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Welcome to the Unsilent Women podcast! What it means to be a woman in the world today, like everything else, is pretty confusing. A muddled mix of old ideas and new realities that don’t quite fit. It's like opening a trunk of old clothes and realizing you didn't have great fashion sense!MeToo, Lean-in, Girlboss, Keeping up with the Kardashians and scrolling through Instagram. Is any of this helpful? Harmful? Join writer and host Poorva Misra-Miller as she tackles topics of race, gender, equity, problematic tropes, outdated advice, and new cultural realities with a diverse set of guests — through bingeable chat, personal essays, and pop culture fanaticism.  This bi-weekly podcast is your dose of unconventional wisdom, strong opinions, and obnoxious puns. So pop in those earbuds and settle in. Things could get bumpy, but we'll get there together. Let's go!
20 Episodes
Where is the line where you end and another person begins? Why do we struggle to identify our limits? And how do we establish effective and healthy boundaries with the people we love, in personal and professional relationships, and even with ourselves?In this episode Poorva and Dr. Tracy Dalgleish dive into understanding boundaries and why women especially, struggle with them. What's the social conditioning that gets in the way of us protecting our time and energy? How can we focus on what brings us meaning? And how do we communicate our needs so that we can show up as happier and healthier versions of ourselves?Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, psychologist and couples therapist, helps individuals and couples navigate the challenges we all face in our relationships and within ourselves to create a more meaningful life through therapy, wellness seminars, and her work outside of the therapy room. Dr. Dalgleish contributes to popular media sites, including Motherly, Huffington Post, Bustle, and PsychCentral. She has appeared on CTV Morning Live Ottawa and is a sought-after expert to speak on relationships and mental health. She has also published several journal articles in high-ranking academic peer-reviewed journals and co-authored two book chapters on attachment theory and emotionally focused couples therapy.Committed to making what she does more accessible, Dr. Dalgleish is the host of podcast ‘I’m Not Your Shrink’ where she dives deeper into clinical knowledge and research in a relatable and informal way. She also offers other e-learning if you prefer to learn on the go, including an online community to help women and couples strengthen their relationships.  Dr. Dalgleish is the owner of Integrated Wellness, a mental health clinic in Ottawa, Ontario. She is the 2021 recipient of the Forty Under 40 award, recognizing her significant business contributions in the national capital region.Instagram: @dr.tracyd
Did the Sweet Valley series inform a young girl's ideas of dating and romance? Does Harry Potter have anything to do with how we think about elite education? Is Bella Swan, a love-obsessed teen really an accurate portrayal of a teenage girl?The stories we grow up with, stay with us our entire lives.  They are our first window into the world and so much of what we learn and how we grow up is shaped by children's stories.   Maria Vicente is a Senior Literary Agent at P.S. Literary representing bold and innovative books for kids, teens, and curious adults. Her favorite books to work on allow readers to experience something new about the real world or invite them into fictional worlds they’ll never want to leave. Maria and Poorva take a trip down memory lane and revisit stories from their childhoods to examine where ideas on complex social issues like gender, race, and identity come from.
 Representation and diversity have become major talking points over the last year. Phrases like “if you can see it you can be it,” are popular platitudes of support, offered at diversity seminars and plastered in Millennial pink quote backdrops on Instagram. But all of this talk around diversity has made it this silent thief in the night. Like a diverse world is aspirational. When the reality is that diversity is already here.  And if we aren’t seeing it in the spaces that we occupy, it’s because it’s been deliberately left out. What we often end up seeing instead is tokenism. A multi-cultural and multi-racial world that reflects dominant and behaviors. Representation, especially in media and pop culture as we know it has been from a historically white, wealthy, cis-gendered, heteronormative lens. And this representation doesn’t reflect our reality. My guest this week is an incredible Toronto-based artist, visual storyteller, and photographer, Zahra Siddiqui — who challenges this portrayal of our world through The Invisible Majority — a body of work that speaks to the consciousness of our civilization.  Zahra takes portraits of members of the BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ people, exactly as they are and want to be seen. There is no code-switching to fit in. Zahra’s work reflects the reality of our society. That BIPOC people are a majority. And even in a diverse, multi-cultural city like Toronto, we remain unseen. Some aspects of this episode may be triggering and so you’re encouraged to listen at your comfort.  To follow Zahra's work, head on over to www.
The tech world is full of upstarts and startups, and might look something like — a young, college dropout, disproportionately white and male.  Those are the stories that make the news, the tech darlings that get funded. But what about the side of the tech world that isn't seen? The 38-year-old Black mother with two STEM degrees who starts a business? The Latinx girl with an engineering degree under her belt who starts a tech company? Or a woman with a background in Marketing and a passion for business, technology, and equity? Lauren Washington is the co-founder of Black Women Talk Tech, a tech conference created by Black female founders for Black female founders and their supporters, highlighting the brilliance of Black women in technology. Poorva and Lauren talk diversity in tech, building scalable companies, and making space for diverse voices in the tech world.
The writer's journey is long, serpentine and lonely. No one really becomes a writer. You simply write. If you love it  and you write long enough there might be a future in the books. But what happens when rejection is name of the game, book-deals aren't written in stone and  writers see dreams evaporate in a puff of smoke?Marissa Stapley is an internationally bestselling author of four novels. Her latest novel Lucky, debuted this year and was optioned for television by Disney Studios. Marissa has walked the walk when it comes to growing as a writer. She shares her journey of going from a writer with a dream to published novelist. We talk lessons, resilient moments and even a little bit of magic.
