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Welcome to Om-Schooling for spirituality.

The Flow of Enlightenment is a delightful mix of insight, divine inspiration, and humor where wisdom meets earthiness to help your ongoing spiritual growth and transformation.

Follow the Flow of Enlightenment and explore everything spiritual through the deepest self-inquiry as student Lisa Berry asks Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh the kinds of questions you would ask an elder, a wise man, or a sage and receive direct, simple, comprehensive, and deeply human lessons and teachings.

This is not channeling some disembodied being nor is it some abstract philosophy. It is spirituality made accessible and very practical.

From transcending the experience of separation, releasing old conditioned patterns and wounds and alleviating suffering, to demystifying esoteric practices and revealing one’s true purpose and innate freedom.

Join us in The Flow and explore the universal theory of everything in a way that is powerful, practical, and enjoyable. Discover the wisdom and practices that lead to the peace and freedom we already have but don’t know it.

Enlightenment is inevitable, it is your destiny. Transformation is all there is. Life is a constant flow. Come, put your foot in the river of awakening and experience it and yourself for the first time…again.
32 Episodes
Just Sit with Me

Just Sit with Me


Just Sit with MeAir Date: Tuesday, 11 May 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTCan we keep someone company by simply being there, not knowing what to say but by opening our hearts up to fill the space of what our ego might want to add.Words can be limiting but presence is pure allowing.We can be by someone’s side, saying nothing and in total silence, yet communicate all that is needed in that moment.*How do we get passed the uncomfortability that silence may cause us ?*How do we remove the pressure from ourselves of what to say when words escape us?*How can we move passed our intolerance to silence and reduce our constant filling up of airtime?*How can we recognize the gift that is in ‘simply being’ and being with another ?*How can we feel that by simply being with another is healing in and of itself?Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
The Buddha

The Buddha


The BuddhaAir Date: Tuesday, 4 May 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTHow do you know Buddha? Who is he to you?I use to think of Buddha as a man who lived long ago who went searching for enlightenment and found it through suffering. Many of my own beliefs about Buddha influenced my decisions and even made me think it was acceptable to suffer in order to gain. This was something promoted to myself and to others.The truth is, that it was the searching to end suffering that brought Enlightenment not the other way around and thatBuddha is in fact Not a name but more a title.A title meaning ‘ Enlightened one’ or Awakened one’.Buddha, the verb or condition of being awake, rather than a thing or person brings us to Nirvana. Where we are liberated. All flames extinguished and all desires quenched.Today I ask spiritual teacher GP Walsh how to take away all reference points so that we are left with Buddha? How to not try to evaluate or estimate how far we’ve come along, be it in life times or good deeds or suffering through paying debts and having sins forgiving.Have we all simply agreed on a language that has only given us knowledge but has left no room for wisdom.The Flow Of Enlightenment allows us to disappear and then awake. Join Lisa Berry and GP Walsh as we explore Buddha.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Embarrassment, Shame’s More Presentable SisterAir Date: Tuesday, 27 April 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTPeople talk about the word shame, the low vibration of shame and how we can heal from shame however I don’t hear people using this word as often as I hear them say the word embarrassed.“I was so embarrassed, I can’t believe I did that.’‘I wanted to hide, I was so embarrassed’People even throw it at others when they say ‘you embarrass me ‘ or ‘how could you embarrass me like that ?’Why are these so painful and is there any escaping these sister words ?Being embarrassed, revealing ourselves or being witnesses when our actions don’t quite match up with how we see ourselves, shares a common thread with shame as they both separate us from our true self.This judgement from our ego is trying to put the breaks on continuing actions that are not accepted by the tribe and if continued will cost us greatly.During today’s show master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh shows us how practicing self inquiry can lift us from embarrassment and shame and lighten the experience of suffering from these two aspect of ones false identity.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Don’t Believe Me!

Don’t Believe Me!


