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Author: Nick Murray

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At Bitewing Games, our mission is to create and share classy board games that bite. For hobbyist gamers, this podcast will help you to explore your own tastes in the hobby and perhaps discover your next favorite game that fits those tastes. For game designers, this podcast will offer you more tools to add to your utility belt and metrics to measure your projects by. Subscribe to our newsletter at, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for exciting things to come!
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Nick shares his 1st impressions of new-ish games he has been playing recently:0:49 - Iki3:27 - Palmyra (Buy Low Sell High)6:12 - Harmonies9:33 - A Message from the Stars12:40 - Pax Penning17:45 - KnarrCheck out our new releases (now shipping worldwide) including Cascadero, Cascadito, Spectral, and Trailblazers: Sasquatch Expansion.
Nick shares his first impressions of new-to-him board games he's been playing lately:Through the Desert: Bazaar Expansion - 0:45Innovation - 6:26Apiary - 11:13Wonder Bowling - 14:46Skyrise - 17:23London (Second Edition) - 25:22Great Plains - 27:50Follow the Kickstarter page for Iliad and Ichor. Thanks for your support!
Nick is joined by the excellent Cardboard Philosophy podcast where they discuss their show, the Jazz Collection, and their prognosis of board games they've been playing lately.Check out the Cardboard Philosophy Podcast here.Check out the episode that Nick joined here.Check out the Jazz Collection Kickstarter here.
Nick shares his 1st impressions of the following new(ish) board games:0:42 - Galactic Renaissance3:56 - Clash of the Gladiators7:56 - Sol: Last Days of a Star13:52 - Die Patin, Löwenherz19:42 - Botanik24:16 - Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the WestOur Jazz Collection Kickstarter (Bebop, Shuffle & Swing, and Cat Blues) is now live! Check out the Kickstarter here.
Nick shares his first impressions of another big batch of Knizia games... from old classics to recent reskins!0:52 - Penguin Party3:41 - Genial Spezial6:08 - Tatari11:05 - City of the Living16:34 - Keltis + New Ways, New Goals Expansion19:06 - Keltis: Fun & Go21:35 - Genesis25:42 - Reif fur die Insel29:23 - King's Road32:54 - MoneyFollow our upcoming Jazz Collection Kickstarter here.
Nick shares his first impressions of new-ish board games he's been playing lately:0:42 - Strike3:43 - Sobek: 2 Players8:46 - Ingenious (2023 Edition)11:35 - World Wonders15:17 - Chomp17:40 - Couture20:06 - MarabuntaFollow our jazz game Kickstarter project here.
Nick shares his Top 15 Board Games of 2023 and reveals the next big Kickstarter project coming from Bitewing Games.Follow the Jazz Collection Kickstarter page here.Learn more about Bebop here.Learn more about Shuffle & Swing here.Learn more about Cat Blues: The Big Gig here.
Nick shares his 1st impressions of 7 new board games including 5 trick takers, 3 two-players, and 1 solo game.0:45 - Sail2:48 - Patterns: A Mandala Game5:39 - Undaunted: Battle of Britain9:37 - Pies, Lunar, Mori, and Bacon20:54 - Witchcraft! (also listen to my thoughts on Resist!)
Nick shares his 25 Most Anticipated Games of 2024 and leaks some teasers about Bitewing Games' next big reveals.Preorder Cascadero, Cascadito, Spectral and/or Trailblazers: Sasquatch Expansion here.Subscribe to the Bitewing Games Newsletter here to follow our upcoming Kickstarter project!
Nick looks back on over 50 of the best board games of 2022 and categorizes them into lovers, keepers, dumpers, flingers, and seekers.Check out similar look back posts of 2019, 2020, and 2021 releases.Subscribe to the Bitewing Games Newsletter
Nick shares his 1st impressions of (mostly) recent releases and hot 2023 board games:0:49 - General Orders: World War II5:09 - Loot8:13 - Sea Salt & Paper12:42 - Havalandi19:10 - Dragonkeepers22:50 - Thunder Road: Vendetta27:01 - Amun-Re: 20th Anniversary Edition
Nick shares his 1st impressions of the following board games:0:46 - Sky Team4:33 - The Quest for El Dorado: Dragons, Treasures, & Mysteries14:26 - Match of the Century19:13 - Cat Ass Trophy / Zero Down22:14 - Lacuna24:22 - MLEM: Space AgencyCheck out our Black Friday Stocking Stuffer Sale
Nick is joined by fellow Reiner Knizia Enthusiasts, Scott and Jared, as they draft and discuss the B-Side games (underdogs, hidden gems, unsung newcomers, etc.) from Knizia's catalogue. Cast your vote (and enter the contest to win a free game) here.Join the Reiner Knizia Enthusiasts Discord Server here.Check out the Ultimate Reiner Knizia Ranked Tier List here.Preorder Cascadero and Cascadito here.
Nick shares his 1st impressions of EIGHTEEN Reiner Knizia board games in this marathon episode of candid cardboard:1:23 - My Island5:18 - Galaxy Cat Extension9:16 - Pick a Pen Trilogy (Crypten, Riffen, Tuinen)13:19 - Yangtze17:11 - Sunrise Lane / Rondo23:13 - Amun-Re: The Card Game27:11 - Karate Tomate31:35 - Palazzo36:08 - Silver Screen40:27 - Sushi Bar (Sushizok im Gockelwok)44:24 - Age of War (Risk Express)48:57 - For One Series (Number Up, Galaktix, Schwarze Rosen, Kniffel)Subscribe to th...
Nick shares his 1st impressions of a whopping 10 Reiner Knizia board games spanning a wide range of genres.1:10 - Foodie Forest6:38 - Dragon Land10:36 - Medici: The Dice Game14:38 - The Lord of the Rings17:17 - Chartae20:53 - Lost Cites: Rivals23:37 - Cheeky Monkey25:56 - High Society30:48 - Res Publica33:42 - Classic ArtFollow the Kickstarter page for Cascadero & Cascadito here.Join the Reiner Knizia Enthusiasts Discord Community here.
In celebration of our newly revealed tile placement games, Nick shares his Top 15 Tile Layers!Learn more about our new Knizia titles: Cascadero and CascaditoFollow the Kickstarter page for Cascadero and Cascadito here.
Nick shares his first impressions of 7 recently released board games:0:48 - Archeos Society6:11 - Judge Domino9:00 - Stick Collection11:37 - Ninja Master15:40 - Viking See-Saw19:30 - That's Not a Hat22:39 - Challengers!Check out our Kickstarter campaign for Spectral and Trailblazers: Sasquatch here.Now available from our webstore — Zoo Vadis and Gussy Gorillas. Order today!
In this episode, Nick shares the interesting tale of how Spectral went from a game he had zero interest in all the way to his absolute favorite game of its genre... a game that he loves so much that he had to publish it himself. Who doesn't love a good underdog story? 😉Check out the Kickstarter campaign for Spectral here.
Nick shares 23 of his most anticipated board games and crowdfunding campaigns for the second half of 2023.Check out the Kickstarter Page for Spectral & Trailblazers: Sasquatch Expansion HereSubscribe to the Bitewing Games Newsletter HereOther cited podcast episodes:Full thoughts on Pick-A-Pepper and Wandering TowersTop 15 Games of 2022
We all have our favorite genres and mechanisms of board games... from deck building to roll & writes to area control and more. In this episode, Nick explores 10 board game genres, identifies their common weaknesses, and highlights specific games that defy those weaknesses.