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Upopolis has been connecting youth with critical and chronic illnesses for over a decade with peer support and access to reliable medical information created with them in mind. Listen along as the Upopolis Child Life share resources, research, and interviews that highlight the experiences and expertise of youth and professionals that work alongside them.
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It's September which usually means lots of transitions for youth and their families. Maybe it means heading back to school or starting university or college, going to an adult care facility, or preparing for a hospital stay. Yes, even the transition from summer activities and routines to fall ones. Join Krista, the Upopolis podcast host as she talks about a few transitions that youth she knows are experiencing and gives you 10+ tips for supporting youth that you know as they head back to school, university, or something that is new to them (and you). If you know a youth who would be interested in the upcoming U Got This! Challenge that Krista talks about at the beginning of the podcast, please have them email for more info. 
In this episode, Krista interviews Tammany a mom of two boys, one who lives with ADHD and the other with profound deafness.  Tammany's parenting journey led her to develop a website that helps families find the professional support they need. Over 500 professionals and organizations have set up profiles in the areas of health, mental health, and education.  To learn more check out this episode and the Everyday Heroes Kids website
What school will look like...who knows! What can you do to set yourself up for success and to cope with your new schedule- GET ORGANIZED! In this episode, Krista offers some tips to help you get organized and to cope with whatever your school year looks like, maybe it is from home, from the hospital, or at school. It doesn't matter where, it matters that you have a plan to cope and adjust as needed to make things be as stress-free as possible. Bonus, being organized helps you to focus, get better grades, and can reduce having adults nagging at you. Join Krista as she talks about all the things, check lists, agendas, spaces, storage, routines and  reviews.
Join Upopolis podcast host Krista as she interviews Maggie M, a young lady now studying respiratory therapy who spent over 10  years on Upopolis. Maggie and her friendship with another user named Katrina inspired an annual award for Upopolis users called the Upopolis Connection Award. To learn more about Maggie, their friendship and the Upopolis Connection Award listen to this latest episode. Youth can access the application for the connection award each spring using the link provided within Upopolis and the Upopolis Unews.
Summer is upon us and Krista, Upopolis's National Program Manager sat down with Jenn Ross, Director of Operations at Brigadoon Village to talk about camp. Jenn offered some tips for parents who are preparing their children to head off to camp. Plus she shared how the team at Brigadoon Village made camp happen in 2020 and 2021. Tune in to hear all the deets!
This has been a very different year with COVID and all the restrictions. With the vaccine becoming available to youth in most places across Canada this week, the Upopolis team wanted to show their excitement by sharing some tips to help you and your child get prepared. Krista the Upopolis podcast host is a child life specialist with over 25 years of experience preparing youth and their families for procedures.  In this episode, she gives you ten tips to get prepared for the vaccine. You might notice these tips look similar to ones that Tija, the Upopolis social coordinator shares each week on Upopolis's  Facebook and Instagram known as #TipTuesday. Be sure to follow Upopolis on social for all the extra value. 
Learning how to do injections is BIG! For some, it will come easy and others will need a plan. Check out this episode of the Upopolis podcast as Krita, our host and Upopolis's National Program Manager talks about allergies, anaphylaxis, and injections.  Krista talks about her experience as a mom with a teen daughter who has known anaphylaxis, their learning curve, an observation about others' hesitance to give epi injections too, and lots of information and resources that will get you started on gaining more knowledge about the "why" and getting a plan in place. Stay tuned for the Uproject by the youth on Upoplis where they share strategies and their experiences with home injections. Think F.A.S.T PosterMore episodes of the Upopolis podcast
Did you know that April 27th was national tell a story day? It was! So the host of Upopolis sat down with Ella Sofie to hear about her journey follow an AVM at fourteen years of age. Get cozy and enjoy taking in Ella's story.Ella Sofia is a habit coach and content creator at .  After sustaining a brain injury at 14 years old, Ella learned how to harness the power of the mind to transition her rock-bottom into her breakthrough. Through a process dubbed mental rehabilitation, Ella teaches tactical advice on topics such as habit creation and narrative to help clients make their rock bottom to breakthrough transitions as well.If you want to take in more Ella has to offer, please visit her YouTube Channel To access the U Got This! Challenge, please check out Upopolis podcast episodes 4-7.
