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Author: Nick Murray

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At Bitewing Games, our mission is to create and share classy board games that bite. For hobbyist gamers, this podcast will help you to explore your own tastes in the hobby and perhaps discover your next favorite game that fits those tastes. For game designers, this podcast will offer you more tools to add to your utility belt and metrics to measure your projects by. Subscribe to our newsletter at, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for exciting things to come!
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Today Nick is sharing his Top 10 Logic Deduction Games, and be sure to stick around for the grand reveal of Bitewing Games’ next big project!Check out our new game here.
Nick shares his 1st impressions of newer board games including:0:38 - Dandelions3:28 - High Score9:11 - Turncoats13:02 - Paint the Roses19:00 - Cascadia22:55 - SWAT!24:49 - nanaClick here to subscribe to the Bitewing Games newsletter and be notified when: Zoo Vadis becomes available for preorderTrailblazers becomes available on our webstoreWe reveal new information about our upcoming projects
In this Galactic Renaissance Preview, Nick dives deep into this cosmic spiritual cousin of the legendary board game, Inis!Galactic Renaissance launches on Kickstarter on March 21st. Check it out here.
The hunt is on, and Nick has been tearing through even more board games by Reiner Knizia in a quest to uncover hidden gems. Featuring his first impressions of:0:45 - Lost Cities: The Board Game3:45 - Odd Socks / Relationship Tightrope7:18 - Wiener Walzer10:56 - Medici: The Card Game13:58 - Forbidden City18:44 - Cat Blues / Katzenjammer Blues
Kyle is back on the show with Nick to discuss board game modules. When do they go too far? How are they different from variants and expansions? Games discussed include: TrailblazersClever 4 EverZoo VadisWhale RidersBohnanzaTaverns of TiefenthalOur upcoming Ryan Courtney deduction game and Reiner Knizia tile placement gameAnd more!Subscribe to the Bitewing Games newsletter here.Look for Kyle at Salt Con and Nick at Dice Tower West in March! Join our Bitewing Games discord server here. Feel free to reach out if you want to game with us at these conventions.
Today's round of candid cardboard is extra special in that it includes Nick's 1st impressions of the hotly anticipated upcoming game Galactic Renaissance. But before we get to that, let's explore 6 other games he has been playing lately...0:42 - Undaunted: Stalingrad4:45 - Spots10:04 - Gutenberg13:17 - Blood Rage17:51 - Skymines20:35 - Terra Nova23:02 - Galactic RenaissanceOur Kickstarter for Zoo Vadis and Gussy Gorillas ends this Thursday, February 16. Check it out here. Thanks for your support!
2022 has come and gone, which means it’s time again to celebrate the best new board games of the year!Check out the Kickstarter page for Zoo Vadis and Gussy GorillasThanks for your support!
Some of the hottest board games of 2022 are still hitting Nick's table and he's ready to share his first impressions of the following:0:43 - Axio / Ingenious4:41 - Turing Machine9:45 - Planet Unknown14:37 - Horrified: American Monsters19:36 - Heat: Pedal to the Metal
Nick has researched and uncovered 27 — count 'em, TWENTY-SEVEN — exciting games set to release this year. Come check out what upcoming releases might be worthy of your wishlist...For links to (and more info on) these games, head over to the blog post version of this podcast episode.We're launching Zoo Vadis and Gussy Gorillas on January 24th via Kickstarter! Be sure to follow this link and click to be notified at launch. Thanks for your support!
How did Quo Vadis get turned into Zoo Vadis? What inspired the changes and added features? What does Reiner Knizia have to say about this new version of his design? Find out in today's in-depth publisher diary of Zoo Vadis!The Kickstarter for Zoo Vadis launches on January 24th! Follow this link and click to be notified when it launches.
Nick shares his first impressions of 4 spicy hot board games, 2 stone-cold classics, and 1 hidden gem:0:56 - Ahoy5:09 - Orleans8:14 - Kabuto Sumo: Total Mayhem (Expansion)11:16 - Carcassonne: The Castle / Zamek14:51 - Wormholes19:10 - Space Worm23:26 - John Company: Second EditionIn January 2023, we’ll be launching Zoo Vadis (by Reiner Knizia) and Gussy Gorillas (a Bitewing Games original) — two wildly clever games of trading and negotiation. Be sure to head over the pre-launch page and click to be notified the moment it launches. Thanks for your support!
Lookout! Loads of interesting new games have been hitting store shelves recently and Nick is here to share his 1st impressions after playing the following:0:49 - Splendor Duel3:49 - Guards of Atlantis II9:16 - Qin13:15 - The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire15:32 - 9 Lives18:22 - The Wolves22:31 - Ready Set BetZoo Vadis and Gussy Gorillas are launching via Kickstarter in January! Check out the pre-launch page here.
The year is coming to an end which means it’s time again to look back… not on this year but on last year.  That’s right, today we’ll be revisiting and reminiscing the best board games of 2021!Nick will be offering his thoughts on over 50 games and categorizing them into Lovers, Keepers, Dumpers, Flingers, and Seekers.
Nick shares his 1st impressions of hot board games including the following:0:40 - Nightmare Productions5:52 - Zombie Mania10:39 - Transatlantic13:24 - Puzzle Strike 216:55 - Resist!20:15 - Carnegie
Nick shares some exciting new details and publication plans for Bitewing Games including unrevealed Reiner Knizia and Ryan Courtney games coming in 2023 or later!Order Reiner Knizia's Criminal Capers Collection HerePreorder Trailblazers HereCheck out the Zoo Vadis Weekly Reveals HereSubscribe to the Bitewing Games Newsletter Here
It's an all Knizia episode!  Nick shares his 1st impressions of 8 Reiner Knizia board games:1:06 - No Mercy3:51 - Gang of Dice7:37 - Treasures of Nakbe13:42 - Great Wall of China16:51 - Heckmeck am Karteneck22:26 - Aristocracy27:32 - Marshmallow Test31:02 - The Quest for El Dorado: Dangers & MuiscaSpeaking of Reiner Knizia, be sure to subscribe to the Bitewing Games newsletter where we'll keep you up-to-date on our upcoming project: Zoo Vadis by Reiner Knizia.
Nick shares his first impressions of 8 new-to-him board games:0:53 - San Francisco8:08 - Cat in the Box: Deluxe Edition11:47 - Lost Cities: Roll & Write16:20 -  The Golden Ages18:40 - Coloretto20:37 - Poison24:55 - Catherine: The Cities of the Tsarina28:58 - Municipium🚨There is only one week remaining before the close of the Trailblazers Kickstarter!  Support Bitewing Games and secure a copy of Trailblazers for yourself before it's too late. 🙌Visit the Trailblazers Kickstarter page here.
Continuing on from last week's episode, Nick shares his Top 25 board games of all time!  He also shares where Bitewing Games' revealed publications would fit into his Top 100.Trailblazers is now live on Kickstarter, and it has already raised over $100k!  Click here to check it out and support Bitewing Games.
Buckle up!  Nick shares and discusses his updated Top 50 board games of all time list, beginning with games 50-26.  Trailblazers launches on Kickstarter this week (Tuesday, August 16).  Check it out here.
1:20 - Out with the ratings, in the with prognosisNick shares his first impressions of the following games:5:22 - Indigo8:02 - Savannah Park10:08 - Railroad Revolution14:29 - Spectaculum19:46 - Super Skill Pinball: Ramp it Up22:26 - Rumble Nation25:47 - Azul: Queen's Garden28:39 - An Empty ThroneOur next publication, Trailblazers, launches on Kickstarter next week.  Check out the pre-launch page and follow along.
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