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FINALLY! The Blues would end this rebuild era in the 2011-12 season with a return to the playoffs, a new coach, a new captain and a steal of a goaltender who would help the team win the Jennings trophy in 2012. However, they had to endure the House of Payne the season prior along with some major shakeups. Chris joins Joe to conclude this Summer project and connect the dots of how this era did eventually lead to Lord Stanley. Thank you all once again for listening to this installment! Now it's on to the fun, creative content featuring the both of us in the upcoming season of From the Point!WARNING: This podcast features some rather explicit content, so be forewarned. Hockey is not a prim and proper sport!
Like a subpar sequel to a legendary album by (insert artist here), the 2009-10 season produced nothing but disappointment for the St. Louis Blues. No, the Rebuild Years were not over in fact. However, with a few new voices, two pivotal trades and the selection of two cornerstone players gave this team hope in light of a frustrated and impatient fanbase. Joe dissects the failed follow up to the 2008-09 season. 
You Better Watch Out!! The Blues had a plethora of heroics and triumphs in the 2008-09 season. While they would meet a sudden end into chasing Lord Stanley, hope was abound that the rebuild era was coming to some sort of conclusion. This was evidence that the franchise would do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get back into respectability. Joe goes over all the highlights in this epic episode!
The 2007-08 produced a glutton of goals from a recent acquisition, new threads, a mighty signing, a hometown enforcer, a Top 5 pick, and a new but controversial captain. While not a winning season, Joe will discuss some of the ways that this season would affect the rebuild as it did leave its mark on the Blues franchise.
A New York businessman, a former Blues goalie turned executive and new bench boss signaled a regime change for the Blues organization in the 06-07 season. Mix that in with some wheeling and dealing for draft capital and you get the second stage of the Rebuild Years. 
The St. Louis Blues have had continued success in just about the last decade. However, the story really starts in the mid-2000s. Coincidentally coinciding with one of the darkest periods in NHL history, the rebuild with the Blues started in the 2004-05 lockout season and would continue all the way until the start of 2011-2012. Joe is your sole host for this special series of a rags to eventual riches era. From frustrating seasons void of any chance of a Cup run to the bevy of draft capital, climbs and stumbles and an eventual coming of age, there may not ever be another more intriguing story than the one of the rebuild era.
Episode 19: Honor The Code

Episode 19: Honor The Code


WE'RE BACK!!! The art of enforcing the game of hockey has evolved ever since Joe and Chris started their fandoms. Your fearless hosts take the time in this episode discussing everything related to enforcers, pests and blue collar players to don the 'Note. 
Joe's made a couple of changes to the lines on this episode. Joining Joe is Matt and Steven Webster from the Radkast. The 2021-22 Season ended in a bit of disappointment as the Avs routed the Blues four games to two and marched to the Stanley Cup Final to claim their title. We'll discuss the abrupt ending to the playoffs, the controversy surrounding "That Hit" and the acquisitions and departures (so far) of the Free Agency period. 
Joe is flying solo for this one to analyze the failed 1st overall pick in 2006, Erik Johnson. He just won a Cup with the Colorado Avalanche, but the Blues also eventually benefitted from picking him, but not in the way they would imagine.
Episode 16: Hull-a-baloo

Episode 16: Hull-a-baloo


After an extended break, join your favorite Blues fans Joe and Chris as we discuss the man, the legend, and even the super hero, Hall of Famer Brett Hull! He may have been number 16 in your programs but for many, he's number one in your hearts. Don't forget, if you have been following us since the beginning or just finding us now, make sure to follow us on our social medias and as always, thanks for listening. Enjoy!
Join in a Chris covers Blues action from the 3rd week of February and has his picks of offensive and defensive players of the week, touches up on player milestones and the crazy rumor mills of a certain Flyer not named Gritty. 
Please join Chris, Joe, and the boys from Sucktactic Cinema Matt and Steven while we completely trash on the name and "legacy" of Mike Keenan. Get an in-depth take on The Who Iron Mike was as a coach before, during, and after his tenure with the Blues and find out why he is among the most controversial coaches in NHL history.
Please Join Chris and Joe as we talk about the season preview of Blues hockey and hear about some predictions (that so far have been completely wrong) and some fun news about upcoming episodes.
Join your hosts Joe and Chris as we discuss the the offseason shenanigans that the Blues were a part of.  Going over all the trades, signings and retirements the two of us had a blast recording and hope you enjoy listening to it!
Join hosts Joe and Chris as we are joined by none other than our jersey expert Dan as we break down advertisements, retirement of numbers and go over a certain Winter Classic jersey that was unveiled not too long ago. Plus, find out what our favorite Blues jerseys are and our picks of which ones we do not like. Finally, we go over some of our favorites from around the league.
Join Joe and Chris as they finally give their reaction as to how the playoffs ended after they had time to calm down a bit. Listen as they give their take on dirty hits, an underdog tale, and how cap circumvention wins championships. 
Join Joe and Chris as they give their opinions on how the season went and the final grades, winners and losers of each position and go over each of the first round matchups and see how bad they were. 
Episode 9: There is Hope?

Episode 9: There is Hope?


Join Chris and Joe for our excitement and positivity of clinching the last playoff spot while talking about the Tom Wilson, DPS, TJ Oshie, and our favorite Cup moments. 
We recorded this episode a while back towards the beginning of the end of the regular season and we had to vent our frustrations. We thought about not releasing this episode but decided it was good to go so here it is.
Join Chris and Joe along with Matt and Steven Webster from Sucktastic Cinema as we reflect on the the unfortunate passing of Mr. Blue, #5 in your program #1 in your heart, Bobby Plager.
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