DiscoverFreelancing: Can I REALLY Make It?
Freelancing: Can I REALLY Make It?

Freelancing: Can I REALLY Make It?

Author: Ahmed Roberson

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OUR about self-employment, working from home, art, photography, videography, cooking, baking, home remedies, clothing design, singing, song writing, music producing, etc.....and the successes, as well as struggles that come with it. We will talk lessons....never failures....strategies and tips on how to succeed in an ever changing automated tech world. Can I Really Make It.....the answer is YES! And I hope you come along for the ride to learn how. 10-20 minute Episodes Premiere every week, on Tuesday's at Noon! Please help me continue to bring you useful career-shaping podcasts with a donation! ANY amount is greatly appreciated, more than words can explain!:
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Because of the Holiday week, and my busy work schedule, I decided to Replay one of my best episodes.There will be new content next week, but I hope you'll enjoy this replay for now.Thank you for your continued support.Support the show (
WHYYY in 2020/21/22 is there STILL racism in this the workplace?Hasn't it played out yet?Hasn't it run it's course?I am OVER IT, and you should be too!Support the show (
Words matter....they have meaning, and can impact how one feels.To me, saying Trial and Error sounds like failure, and it makes me feel down.But, by replacing Trial and Error with Attempts and Lessons, I feel like I can keep going.What about you?Support the show (
Let The WAIT!!  Absence makes the heart grow does waiting...but don't make em wait too long, or it might bite you in the foot.....Let's talk about it.Support the show (
Some choose not to, but I do discount my prices for SOME of my clients...but even then, some of them can get out of hand with their requests, and this is how I handle it.Support the show (
Do your clients have a clue as to how many hours us freelancers put in to create the content you can't live without? I doubt some do, but freelancers, we can talk about let's.Support the show (
If you haven't already, you likely WILL come across a client or potential client that has blown their budget on another freelancer, who now wants you to work for less than your initial bid...but there's a way to deal with that....let's talk about it.Support the show (
Unless you've already discussed it, or planned for it, do NOT work in exchange for products, notoriety, name drops, almost never works out for you, but always works out for them.Protect yourself and your product.Support the show (
Are you better than the BIG Brands!?  Are you just as good, or are  you creating for smaller sales....which is perfectly fine.Let's talk about it....Support the show (
Episode 31: Gratitude

Episode 31: Gratitude


Today is World Gratitude Day, and I am grateful for TONS of things, personally and business related, and I am talking about it in today's episode.I can only hope you have a lot to be grateful for as well.Support the show (
In my experiences, social media influencers do nothing but take advantage of those of us who are less famous, by making us work for little or free, in hopes of gaining a following from their followers...but that is not, and has not been the case with me...maybe it can work for you, but from what I've experienced, not so much!Support the show (
Do you have YOUR OWN STYLE, or are you copying someone else in hopes of getting attention and eventually fame and fortune?Let's talk about it...;-)Support the show (
As the title says, under promise but over deliver!Whenever possible, you want your clients to win....and everybody feels like a winner when they get MORE than what they're expecting.Support the show (
Do this anymore?Have what it takes?Continue trying and failing?We ALL have hit that point where we want to quit, but if you do, you will be worse off than you think you were, if you try to come back to it.DON'T GIVE UP!  NEVER QUIT!Support the show (
Everybody has those 20/20 woulda coulda shoulda moments in their careers. What are some of yours?We can actually chat about it if you email me directly at ahmed@arobersonphoto.comI look forward to hearing from you ;-)Support the show (
Yes, the Olympics are over, and yes, I am saddened but motivated, and I want to tell you why.Let's talk about it...Support the show (
Episode 24: Don't Quit

Episode 24: Don't Quit


We all have those urges to quit when things get rough, but believe me, things will much more rougher if you were to quit now, and try to continue where you left off years ago.No matter how painful, keep going!Music:Eternal Springtime by | e s c p | https://escp-music.bandcamp.comMusic promoted by 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) the show (
Emotionally inspired by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, this episode is about Olympian Determination.This is for those of us who've had moments where we wanted to give up, but when you think about how HARD Olympians train for 4-YEARS or More to get to this one goal, it is inspiring...and I hope this episode will inspire you.Music:Breathtaking by Purrple Cat | https://purrplecat.comMusic promoted by Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported the show (
Just because YOU consider yourself to be the "Best"  in your field, doesn't make it so.I've seen work nowhere near as good as mine, sell for MILLIONS!  And that's not me being arrogant about my work, but sometimes, the "Best" isn't good enough...but let's talk about how to deal with that.Music:Distant by Ghostrifter Official | promoted by 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0) the show (
2021, and there's  STILL racists people walking around, spreading that ish.This is the simplest way to deal with it....and I share a story of mine in this podcast as well.Support the show (
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