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Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine

Author: Dr Katherine Iscoe

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The Secrets in the City Podcast is where we turn secrets of our past into life-changing lessons.
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Folks, I have been itching to share this episode with you.  If you're unfamiliar with the premise behind Secrets in the City, I ask my guests to pick an anonymous secret from my collection of thousands. As part of my work over the last decade, I have asked people to share a secret on a piece of paper as part of a mindset tool. These secrets are unidentifiable and serve as centrepieces to kick off a rapid deep dive into some life changing conversations. Normally, I ask my guest to then share their own secret (something they've never shared publicly before), but for today's episode we're changing it up!  Welcome to the first edition of Speed Secrets where we discuss ten anonymous secrets and share quick mindset tools and tips to help move forward with remarkable confidence. I'm joined by my co-worker, Gabby Lane, who helps me unpack the secrets in this special speed round episode!We cover a lot of ground in this episode. From self-doubt, to telling the truth, love, cheating, and how we can live more in the present moment, this special edition packs a lot of punch. I'm really excited for you to listen to this episode. If you'd like us to do more of these episodes, let us know by emailing us at or by submitting your own anonymous secret here: Happy listening. Find out more about the Secrets in the City Podcast here: TIMESTAMPS02:52 - "I don't have any friends"06:04 - "I sometimes doubt my love for my husband and it kills me"13:19 - "I cheated on my amazing boyfriend with my ex and it is killing me"17:47- "I hate the people I've hurt and cannot say sorry to or apologise and take it back"20.53 - "I'm scared my boyfriend doesn't love me or my body the size and weight it is, despite him telling me he does daily" 24:00 - "I feel guilty about fighting with husband in front of my children"28:54 - "I promote health and wellness and find myself constantly going against what I share and teach"31:07 - "I feel like I'm always preparing for my 'best life' but never actually living it"35:25 - "I wonder if people notice me when I walk down a street but then I feel really conceited when I notice the thought"43:02 - "I love picking my nose" 
If you’ve ever wondered what TV stars are like in real life, you’ll want to listen in to my next episode of the Secrets in the City podcast! My next guest is most often referred to as a former Bachelor, but after listening to this podcast, you’ll get to know someone who is first and foremost, a loving dad and husband.I first met Sam Wood back in around 2018, and I can still remember the energy he brought into the room. Towering high above me at 6 foot 2, his bright smile and huge hug made me feel immediately at ease.You’ll hear about Sam’s journey of fatherhood, as both a biological dad and bonus-dad, his deep care for people around him, and the love that still burns for his late mother. Folks, grab a shiraz and a box of tissues, and get ready to feel every single cell of your heart. Thank you Sam for being so vulnerable in sharing your story with us.
This podcast is juicy, honest and full of inspirational tools on how to treat ourselves with kindness and care. So if you’re feeling burnout, low on energy and are treating your body like a garbage bin rather than a place of respect, you’re in the right place.In this episode, I interview a dear friend who was over from Sydney, Australia on holidays, and was ever-so kind enough to stop by my office to record this episode. Today you’ll be listening to the wise, the wonderful, the Nude Nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen! Her story is one I wholeheartedly relate to - which is why I think this discussion is so passionate, authentic and real. We talk about our shared experiences living through decades of disordered eating and hatred of our appearance, how to slow down the devil in the dopamine - a chemical known to prompt unhealthy urges - so you can ultimately create a happy mind and a happy body. Happy listening. 
You may have seen her on the TV recently - as a new addition to the Celebrity Apprentice Australia line-up, or perhaps you’ve seen her on Channel 9 as their weather presenter! From young model, to gaining internationally fame after winning Miss Universe Australia in 2011, Scherri-Lee Biggs has what seems to be the insta-perfect life. Today, on the Secrets in the City Podcast, this blonde bombshell joins me to unpack the highlights reel of social media and how things aren’t always what they seem.In this episode, Scherri-Lee shares how things are rarely what they seem. She dives deep into what was really going on behind the scenes while placing in the Top 10 for Miss Universe Worlds: from disordered eating to social anxiety, to the crippling judgement and harassment she faced in the spotlight. Together we discuss the tools Scherri uses to bounce back from these challenges, and her new found approach to authentic social connection. I hope you gain as much wisdom in this episode from Scherri as I did, and that you stick around to the end where I challenge you to a 24-hr task for personal growth. This episode is full of the warm-fuzzies.
My next podcast guest, Mason Roberts, is a Perth-based artist, a former international model for the likes of Dolce & Gabanna and Armani, and as you’ll soon find out, a constant source of radioactive energy and confidence. But like everyone I meet, there is always more than meets the eye. In this podcast, Mason opens up about being bullied as a child for being ‘different’, to living in constant fear of death, riddled with anxiety. We’ll talk about the pressures high achievers put on themselves and debate the pros and cons of living in the present moment. But most importantly, and this is where I know you’ll want to listen in, you’re going to be inspired to push through discomfort, how to intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable situations, and why sometimes, its just not possible to push aside your pain and that’s ok.So for anyone struggling to get out of their own head, stick to the end where we’re going to deep dive on how to switch on the hidden potential of the mind. Stay tuned for an authentic conversation on mental health, nuggets of wisdom, and some tools grounded in physiology and psychology. I am certain that Mason’s luminous, unmatched and contagious personality will keep a smile radiating on your face for days to come. Happy listening! 
As you hear today’s episode and inevitably search Dr Clara's Instagram, you will find out that she’s yet another guest that I’d describe as a walking paradox.To look at, Dr Clara Hurst is the perfect ‘it’ girl. She’s tall, blonde and beautiful. She’s European, has an accent to die for, legs to kill for, and a perfectly curated Instagram grid. All this and she’s got some seriously smart brains too.She founded one of Perth’s top aesthetic clinics, BLANC, where she is renowned for her signature ‘untouched’ non-surgical injectable treatments.Dr Clara also co-founded The Secret - a skincare line where each and every jar is hand made to suit the client’s specific requirements, using the highest quality active ingredients for clinically proven and visible results.But beyond all that fabulousness, there is significant pain, hurt … and even anger.It’s the kind of story that will remind you of something seemingly so obvious: everyone has a heart, and all hearts can be broken.Clara is walking around with an incredibly eye-opening, heart-wrenching but life-changing story.Seriously folks, I’m letting you know now that you will need a tissue box for this episode. So without further ado, here's the highly anticipated fourth episode of Secrets in the City.Links:Dr Clara Hurst - - Secret -
Burdened to Limitless

