DiscoverScott Woodside's compelling and unique stories, all true and all about life. Totally unpredictable
Scott Woodside's compelling and unique stories, all true and all about life. Totally unpredictable
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Scott Woodside's compelling and unique stories, all true and all about life. Totally unpredictable

Author: Scott Woodside

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Scott Woodside shares stories of his 30 years in radio and TV, sales, stationary business, and cemetery and funeral business. Totally unpredictable, amusing, sketchy, and hard to believe. Hoping these stories will help mold your life and career and entertain the hell out of you!
32 Episodes
Just keep listening and you'll never get bored! --- Send in a voice message:
What would you do if you were sued for $4 million dollars, Have you ever said something that you have regretted? Oh and what about that fake parade we created out of thin air. And MORE! --- Send in a voice message:
Right around 1979 as we were just building our show and trying new things, we pulled a character out of thin air! --- Send in a voice message:
To view the video please go to Spotify and do a search for Scott woodside. Don't Miss some of the fun times that we had doing morning radio on Atlanta's Z93. Just found out I can do Video Podcasts as well.  See the Bride, See The Basset Hounds, see us doing a tv commercial in long underwear, and more! Enjoy. comments are appreciated. --- Send in a voice message:
In this podcast I discuss how anyone with passion can still make it. All you need is undying passion, extreme hunger, and a positive outlook. My Mantra for success in this ten year time span was, and still is: "Failure is not an option." You're going to hear how I created a multi-million dollar company, and how it went from top to the very bottom. Crazy mistakes and a crazy time. If Colleges were handing out MBA's for work experience, then I would have one hanging on my wall!  Without Life experiences we would never be able to progress in life. I think you'll find it interesting and if you know me from radio in Washington DC and Atlanta GA, this will be a totally different u-turn in life. something that will probably happen to you some time in your life. --- Send in a voice message:
We all have choices in life to make. You just never know when you will be given the opportunity of a lifetime. Ever been offered something and not realized how great the offer was at the time? Arghhhh! What was I thinking? --- Send in a voice message:
Out of the blue at Dinner I'm offered the co-host slot on Entertainment Tonight! I'm sure something similar has happened to you. Right? Listen and you'll know what I mean! --- Send in a voice message:
Well I thought I'd share this little story and the background of how I managed to have a short part time stint at WSB/Cox in Atlanta. Wait till you hear where the interview took place! --- Send in a voice message:
What would you do if you were offered the exclusive on the Story of All Time? Greed? Sell your soul? Listen and find out! --- Send in a voice message:
South of the Border is located right on the North Carolina/South Carolina border. Way down on my luck between radio jobs, I sold glamour shots all over the southeast. Nothing that I'm really proud about sharing. You won't see it on my resume but its on my resume of life's learned lessons. In my later years I've become a top sales leader throughout North America. What's my secret? experiences and how they relate into stories. Enjoy and please leave a comment.  Woodside --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode I start off by saying that its shorter than part 1. well it ended up being longer and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed talking about the subject. This one covers a monster truck remote, a goodyear blimp remote, An encounter with Richard Simmons, the New Coke, and bad news from a pissed off beer distributor about something we said on the air on Q107 in Washington Elliott and Woodside. Enjoy --- Send in a voice message:
Why in the hell would we actually do a live morning show remote at a person's home and babysit their kids? Why would we collect live insects on the air and give away a prize for that? And why would we ever be so stupid to do a four hour morning show from the top of the Washington Monument in the fog? Listen and learn. --- Send in a voice message:
Listen to how easy it is to get in a movie! If I did it so can you! Shooting a movie while doing a morning show ain't that easy but lots of fun! --- Send in a voice message:
In 1978 I put together a UFO special to run every morning on WPGC radio in Washington DC. It worked and must of hit a nerve. Woodside gets a visit from the FBI AND MORE! --- Send in a voice message:
In life you you do what you have to do to feed your family. In this story you'll hear how sometimes you just have to swallow your pride. Pick yourself   up by your bootstraps and keep going. From a stellar radio career to selling glamour portraits on the road throughout south Georgia in mom and pop two seater hair salons. Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi.  --- Send in a voice message:
Senator John Glen meets Scott Woodside at the Kennedy Center, or was it the other way around? --- Send in a voice message:
I was doing newscasts the afternoon Elvis Died. UPI wire services sent the news as a FLASH which is higher priority than a bulletin, and it was! Listen to Scott Woodside stumble through the beginning of the recording. You'll hear the wrong age given because UPI sent us the news via teletype with the wrong age. Everyone in the world was giving the wrong age because that's what we were fed. Listen to tributes from Capricorn record president Phil Walden, Music producer Buddy Buie, and more. This was recorded on the fly as it actually happened. --- Send in a voice message:
You've never heard this story. Another hidden gem --- Send in a voice message:
Never ask someone about something unless you can handle the answer. Tony Tennille wanted to know what I thought about the song Muskrat Love. She had to ask. --- Send in a voice message:
Scott Woodside tells even more stories on Andy Griffith, Charlie Daniels, Martin Mull, Steve Martin, Yakov Smirnoff --- Send in a voice message:
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