The three of us have been given the unique opportunity to practice child life solely online. From programming within Upopolis, adding value through the Upopolis blog, podcast, website, and social channels, plus providing resources and educational opportunities with both Upedia and Upopolis our team is expanding how we deliver services by meeting our community where they are at. Most importantly, we are always striving to reduce the isolation that comes with diagnosis (and loss) and treatment.  Want to know more about our team, click here.Be sure to check out the Upopolis monthly blog and our unique resources on Created for U.Do you know a youth that would like to become a member of Upopolis or would you like to be approved to make referrals? Click Here
March included a very special day, International Women's Day. This day inspired our host Krista Naugler to sit down with one of Canada's very own women of impact in the world of Child Life, Linda Skinner. Linda's career in Child Life began when the profession of child life and the role of the "play lady" was new and spanned over four decades.  In this episode, Linda shares about three initiatives that had a huge impact on child life during her career. Plus, she highlights other women of impact in the field, three Canadians and a few other colleagues that she holds high regard for.Did I mention that Linda was one of the leaders at the table when Basile, founder of KHLF and Upopolis asked what Canadian child life needed? She shares about this in the episode too. For information on the child life profession visit:Association of Child Life ProfessionalsCanadian Child Life LeadersTo refer a youth to Upopolis or to become a referrer visit Upopolis
Do you work with youth with a mental health diagnosis or the children of parents with a mental illness? Yes,  then this episode is for you. Child life specialist,  Jane Marchildon joins our host Krista Naugler to chat about her top three child life-based interventions for this population, Bonus, Jane and Krista actually cover seven interventions including ones that Krista has done with youth navigating grief as the result of the death of a loved one. No worries, if your not a child life specialist because this episode still holds huge value for you too.  Be sure to check it out!
Did you know that up to one-third of the population report having issues taking pills? In this episode of the Upopolis podcast, Krista covers some of the research and offers some tips to help set you and your child/ teen up for success when it comes to taking pills and liquid medication. Remember, mindset is very important and so be sure the child/ youth is willing to learn and that it is low stress and distraction-free.How To Swallow Pills by Dr. Bonnie Kaplan Video
Inspired by another podcast, our host Krista Naugler is sharing her favorite things. In episode 11,  she shares her five favorite distraction items or strategies. Child Life Specialists are often known in the hospitals for their bags of goodies and their distraction practices that support children and youth in having a positive experience. 
You asked and we are delivering! In the feedback following our Tools of The Trade workshop series, CCLS asked for more content and sessions on child life-based interventions for teens. Join Krista Naugler, host of the Upopolis podcast for a NYE count down of five technology-based ( and nontech alternatives) interventions that she has used in her Child Life career working with teens. 
With the COVID-19 vaccine being released this week, this is the perfect time to share some of our team's expertise in preparing children and parents for medical procedures. In this episode, the Upopolis team will share their tips on preparing yourself (the parent) and your child for getting a vaccination.  From finding opportunities for control to distraction plans this episode is full of helpful information.  Enjoy! In the episode, the team mentions Comfort Positions, click this link to see position options for bloodwork from our partners BCCH.  Note, several of these would work for vaccines as well.
Join Krista Naugler the host of the Upopolis podcast as she shares about the exercise the team created to help youth navigate 2020 and the world pandemic. This episode explores what the word cope means,  how to sort out a coping plan, and some strategy examples. WorksheetVideo lesson with Jessica, Upopolis Program Coordinator
Join Amiah, our intern, as she does a podcast takeover speaking with Rebecca and Meghan, two incredible youth who share their perspectives about living with Crohn's. These youth speak candidly about the reality of living with an invisible disability and how it impacts every aspect of their life. We cover everything from what it was like to be diagnosed to coping with tube feeds and medications. Practical strategies for seeking support and tips are discussed that are helpful for other youth, adults, and healthcare providers to know.For more information and resources about Crohn's and Colitis, visit:
Join Krista Naugler host of the Upopolis podcast for a look at schedules and how 2020 has us finding new ways to make things show up in our day. Be sure to check out the other episodes highlighting exercises from the U Got This Challenge Brain vs Mind, Feelings, Coping and Goals)WorksheetsExercise Video Lesson
Join the Upopolis podcast host Krista as she discusses the activities that were offered to youth by the child life team via the U Got This! Challenge in March to help them identify and navigate all feelings. These activities and worksheets offer a nice way for families and groups to break the ice and start hard or uncomfortable conversations. The yoga session pairs with Day 4 but the link is shared below since it was mentioned in this episode.Links:Yoga Session with ChristinaDiscussion on FeelingsWorksheet
When the pandemic hit Canada our Upopolis Child Life team quickly pivoted to create a tool to support youth as they navigate the restrictions and all the feelings that came along with it. We called this tool  U Got This! It is a five-day challenge that the youth received from our team via email. Each day, there was a video lesson, a worksheet, and an activity. We invite you to take a few minutes each week for the next five weeks to learn about the U Got This! tool/ challenge. We welcome you to use it yourself, with your family, patients, clients, or class. Day 1 ResourcesVideo Recording: with Christina:
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