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After receiving and playing a preview copy, Nick shares his full thoughts on the latest version of Ra by designer Reiner Knizia, artist Ian O'Toole, and publisher 25th Century Games.Crowdfunding for Ra is still ongoing until May 25th.  You can find the Gamefound page here.  Preview copy provided to Bitewing Games by 25th Century Games.Bitewing Games is planning to cover even more exciting releases from publishers including upcoming Knizia games and beyond.  We are also collaborating with Reiner on several publishing projects of our own.  To follow our game coverage and publishing projects, subscribe to the Bitewing Games newsletter!
Nick shares his 1st impressions of recently released and classic board games including the following:1:15 - Foundations of Rome6:00 - Excape / Rapido8:35 - The Voyages of Marco Polo11:26 - Meadow15:11 - Iberian Gauge19:54 - Rheinlander23:28 - Mombasa31:18 - Long Shot: The Dice Game
Another month means another opportunity to get candid with cardboard!  Nick shares his 1st impressions of the following board games:0:53 - Art Robbery5:25 - Twice As Clever7:19 - Orongo10:58 - Bear Raid15:38 - Ghosts of Christmas20:18 - Factory Funner25:46 - Pickomino Deluxe (Heckmeck Deluxe)29:28 - Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest
Top 15 Games of 2021

Top 15 Games of 2021


Nick shares his Top 15 Board Games of 2021!  This list is a celebration of excellence in game design, illustration, and publishing.  The board games that made the Top 15 earned their place by bringing innovation, excellence, and (most importantly) enjoyment to our table and the industry.  2021 was a killer year for tabletop gaming; let’s explore 15 reasons why…
In another round of Candid Cardboard, Nick shares his first impressions of the following board games:0:43 - Caesar!: Seize Rome in 20 Minutes!6:33 - Kemet: Blood & Sand — Book of the Dead Expansion10:29 - So Clover12:35 - Family Inc.14:45 - Coloma19:27 - Sheepy Time22:20 - Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road25:44 - Ark NovaSubscribe to the Bitewing Games NewsletterCheck out our upcoming game, Trailblazers
Solo gaming is perhaps one of the biggest recent trends in the board and card game industry.  As Bitewing Games will soon be publishing a quick & easy solo game of our own—Trailblazers by Ryan Courtney (which also plays up to 8 players)—now felt like the right time to investigate, assemble, and share our Top 10 Quick & Easy solo games.  At the end of this list, Nick will also be sharing more info about the Epic Solo Mode that Ryan has developed for Trailblazers.Subscribe to the Bitewing Games newsletter here.Play Trailblazers: Epic Solo Mode on Tabletop Simulator here.
Nick shares his 1st impressions of the following board games:1:00 - Mille Fiori (with comparisons to Witchstone)7:20 - Pipeline: Emerging Markets8:48 - Furnace12:16 - Merchants of the Dark Road15:37 - The Crew: Mission Deep Sea17:10 - L.A.M.A. Dice19:39 - Llamas Unleashed23:43 - Brian Boru: High King of Ireland
Movies, tv shows, books, and video games are famous for having spin-offs, but what about board games? Nick shares his top 10 spin-off board games plus more details on the upcoming Trailblazers from Bitewing Games and Ryan Courtney.
It's the start of a new year, which means it's time to get hyped for new board games!  With all the "Most Anticipated Games of 2022" lists I've seen over the past few weeks, it feels like Bitewing Games is a little late to the party. On the other hand, I've been surprised to see very little overlap between my list and the many others out there. So today it is my honor to shine a spotlight on many promising—and possibly overlooked—titles.1:32 - Caesar!: Seize Rome in 20 Minutes2:25 - Ghosts of Christmas3:11 - Bear Raid4:08 - Factory Funner4:42 - Sound Box5:50 - Root: The Marauder Expansion6:51 - John Company: Second Edition7:50 - Soda Smugglers9:06 - Pumafiosi9:45 - Hot Lead10:53 - Beyond the Sun Expansion11:33 - Ahoy12:22 - Trailblazers13:44 - Horseless Carriage14:42 - Sidereal Confluence: Bifurcation15:27 - My City: Roll & Write16:57 - Crescent Moon18:13 - Ra19:17 - The Queen's Dilemma20:26 - Fit to Print21:36 - Amun-Re22:40 - Arcs
Nick shares his first impressions of the following board games:0:53 - Scout5:08 - Imperial Steam9:39 - Keyflower13:16 - Ankh: Gods of Egypt18:40 - Rialto21:06 - MicroMacro: Crime City
In today’s episode, we’re going to sit back and look back on our board gaming experiences of 2021.  Nick is joined once again by Camille as they chat about their year in review including highlights, low points, most played games, and other Bitewing Games adventures...