In our pandemic world  where work is digital, people are stretched, and job security feels like a thing of the past, entrepreneurship is exploding. In a world of tech-lords and big business, we are seeing the rise of a new kind of “nation-state,” — billionaires. How do entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses navigate a world where some people have more capital and clout than some countries? How do entrepreneurs remain dauntless and pursue dreams of both income and impact? Advisor, speaker, Forbes NEXT 1000, BEQ's LGBTQ Leaders under 40 and storyteller, Veronica Kirin talks about paradigm shifts and ultimately building a business with heart, that stands the test of time.
Welcome to the jungles of Costa Rica! This is a first solo episode where host Poorva talks about moving to Costa Rica and early observations on what makes this Central American country such a happy and peaceful place. She explores topics like the locals' relationship to nature, the lack of a big consumer culture and the incredible community ethos that allows expats and locals to live in symbiosis. 
What does winning look like? The abundance mindset has become a popular phrase to encourage people to view their lives from a place of plenty instead of scarcity. Yet our systems make it so that the feeling of scarcity and the need to compete are always top of mind. Coach and certified nutritionist, Mariam Qizilbash talks about how women can reframe their ideas of success, tap into their innate feminine qualities and skillsets and approach life with energy and abundance. 
What are women's bodies? In this episode, Poorva talks to Brazilian screenwriter, animator and director Camila Kater about her animated short Portuguese language film, Carne or Flesh.  The film, told in vignettes shares five personal stories of women's experiences in relation to their  own bodies, from childhood to old age.  Poorva and Camila explore how women's bodies are codified, commodified and consumed by the family structure, by society and the media. Carne premiered at the Locarno International film festival in 2019 and qualified for the 2021 Academy Awards. It was shortlisted for the 2021 Goya Awards and was acquired by the New York Times Op Docs. To watch the film visit The New York Times Op Docs.
In Episode 11 Poorva talks to Sophie Beren, the founder and CEO of the Conversationalist, a Gen-Z platform dedicated to amplifying Gen Zers voices and helping them break out of the echo chamber. They talk about what it means to be in an echo chamber, how we can all listen to more diverse opinions and whether Gen Zers and Millennials really are that different. They discuss important topics like side-parts vs middle parts and how Gen Z activism is creating pressure on young people to solve the world’s problems.  You can learn more about the Conversationalist here. 
In this episode, Poorva talks to Jessica (Jess) Gaffney, CEO and Executive Director of Beam (formerly Women in Austin) a not-for-profit that aims to close the venture capital funding gap for women-owned businesses.  They talk about the importance of early, seed funding for women and unconscious biases towards women-owned businesses. They discuss the importance of "thinking big," at an early stage and the impact women leaders can have on big businesses, the economy and their communities. To learn more about Jess or how you can get involved with Beam head on over to
What does it mean to be complicit in your own oppression? What does racial assimilation or performing "whiteness," look like? What does it mean to be an artist of color in our world today? Poorva explores these themes and more with actor, writer and activist Jasmine Sharma. Jasmine's play Radial Gradient has been performed all over the country and was a Top 20 Finalist at the 21st Century Voices New Play Festival, American Stage. You can learn more about Jasmine here .
Rule breakers, gender fluid, tech natives and social entrepreneurs are all words we can use to describe Gen Z. In this episode Poorva talks with Naomi Porter, a 16 year old serial entrepreneur and Girl Scout who is passionate about helping young girls reach their full potential through creativity and social change. A founder of two businesses, Spice it Up and Bright Futures and co-host of the Today is Her Story podcast, Naomi is breaking with tradition and carving a bright future for herself while inspiring many young women to do the same. 
In this episode, Poorva talks to writer, actor and filmmaker Catherine Eaton about her directorial debut, The Sounding. An exquisite meditation on the meaning and subjectivity of language and its importance in how we relate to each other, the film has been on the festival circuit and is now available for streaming. Poorva and Catherine talk about the themes and metaphors explored in the film, its feminist undertones and what it means to live a truly authentic life. 
In this episode Poorva talks to Kari Nixon, a medical humanist, author and assistant professor at Whitworth University about how pandemics shape us and our culture. They talk about the cognitive dissonance in accepting the threat of the pandemics and how we cling to the very idea that diseases originate and play out somewhere else. They also examine how Covid-9 will inform our culture and future in the coming decades.
In this episode Poorva talks about perfectionism in the workplace with writer and self-care guru Elizabeth Su. They explore the many ways in which women and BIPOC women in particular conform, repress and pretzel themselves to fit into spaces that weren't designed for them. They examine racial trauma, inherited trauma and the culture of assimilation and overworking that is upheld as the standard in corporate culture. They also talk about the trauma and burnout that occurs from years of not being able to be your authentic self. 
This final episode of the year encapsulates everything 2020 has been about. Poorva talks to writer and disability advocate Lene Andersen about the fear and anxiety of being someone who is high risk in the pandemic. They discuss the many ways in which our collective actions can not only be the difference between life or death for someone but also how that behavior impacts the day-to-day mental and physical wellbeing of those around us. They also talk about how to have a very merry Christmas when everything familiar and traditional feels so far away. 
In this episode, Poorva talks to literary agent Cecilia Lyra about her new book The Faithfuls and navigating the tricky conversations around power, privilege and #MeToo. In a world where the language of money, power, whiteness and maleness are the barometers of privilege and success, how can women come together and win at a game whose rules were written long ago?
In this debut episode Poorva talks tech with Katie Ferriter, Head of Technology Research and Innovation at the Bank of Montreal, about emerging technologies like quantum and AI. They examine technological disruption, especially in the light of the global pandemic, while exploring some of the ways we can future proof our jobs and level up our skills. They also dig deeper, probing at how women are disproportionately impacted by technological change.
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