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Jason Silverman, CEO & Co-Founder of Powerful Words joins The Market Muscles Podcast to discuss his take on business coaching for child activity center businesses, his unique experience with "E-Myth" by Michael Gerber, and more.
Depending on where you are in your life or your business, the knowledge you need to grow may be something you already know... but haven't used in a long time. Stephen talks about understanding your current position, and accessing the knowledge you need to progress.
Mike Storms, certified health & wellness coach + martial arts school owner, joins The Market Muscles Podcast and talks about the power of nutrition, choices, mindset, and more. Learn how Mike added over $20,000/month to his bottom line without any additional expenses.
Learn how the Power of the Chain can help you achieve any goals you set for yourself, regardless of if they're fitness related, health, or business.
Cris Rodriguez, owner of Gracie PAC MMA out of Tampa, FL, breaks down what has made her school so successful. Learn the exact marketing strategies that Cris has implemented to her business which allows her desired lifestyle.
Frank Sahlein, owner of 3rd Level Consulting joins Stephen Reinstein to discuss business expansion, selling a business, and retirement, and how they all work for child activity centers such as martial arts schools, gymnastics studios, and more.
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