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Listen to the roundtable discussion with warranty experts: Michelle Esgar, Senior Group Manager, Marketing and Brand Experience, Panasonic, Taj Mian, International Business Development Director, Domestic & General, and Sidney Lara,  Service Principal, Aquant, discuss all things warranty including customer retention and loyalty. Additional topics covered include:How technology can help harness and transform business models for better warranty managementHow warranty has changed the way we buy products, establish customer relationships, loyalty and develop service contractsInnovation in warranty - what major shifts are rising within the warranty industry
Starr’s VP of Extended Warranty, Matt Taylor wears a lot of hats. He’s a trusted advisor to OEMs and helps them navigate warranty challenges through creative risk structure, emphasizing the importance of a strong backbone of legal compliance and actuary programs.  Listen to the podcast as Matt explains how these strategies give them the ability to deliver better customer experiences, embedding membership components as well to make it more of a value, and thinking outside the box for more ways to protect customers and see a few steps ahead.
In the latest podcast, Joe Werth, VP of New Product Development at Navistar discusses how data has transformed every part of the organization. He talks about how better data has enabled a move towards predictive analytics, helping the team to identify issues sooner, solve problems faster, and improve customer uptime. He also addresses best practices for using data across teams (beyond simply warranty) to improve the entire customer lifecycle from product development to sales and repair. 
Don’t wait for a customer’s product to break down to engage with them. Stay in steady contact. Lindsey Mannix, Senior Manager at Samsung emphasizes customer relationships throughout the entire lifecycle of product ownership. Listen to our new episode, where she walks us through her success in developing nearly 30 warranty projects in a year. Lindsey describes how agile scrum helped them pivot against market challenges, she provides insights into the future of subscription models, and explains Samsung’s device-as-a-service strategic roll out. 
“Keeping promises is pivotal to creating brand and product ambassadors.” That’s according to Taj Mian, Business Development Director at Domestic & General. Listen to the latest podcast episode as he explains how this core value is key in today’s service chain. He’ll detail how they’ve stayed on top of industry shifts, in part by using service plans as a way to add value for consumers, and how they put the focus on retention programs that emphasize growth rather than simply retention, and more. 
Implementing and growing warranty programs to help mom & pop retailers thrive is the name of the game for Chad Burris, the Director of Product Protection at Nationwide Marketing Group. Tune in to learn how he balances risk, creativity, and remarketing campaigns as a way to change the perception of warranty's role in business.
A comprehensive warranty or a product discount? Which one of those is more attractive to consumers, ultimately driving them to make a purchase? Hear Michelle Esgar, Manager of Brand Experience at Panasonic detail what her team has learned about the shifting consumer perspective on how warranty supports brand value and pricing, the ways that Panasonic has gotten more creative with warranty offerings, how different generations view warranty as a value-add, and much more.
Customers want to achieve specific outcomes, and that’s where Rich Smith, VP of Product and Services at Komatsu, sees the future of warranty in his industry. Smith joins us to discuss how warranty is changing and is being leveraged to create profitable service contracts that lead to machine uptime. He also chimes in about evolving customer expectations, how warranty can lead to better product sales and marketing, how data is key to warranty management, and how warranty and service are deeply connected. 
Tune in each week for an insider’s perspective on extended warranty, service contracts, claims processing, warranty as a service differentiator, management strategies, consumer preferences, how technology is revolutionizing the space, and everything in between.
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