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Biting into Healthcare with Dr Miguel Stanley
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Biting into Healthcare with Dr Miguel Stanley

Author: Miguel Stanley, DDS

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Sink your teeth, and let's hope they are healthy, into the world of modern dentistry, medicine and healthcare in general and join world renowned dental surgeon Dr Miguel Stanley as he shares his views on what's going on out there. He will be talking about all things that he is passionate about in dentistry, regenerative medicine and healthcare. Simply by himself or with colleagues, scientists, doctors and business leaders from around the world, Dr Miguel Stanley will be challenging traditional concepts as well as discussing what he believes needs changing, what’s trending, the latest cool technologies, materials and ideas out there. Dr Miguel Stanley has lectured in over 50 countries around the world on these topics and even hosted the first ever National Geographic documentary on dentistry. He founded and works daily in the world famous White Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal, where he practices advanced biological dentistry and he also founded the Slow Dentistry Global Network, a non profit focused on safety, quality and ethics in dentistry. He is well known for his positive energy and inspirational messages on all things close to his heart. This podcast will challenge the “status quo” of conventional thought. Are there other smarter, safer, healthier, better, and more affordable solutions out there that we don't know about? Lets find out together. Ps: most episodes recorded when the moment is right and not in a studio setting so please forgive sound issues. It’s the content that matters most.
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Have you ever stopped to think about why dentists can be  so stressed? Do you ever think why things cost what they do at the dentist? Are you one to think that it's so much better that your dentist does things fast and cheap? Are you a dentist that is seeing more than 20 patients a day? Do you even know what a dental dam is and why it is so important? Then this podcast is for you.  Dr Stanley is a founder of the Slow Dentistry Global Network, that is a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland focused on improving safety in dentistry around the world. It is a growing movement that is now in over 50 countries and growing daily , with like-minded dentists that believe that taking the appropriate amount of time to properly disinfect and prepare  patients for treatment is of critical importance in overall healthcare. Patients have rights, they have a right to a clean, fair and ethically driven appointment at the next trip to the dentist. Make sure your dentist is going slow where it matters the most.
In this episode Dr Stanley shares his foundational treatment philosophy, "No Half Smiles", and explains why it is so important to learn how to say "No" to your patients that seek only to come to the dentist for a quick fix. By practising comprehensive dentistry founded on an integrative approach to biology, mechanics and later aesthetics, you can not just deliver good dentistry but actually have a serious impact in your patients healthcare. Too many dentists around the world are focused on quick fix dentistry. The classic, "drill, fill and pay the bill" dentistry. With over 200 Keynote lectures on the topic in more than 50 countries, Dr Stanley has had the opportunity to engage with dentists from all walks of life and inspired them to change their mindset. This formula has proved true for many that have embraced it and it has help them completely change the way they practice dentistry adding immense value to their communities and obviously their business.No other surgeon in the medical profession, only treats half the problem when treating their patients. It's always all are nothing! Why is it different in dentistry? Why are dentists feeling it's okay to not treat the entire mouth? Could this be the reason why so many dentists are unhappy, and why so many patients misunderstand the serious impact on dentistry can have in their systemic health when well practised. 
In this episode Dr Stanley discusses what makes a perfect patient and why your attitude from the first phone call or email can affect the outcome of your treatment and even final cost. Yes! Being nice,  polite and easy to be with actually can help you get better care.  Why insurance companies don’t help at the end of the day, because they don't see the extreme differences between complex people and easy people or ones that open their mouths well and those that don't. Is mental health being talked about enough?  Also find out why dentists and healthcare providers need to protect themselves against “toxic” people to keep a more positive work environment and how this contributes to long term success.   Find out if you are going about things in the right way when visiting your doctor.  
Hey guys, this is my first ever podcast and its an introduction into why I believe "Biting into Healthcare" is important and relevant. I talk a little bit into what I think this podcast should be about and how and who I would like to interview and sometimes just talk about things I am passionate about. Hope you can sink your teeth into it.
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