Burdened to Limitless


TW: Domestic violence, abusePicture this: your life, and your children’s lives, are in danger.You only have 2 choices: stay and continue to live a life of fear, or escape, knowing that the risk of violence, if not worse, is probable, not just possible.Making matters worse, you need to make a decision within 30 seconds, because that’s the only window of time you have.What do you do? Listen to Dr Katherine interview Perth’s invisible hero Bronwyn Bate, CEO & Co-Founder of Mettle Inc, an NFP organisation that continues to break the typical ‘handout mentality’ mould of non-for profits.While Bronwyn’s business accolades are endless, including increasing the organisation's revenue by 516% in its second year, it’s her stories about how the organisation has not only saved women from a life of homelessness due to domestic and family violence, but supported them towards a fulfilled life of empowerment, education and employment.But then, we get personal by unpacking Bronwyn’s own secret “I didn’t realise that keeping secrets was negatively impacting the ones I love the most.”Be prepared for full-body goosebumps!
In this podcast, Nadine and I unpack the anonymous secret: I can’t seem to let go of my ex. We reflect on how we’re shaped or influenced by our past relationships, and we ask pretty deep questions that lead us to unpack some bombshell raw truths. Nadine reveals her secret of being consumed by a past relationship to the point where her self-identity and values changed.I don’t know about you - but this is a topic that really hits home for me in so many ways. And not only how past romantic relationships can continue to impact your life, but also how past and even present relationships in your career can impact your working life. Because if you think about it, after our loving relationships - the people we spend the most time with are the people we work with.So to my beautiful listeners, if you’ve ever been in a relationship that continues to haunt you - I implore you to listen to this episode, not only to hear more about Nadine’s story, but more importantly, so you can learn how to be grateful for failed relationships, enabling you move past them, freeing you to live in and enjoy the present.
In my first ever episode of Secrets in the City, I talk with my life partner, Vlado Bosanac. He is truly one of a kind, and very few people actually know the stories that make him who he is today, the kind of business man he is, but more importantly, the kind of father and partner he is, because of a quite complicated childhood. Tune in to hear us unpack our tale of unexpected love.
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