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Author: Broc Edwards

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Inspiration and information for creating an amazing second half of life: There is an abundance of information on creating a great life for those in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s, but truly little for those 50 and beyond. The media seems to think we should either be chasing our past glory days by clinging to youth with a white knuckle death grip OR just quietly fading into the background and letting life pass by. Yet, this time of life brings an amazing opportunity to combine our wisdom and experience with our passion and enthusiasm and refine, redefine, and reinvent who we want to be and how we want to live. Let’s get started!
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Dr. Mina is a Harvard trained dermatologist and host of The Skin Real podcast is on a mission to provide people with real skin care information and advice. In this episode she discusses misconceptions and ways to simplify skin care, the three products we should all be using, skin changes… The post Simplifying Skin Care in Midlife (with Dr. Mina) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Most retirement conversations seem to hinge around dollars and dates – how much do you have and when will you retire. Bill and Pete Bush are financial planners who approach the conversation a bit differently and share how our 50s are the time to really be thinking through what we… The post Building a Pre-Retirement Flight Plan in Your Fifties (with Bill and Pete Bush) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Just a quick episode without a guest to talk about what’s been happening, a solution (perhaps) to making friends in midlife, and a cool fitness app I’ve been using to track food and nutrients ( Ready to play bigger in midlife? Let’s get started!   Thank you for listening –… The post Catching Up, Friends in Midlife, and Tracking Food appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Alison Jacobson hosts the podcast “Midlife Mavericks,” coaches midlife women, and is author of the book “Daily Inspiration for Midlife Women: A Guide to Peace, Joy, Confidence, and Abundance.” I am very excited to have Alison as a guest as we share a similar view of the power of midlife.… The post Inspiration for Midlife Women (with Alison Jacobson) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
This episode is about retirement, but not really about saving or investing. Rather, Joe Allaria, CFP and host of The Retirement Power Hour Podcast, joins me to discuss thinking about the lifestyle of retirement and creating a fulfilling retirement. Sure, the numbers are important, but if the average retirement is… The post Retiring Better (with Joe Allaria) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Theresa DeWit has a huge vision: to make a difference in one million marriages. Like many visions, it started out smaller. She just wanted to pass some marriage advice on to her 20-something kids. That advice has grown into a best-selling book, an online course, and relationship coaching. Theresa shares… The post Joyfully Married (with Theresa DeWit) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
I can’t be the only one who’s noticed health and fitness takes a lot more intentionality and conscious effort than it did in my 30s, or even my 40s. Things take longer, I bounce back slower, and life catches up quicker. I suspect many of us in our 50s and… The post Fitness Transformation After 50 (with Martin Bolduc) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
I LOVED this conversation with Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhaou. As the co-authors of the book Wake-Up, Shake-Up, Thrive!: How to Lift Up Your Life in Your 50’s and Beyond, they brought tons of information and inspiration on creating and embracing a vibrant life after 50, with a particular… The post Wake-Up, Shake-Up, Thrive! (with Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhaou) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Happy New Year! No guest this episode. I wanted to share some thoughts I’ve been having about replacing my annual goals with a focus on developing really small habits. I have been creating annual goals for the past 20 years and I like the direction they provide, but I’ve noticed… The post Experimenting with Replacing Goals with Habits appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Many in the fitness industry promise (or strongly suggest) quick fixes and amazing results. But that’s not really how our bodies work and it often leads to disappointment, frustration, and the relentless search for that next miracle diet and workout. But what if we approached it differently? Nate Wilkins and… The post Aging Well (with Ageless Workout) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
She’s back! Gail Gensler returns for another episode and brings her non-stop full throttle enthusiasm for (mid)life with her. She points out that everyone is, will be, or was in midlife, so why do we spend so little time discussing it? We talk about: How to get started creating a… The post Midlife in Beast Mode (with Gail Gensler) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
It’s always fun to have another midlife podcaster on the show. Today, I’m joined by Billy Lahr, co-host of Mindful Midlife Crisis and co-creator of the Reflect, Learn, Grow course. We cover a lot of ground in this show as Billy shares: How cultivating a mindfulness practice changed and saved… The post Having a Mindful Midlife Crisis (with Billy Lahr) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
It took an emotional breakdown for Rae Ann to realize she had been living someone else’s dream and get clarity on her own aspirations. Using that difficult path, she became a transformational life coach focused on helping women discover what they want to do with their lives and live on… The post Live Your True You (with Rae Ann Louise) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Midlife is a fantastic time to take on new hobbies or to return to those that really interested us when we were younger. In midlife, we typically have a bit more time, money, opportunities, and resources than we did in our 20s or 30s, and a bit more wisdom as… The post Riders of a Certain Age (with Fran Severn) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Jacqueline (Jack) Perez is on a mission to normalize aging. In 2017, she created Kuel Life, a website providing community and expert advice for midlife women. Along with curated content and real-life expert advice, the site also showcases women-driven brands. In this episode, we discuss the importance of community and… The post Normalizing Aging (with Jacqueline “Jack” Perez) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Does your life feel rushed, distracted, and disconnected? Anita Heidema and Dario Tomaselli, founders of O’Live Your Life, want to help you change that. They went from lives that were successful, but stressful and separate to having lives that are present, connected, and purposeful. And they want to share their… The post Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle (with O’Live Your Life) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Merle Saferstein spent much of her career helping Holocaust survivors share their life stories. From that experience she began writing, speaking, and teaching to help others live their legacy. In this episode, we discuss: those pivotal moments that change our lives, aligning your life behind how you want to be… The post Living Your Legacy (with Merle Saferstein) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Where are you downplaying your strengths and experience? How could you put them to use to create a new career opportunity? Have you ever thought about starting a side business, moving into a new job or career, or completing a bucket list item such as writing a book? By the… The post Recording My First Record (with Terry Sweet) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
How do you transform your life? How do you go from midlife malaise to being exited about who you are and who you’re becoming? Jeff Goodrich did it by adopting his dog, Duder. At least, that was the start. With Duder’s help, Jeff lost 70 pounds, went from the couch… The post My Dog Saved My Life (with Jeff Goodrich) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
Tad Stahl describes himself as “just a middle-class dude raising a family in Indiana.” That’s true, but leaves out a bit. In his mid-fifties, he took on a new challenge by following his adult sons into racing go karts. What started as a weekend hobby with his sons has grown… The post As Seen On YouTube (with Tad Stahl) appeared first on Midlife Mastery Podcast.
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