In our longest, meatiest episode yet, Nick is joined by friend and fellow gamer, Ryan Flaherty, where they share and discuss their Top 10 Spatial Puzzle Games.  At the end of the episode, Nick reveals the next title coming from Bitewing Games and some juicy details about this game!0:45 - About Ryan—his gaming tastes and preferences7:30 - Ecos9:42 - Introducing the topic—Our Top 10 Spatial Puzzle Games13:50 - The Estates17:07 - Patchwork / New York Zoo20:47 - Tiny Towns24:27 - Galaxy Truckey28:13 - Pipeline32:24 - Curious Cargo34:04 - The Azul Series38:50 - Number 9, Llamaland 43:29 - Carcassonne, Isle of Skye47:28 - A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King51:35 - A Feast for Odin56:06 - Cascadia1:00:52 - Isle of Cats1:03:39 - Savannah Park1:10:46 - Sprawlopolis1:15:46 - Reef1:20:15 - My City1:29:30 - Honorable Mentions1:36:02 - The next title coming from Bitewing Games!  Click here to learn more...Stay updated on our content and upcoming games by subscribing to the Bitewing Games newsletter!
Nick shares his 1st impressions of spicy hot new releases and new-to-him games...0:55 - Radlands9:17 - Anno 180013:12 - Stockpile: Epic Edition16:55 - Mind MGMT20:58 - Quantum26:04 - The Siege of Runedar
Nick revisits the best board games of 2020 by categorizing 60 of them into lovers, keepers, dumpers, flingers, and seekers.1:56 - Lovers8:08 - Keepers12:55 - Dumpers17:20 - Flingers27:10 - Seekers
Nick shares his first impressions of the following new-ish board games:0:43 - Rorschach6:00 - Regicide11:12 - Fort: Cats & Dogs Expansion14:17 - Calimala18:36 - Witchstone23:17 - Riftforce
Tis the season to buy more board games for your friends and family (and maybe even treat yourself)! Selecting the perfect gift can often be a Nightmare before Christmas, but worry not, Bitewing Games is here to guide you to some of the hottest games of the year for casual and hobbyist gamer alike.Follow this link to check out the blog post (and all of the direct links where you can buy these games)2:54 - Gifts for the Casual Board Gamer3:13 - Kabuto Sumo4:20 - Equinox5:10 - Hibachi5:59 - Ethnos6:50 - Chinatown7:45 - Gifts for your Significant Other7:59 - My City9:07 - Riftforce10:13 - Royal Visit10:51 - Summoner Wars (Second Edition)11:24 - Caesar!: Sieze Rome in 20 Minutes!12:52 - Stocking Stuffer Gifts13:09 - Durian13:41 - Schotten Totten 214:24 - Illusion15:16 - The Crew: Mission Deep Sea15:52 - Parade16:20 - X-Trayz from Game Trayz17:04 - Games for your Holiday Party17:19 - Don't Get Got17:56 - Skull18:46 - Bristol 135019:19 - Sidereal Confluence (Remastered Edition)20:08 - Decrypto20:56 - Rorschach22:08 - Gifts for the Hobbyist Board Gamer22:35 - Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile23:33 - Hansa Teutonica: Big Box24:19 - The Search for Planet X24:55 - Beyond the Sun25:39 - Iberian Gauge 
Nick shares his first impressions of 4 new(ish) games and 5 classic games:1:00 - Treasure Island Expansion: Captain Silver—Revenge Island5:39 - L.L.A.M.A.8:52 - Hibachi14:34 - Nusfjord19:10 - Wildlife Safari20:11 - Libertalia21:09 - Blue Moon Legends22:28 - Bohnanza24:03 - Tower of Babel
Kyle joins Nick to discuss games they've been playing recently:Lost Legacy - 4:08 Winner's Circle - 10:47Cascadia - 18:33Spyrium - 27;14My City - 34:37Parade - 42:39Subscribe to the Bitewing Games newsletter to follow our latest content and upcoming publications.
Nick is back with another episode of podcast comfort food in September's Candid Cardboard: 1st Impressions of new (and sometimes not new) board games.0:49 - Summer Wars (Second Edition)3:46 - Ra: The Dice Game4:57 - Tajuto6:54 - Coffee Traders11:45 - Kabuto Sumo
With our Kickstarter campaign closing this Thursday, September 2, Nick takes a look at the future of Bitewing Games including plans for the podcast, blog, publications, and beyond.Like all the content that Bitewing Games has provided over the past year and a half?  Then support us in our Kickstarter campaign so we can keep putting out more juicy content and you can acquire some killer games.  Consider this our form of Patreon ;)
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