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American culture has shifted from tolerant to cancel culture, from supportive to disruptive, from decent to rude, from optimistic to cynical, and from relatively safe to increasingly violent. We are exchanging our liberty to succeed for a forced form of socialism. Best-selling author, CEO across six industries, former candidate for Governor of Colorado, private pilot and adventurer, and engaging communicator, Barry Farah systematically delivers through Culture Shift the compelling path to get American culture back on track. Visit the
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Many people have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving because of difficult family situations. In this episode, Barry Farah presents hope during the Thanksgiving season, presenting the scientific benefits of gratitude. He also looks at how the early settlers in America turned their failed socialist practices into successful entrepreneurship.
The current state of the American economy is affecting everyone. Inflation rates are continuing to rise and the harsh reality is hitting our wallets hard. In this episode, Barry Farah explains the source of our current inflation problem and how you can respond to it.
In the traditionally blue state of Virginia, Republican Glenn Youngkin won an unexpected, powerful victory in the election for governor on November 2, 2021. In this episode, Barry Farah outlines the key strategies of Youngkin's campaign that launched him into political success. Barry challenges the Republican party to learn from Youngkin's victory, implement his campaign strategies, and turn more blue states red.
The Great Inflation

The Great Inflation


Inflation in the United States has skyrocketed in the last year. The current state of the economy impacts every single American. In this episode, Barry Farah provides an overview of the history and source of inflation and why you need to know.
Time and time again, the world has watched Biden walk off stage after his speeches before answering any questions from the press. His turn-and-run approach has left important questions unanswered. In this satirical episode, Barry Farah presents hard-hitting questions and answers them as Biden might if the president engaged with the press.
In this episode, Barry interviews First Liberty CEO, Kelley Shackleford, who is in the fight to defend our American First Amendment rights. Listen to stay up to date on what is going on in the legal fight for vaccine exemption and religious freedom.
In this episode, Barry Farah interviews First Liberty attorney, Jeremy Dys to reveal the long history of legal precedent protecting religious exemptions, rooted in the religious liberty that is protected by the First Amendment.
In this episode, Barry Farah presents the strong case for the right to a religious exemption from the COVID vaccine. Learn the defining principles of religious freedom that are protected in the U.S. Constitution and how it is being violated through the COVID vaccine mandates.
Motives of Terror

Motives of Terror


In this episode, Barry Farah describes further failures in the Afghanistan foreign policy and what is missing from the national conversation around 9/11. In this episode, Barry Farah exposes the most strict form of Islam which served as the source motivation of the terrorism Americans suffered on 9/11, and how it could happen again if we don't attend to it.
In this episode, Barry Farah explains how Texas recently passed the most pro-life, anti-abortion law in the nation. The legislation was introduced in the Texas legislature, passed into law in May and the Supreme Court affirmed that the law will stand. Barry describes the implications of this law and the powerful opportunity that women with unplanned pregnancies have to choose life and adoption for their child. Barry and Tamra Farah share their personal family story of adoption and the joy they share with their children because their bio moms had the courage to choose life.
In this episode, Barry Farah unpacks the history and current events surrounding the crisis in Afghanistan. Barry will educate you on the impact of Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. military from Afghanistan and why the world just got more dangerous. This episode outlines future political engagement strategies with this country and the potential outcomes associated.
In this episode, Barry Farah takes a deep dive into recent studies on COVID immunity conducted by world-renowned medical centers and by highly respected immunologists. Despite the attempts of medical bureaucrats to stifle all scientific studies that challenge their narrative, this episode with its biological and immunological detail on natural immunity vs. vaxx immunity is a must-listen.
In this episode, Barry Farah borrows from business a Go/No Go decision-making model that you can apply to your decision-making process related to getting the vaccine. Barry Farah provides the views and data of the opponents and proponents of vaccines. He also discusses how you can weigh each element of your decision. To obtain a plug-and-play spreadsheet for this model, sign up for Barry's next newsletter at
In today's episode, Barry Farah interviews education expert and former US Department of Education Official, Elizabeth L. Schultz. Barry Farah discusses with Elizabeth how critical parental involvement is in their child's local school board to stem the tide of a radical left agenda. Listen to learn what policies and practices are being pushed on kids in schools without parental notice or how to run for school board or help someone run. And if that's not an option, learn how to attend and stand up for your parental rights. 
White Fragility

White Fragility


In this episode Barry Farah breaks down Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility. DiAngelo insists that if you are born white you are racist. Barry Farah details DiAngelo's line of thought and its fallacy.
In this episode, Barry Farah encourages the choice of home based education. A longtime proponent of school choice and co-founder of one of the largest classical charter schools in Colorado, Barry Farah supports parents and guardians in the educational choice they believe is best for their kids. He explains how public schools have degraded through the years and in many cases are no longer teaching accurate history, good math to classical English, and are promoting alternative lifestyles and sexual activity in the classroom. Barry lays out good reasons for educating kids at home and interviews a mom of five who is doing just that.
In this episode, we learn from another great black man. Two episodes ago, we revealed the writings of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas that Created Equal is far superior to Critical Theory. Last week we learned from Thomas Sowell that slavery was worldwide, that father desertions explain the ghetto, and that white Liberals caused and deepened the problem. This week we look at the real history of Jim Crow, Reparations and White Slavery guided by the exhortations from Dr. Walter Williams.
In this episode, Barry Farah provides a power-packed summary of Thomas Sowell's study of the history of slavery. Over thirty years, Thomas Sowell studied slavery and racism worldwide. This episode details slavery's presence in countries around the world, the enslavement of many races including whites, and reveals the truth about slavery, and racial oppressors, in America. 
In this episode, Barry Farah shares the powerful life story of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Justice Thomas' story, told in the documentary "Created Equal," unfolds the story of his rise from an impoverished childhood, to a Marxist ideology in early adulthood, and finally to his transformation through a deep study of the American founding documents. Barry Farah's telling of this life-changing story flies in the face of the left's brand of racism and its destructive critical race theory.
In this episode, Barry Farah exposes key scholastic criticisms of the 1619 Project and its author. The angle in this podcast dispelling the lies of this Project is unique and based on historical facts. Key components of the Declaration of Independence are explored and the 1776 Project is presented.
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