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How They Get Stuff Done
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How They Get Stuff Done

Author: Peter Akkies

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How do successful people get stuff done? Peter Akkies and his guests go deep on productivity habits, workflows, and mindsets.
7 Episodes
Which tasks should you immediately eliminate? What can you do if you want to work less? And why you should think like an entrepreneur even if you work in corporate?
Why do you need a “North Star” to measure your productivity by? What’s different about doing creative work (vs. cranking widgets)? Why go for digital minimalism?
Is setting goals necessary? Why will you always feel shitty if you don’t know WHY you want things? Why does clarity come from taking action (and not from ever-more planning)?
How to get stuff done with a toddler around? What time of day should you do your most important work? How do you build a morning routine that works for you?
What is your relationship with your work? How can FOMO help you complete 30-day challenges? What role does your heart play in productivity?
Francesco and I discuss how he reaches out to influential people to collaborate with them; how he keeps productive while having a nine-month old kid; and why he is consolidating the productivity tools he uses.
Saby and I discuss how he found the discipline to write a book in addition to working full time, what motivates him to keep showing up, what his morning routine looks like, and much more.
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