deliverer.  Sometimes He intervenes directly to deliver us, and sometimes, He delivers us through other people.  Sometimes, he delivers us through professionals who are trained to help us.  In this episode, we are extremely fortunate to have a very special guest, Paul Calcote.  Paul is a husband, young adult pastor and podcaster who loves God, loves people, and loves life. Paul is passionate about encouraging and equipping people to be and do all that God has called them be and do.  In this episode, Paul will share how God delivered him from the bounds of depression, and tell us how it is ok to seek help from others, including professionals. 
"He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock" ~ Psalm 40:2God is always there to help us when we get bogged down in in the mire. It may not be on our timing, but it will be on HIS timing. When we are going through our storms and are stuck in the miry clay, it is important to trust HIM and know that  He will rescue us, help us and make us secure.  God will provide for us and meet our needs, all we need to do is trust Him.
"And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast." (1 Peter 5:10)In this episode, we are honored to have a very special Guest, the Reverend Dr. Timothy Rogers-Martin, Lead Pastor of Eastminster Presbyterian Church.  Pastor Tim delivers an uplifting message of comfort and grace from 1 Peter 5. 
When the Japanese mend broken objects, the aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that an object's cracks, or scars, give the object its history and its character, making it even more beautiful. In many ways, we are like cracked pottery, some with physical and some with emotional cracks or scars. When we are broken, God mends us, comforts us and strengthens us, making us even more beautiful.
Failure is NOT an option!  Or is it?  Failure has happened to everyone and has many reasons.  No matter the source or timing or reasons for your failure, it is not the end. In this episode, the author shares examples of failure and overcoming failure, from his own life and from some famous Bible Characters.  Failure is not the end, for many it can be the beginning!
In this episode, I will share something I never thought I would share, two are the darkest periods of my life. I overcame the darkness and attained victory.  As Christians, we will struggle. However, as Christians, we have hope. As Christians, we will have victory...Victory in Christ.
When I was leaving the navy, I was due to fly to Houston from Japan.  I decided I would try a little experiment. Previously, I would fret every little detail, praying for help as every little problem arose.  While there is nothing wrong with praying for help, I did so more out of anxiety then I did out of faith.  This time, I told God that I would trust to be in control.  If any problems came up during the trip, I would not fret or get anxious, I would simply trust in Him.
Jesus Christ has overcome death and has overcome the world. He is our champion and our victor. Our God is our comfort and our refuge. While we are on this earth, we are going to have problems, but God is greater than all of that. All the problems we face will pass away. Jesus, He is eternal, and with Him in your life, you will outlast all the difficulties life can throw at you.
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