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Author: Luke Holcombe

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Beverage Science Podcast with a focus on Technical Winemaking
5 Episodes
On this episode of Between Two Buds, Winemaking Consultant Denise Gardner (  joins on the first of many conversations about Winemaking. We discuss some of the winemaking challenges our clients face most commonly and  the nature of the industry we work in.We also chat about some of the climactic variations our clients face across the country, and how that impacts their stylistic freedoms and constraints.Hope you enjoy this short episode!
In this most recent episode of Between Two Buds, Mr. David Spector, Technical Account Manager for Chris Hansen, stops by for an unscripted journey through the beverage science industry.David represents products used in the wine, beer, seltzer, cider, and dairy industries. This breadth of experience across beverage segments gives him a unique perspective on technical winemaking. Coming from a large scale winemaking background, David draws on a wealth of knowledge, exposure, mentorship, and training.We talk corporatization of the wine world, converging beverage segments, academic and vendor propaganda, and how the various segments have so much to learn from each other. From a technical perspective, we discuss non-saccharomyces, allelopathy, and bio-suppression; but also briefly about the positive sensory contribution these strains have the ability to produce. Randomly, we dip our toes into show cattle. We steer back to the relative stability of wine vs other fermented beverages, chat about the Food Safety Modernization Act and philosophize on the art, science, and romance that is Enology.
This episode, Eglantine Chauffour of Bucher Vaslin North America and Lamothe Abiet weighs in on Enological Oak. Together with host, Luke Holcombe of Black Dog Consulting, they delve deep into all things oak.Barrels, chips, cubes, staves, shavings, powders... but mostly barrels. All these are considered Oak for Enology. We parse through some of the pros and cons of the different options; focusing on sustainability and environmental impact. For that matter, we address some issues with current Research and Academic work behind Enology. Buckle up, this one has alot of content. Sit back in  your favorite chair made from an old wine barrel & pop your favorite bottle, as Between Two Buds opens a bottle of bluntness on Enological Oak.
In this short episode of Between Two Buds, we dive into Oak derived enological tannins.Guests: Doug Manning; Doug Manning ConsultingStephane Radoux; EBX Tannins/ Amedee OakDr. Renee Threlfall; Research Scientist University of ArkansasHillary Eales; Black Dog ConsultingWe talk about how tannins are extracted commonly, and how the EBX process is unique compared to other suppliers. Additionally, we investigate how a specific tannin, EBX Barrel, can be used inbetween fills to protect the barrel from spoilage, and to reduce/eliminate SO2 usage, all the while saving the earths most precious resource... water. This is cutting edge technology for the industry and a new application for tannin usage.
Our Kickoff episode dives right in to the deep. Sulfur Dioxide usage has been maligned, denigrated, and has gotten a really bad wrap as of late. This episode covers one of the best way to reduce its usage, but also produce consistent quality wines.  Almost* a silver bullet.Jason Centanni, Winemaker for Llano Estacado; is our featured guest who has quite a few years honing the practices necessary to reduce the dependency on sulfur dioxide.Eglantine Chauffour, Winemaking Products Manager for Lamothe-Abiet/ Technical Director for Bucher Vaslin North America; takes the technical lead for us and guides us through some of the deeper, murkier waters of the microbial ocean.We dispel some myths, poke fun at some wine industry snobbery, and other shenanigans. If you are tired of trying to make sense of all the "technical" information out there; join us as we discuss technical winemaking like you've never heard before.
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