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Author: Latrisha Michelle Jackson

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I want to say that I've got money figured out...but, I don't. Girl Gone Frugal is a podcast for the woman who: is not naturally frugal, wants to change their financial life, eats kale, wants to travel, but needs some support and suggestions on their financial journey.
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One of the most impactful trends online influencing Black women is the Soft Life. In today's podcast episode I share how an overseas movement experienced in the US is heavily influenced by work policy designed to control Black women.  Show Notes
You may be wondering...why are you talking about Taylor Swift on a personal finance podcast? Well, I'm talking about policies both spoken and unspoken that impact women's money. This episode talks about the unspolken power that the music industry flexes when negotiating with artists. Show Notes:
In this short episode, I share what Michelle is Money Hungry will be focusing on in 2024. I'm starting a season called Vixens, Virgins and Vigilantes: The Impact of Policy on American Women's Money.  Each epissode will cover a spoken or unspoken policy that impacts our money. And, to be clear, it won't be all politics. Policy happens in all aspects of our lives. Listen to the episode to learn more.  Show Notes: Season 7, Episode 1
In this week's episode of Michelle is Money Hungry, I reflect on the Titanic submersible and immigrant boat capsize tragedies from earlier this summer. What do these two tragedies have in common? You may be surprised. Show notes:
After a 6 month break from creating content for the Michelle is Money Hungry Podcast and Website-I'm back at it! I am energized and ready to go. In this short episode I talk about why personal finance content creators should take breaks and just listen and observe the financial conversations being held around them.  Show Notes
I love talking about personal finance, policy and equity. But, I've recently made a hard decisioin about the Michelle is Money Hungry Podcast and I'm sharing in this episode what I've decided to do with it.  Show Notes
I truly enjoyed having the following conversation with Chiante Jones about her journey into entrepreneurship, how she helps high-achieving women better their finances and why so many Black women are attracted to working for themselves. Show Notes:
If you're looking for a work from home gig and are trying to figure out a way to choose the best one for your personality, use the following steps to help you find the right gig for you. Show Notes
Black women are reevaluating their lives and having very real conversations framed around ease and the "soft-life" In this episode, I reflect on how I embraced a life of ease for myself, how I may have accidentally overcorrected after years of hard work and ask some hard questions about the cost of ease Show Notes
I decided to wait awhile before publishing any content about Harry and Meghan (The Duke and Duchess of Sussex) because I needed some time to look at and observe other people's reactions to them. In this episode I share my thoughts on: Harry and Meghan, Universal Experiences, Building a Billion Dollar Brand and Racism. There is salty language in the show!  Let me know what you think. Show Notes  
In this episode, I share some simple to use strategies to make more money doing side-hustles or gig work. You may be surprised by some of the simple strategies that I share and one industry that you might one to avoid. Show Notes
It's the beginning of the New Year when I'm recording this episode. And I've been thinking a lot about how financial goals are framed in a way that may discourage people from dreaming big about their money. Goals such as paying off debt, saving an emergency fund or investing a small amount at a time. I want to tell you that your financial goals don't have to be "sexy" Listen to the following short episode where I share why you should ignore what everyone else is doing and focus on you. Show Notes 
In today's podcast episode, I speak with Robin Kinnie of Motor City Woman Studios. She shares some insight into how she's designing her best life through uplifting the voices of women as creators and experts in the audio space. I love this conversation. If you're thinking about creative entrepreneurship-this episode is a must listen. We also talk about how COVID became an unexpected opportunity for her business. Show Notes:    
In looking back at the past couple of years, it has become very clear that social media has become one of the key ways that I attract money making opportunities. But, it's an intentional process, takes some thought and isn't random. If you're a freelancer, side-hustler or even work a 9-5-listen to the following episode for steps you can take to make money leveraging social media platforms. Show Notes    
One of the best decisions I ever made was starting a podcast. It has been a truly incredible experience allowing me to share my thoughts, expertise and ideas in a way that would be difficult with other types of media. But, podcasting can be a lonely endeavor. That's where Danielle Desir comes in. She is the founder of Women of Color Podcasters and I am thrilled to be a paying member of the WOC community. In this episode we break down how she prepared to take "the leap" Becoming a mom along the way and Danielle shares some thoughtful tips on managing risk. Show Notes:
In this quick episode I share some thoughts that have been on my mind for the past year. It's now time to talk about geopolitical moves, pay equity and the risk of overseas travel. I have some thoughts after working over 10+ years with adult international students. I share what I used to stress about and share some food for thought. Show Notes:
I am on a mission to help freelancers earn more money freelancing. Freelancing can be incredibly lucrative as a side-hustle or main gig. BUT, it can be very frustrating because there are a lot of strategies that people are unaware of that can help them earn more. In this podcast episode I share what I've done to consistently earn more as a freelancer. No, it's not normal to earn .10 a word. Here's how you can earn more.  Show Notes Check out this episode's brand partner: Catch If you're looking for a helpful tool to help you create and manage a benefits package as a freelancer or entrepreneur.
I decided to share my thoughts about why people quit working at Twitter. At the heart of this conversation is workers' rights, choice and freedom. See what I did there? Were workers foolish for quitting? I also talk about F#ck You funds.  Show Notes
When I say that the tool "Harlow" has improved the behind the scenes logistics of my business-I'm not exagerrating. For the past year I've focused on finding tools that would make things easier for me to do the work that I love doing. But invoicing, task management and client management was becoming stressful. In the following conversation I speak with the co-founders of Harlow, a tool that I absolutely love. Samantha Anderl and Andrea Wildt are incredible. They also share some lessons learned in raising funds for Harlow, taking risks and bettering their lives through thoughtful entrepreneurship. Show Notes
In this episode I speak with Laura Gariepy-a freelance writer who left her old profession and has designed a new life with her freelancing business. She candidly shares the good, the bad and the concerning as she moves forward with her career. I love how candid she is in this conversation. If you're thinking about becoming a freelancer, I think you'll get a lot out of this episode. Show Notes