Don’t Believe Me!Air Date: Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTThe truth in you recognizes the truth when it is heard.No one can teach it to you. But with a few well placed pointers it can be easily awakened. There is a reason why wisdom and the wise have been so revered throughout history.And that wisdom was not book learning. it was not the pundit or the academic.Wisdom has a completely different flavor. It carries an authority that you can feel.In the beginning, we are all programmed with beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, cultural biases, and all sorts of rules and regulation, the morals and superstitions of the tribe.All of this happens before we have any capacity to discern their value. This is our conditioning or enculturation and, until it is questioned, it manifests as our life.In the beginning discrimination is a dormant superpower.It is not my job to tell you what to believe or think. My job is to join with you and explore together ways for sharpening that razor’s edge of discriminating wisdom.This wisdom alone sets us free from our acquired, collective ignorance, and gives us the power to always choose the best, the most intelligent, the most gentle path.Join Master Spiritual Teacher, GP Walsh, and student, Lisa Berry, on The Flow Of Enlightenment this Tuesday at 1pm EST.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
It’s perfect! Except for one thingAir Date: Tuesday, 13 April 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTHow many times have you wanted to sink into that moment of perfection, of beauty, but there’s this one tiny thing, feature, or flaw that keeps you from embracing it completely ?Perhaps you finally have savings but it’s not quite as much as you’d like.Maybe you had a perfectly healthy day but you didn’t get enough water in.Then that’s meditation practice you got in but you didn’t heal what you wanted.And then there’s the unexpected pleasant conversation with a family member that was surprisingly wonderful but they didn’t apologize for that one hurt you’re holding onto.So many ‘only if’s’ and ‘close to’s’ hold us back and literally keep us in a cage, away from experiencing the real perfection.This constant, nagging, never ending loop that imprisons us can be a desire for the smallest of change to the biggest of transformation.Join spiritual teacher GP Walsh and Lisa Berry as we discuss how walking the path of self inquiry can help us finally say It’s perfect! and mean it. Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Understanding the Process of Creation not ManifestationAir Date: Tuesday, 6 April 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTCreation is not what you have been told it was.It is not a moment in timeit is not an active will or intentionit is not accidental or happenstanceIt is the appearing of the timelessCreation is the most elemental act of Genuine self-love.In fact, it is emanating from its source every single moment. But, in order to consciously surrender to and participate in this ever unfolding mystery, you have to understand how the whole process works.We Have to Understand the nature of Perception, Creation and RealityPerception is our experience and it is shaped by your 4 AMAZING POWERS OF CREATIONJoin us as master spiritual teacher, GP Walsh, and Student and host Lisa Berry explore the 4 powers of creation in the next few episodes of The Flow Of Enlightenment Tuesday’s at 1pm EST.* Attention* Belief* Identity and* DiscriminationUnderstand these for powers and you will become one with the Toa, The flow of life throughout the Universe.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Why Me?

Why Me?


Why Me?Air Date: 30 March 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTThe purpose of a tree is to be a treeThe purpose of a dog is to be a dogThe purpose of the sun is to be the sunWhat is your purpose? To be you! Mind-numbingly simple, isn’t it?Ah, but when we have a quarrel with life and the way things are, we get all in a tizzy about how life is dumping on me.Why is this happening?What did I do to deserve this?The answer is nothing. Life does not have you in its crosshairs.But, it is our task to harmonize with life. Life is not in anyway obligated to conform itself to our ideas as to what should be.Join us for our next fun conversation on The Flow Of Enlighten.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Look to the Heavens, Stand on the EarthAir Date: 23 March 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTHeaven and earth are one.Heaven represents the absolute, undifferentiated, spiritual essence or Truth.That which is beyond all opposites, all categories of thought or conception, all descriptions, comparisons, contrasts and language itself.It is the totally inconceivable beyond.Try to imagine music without a song…You can’t do it can you. Yes music, which is the potential for all songs and symphonies, clearly exists, made known by the songs we dance to, celebrate with, mourn with and fall in love to.Music and the song cannot be separated. One is the essence, the other the manifestation. So it is with heaven and earth.Earth is the song of heaven.How do we come to hear this song, to see this heaven while standing here on earth?All that is required is a simple shift of perception.We only see what we believe. Our beliefs, held to be true literally create the world we experience.You cannot experience anything that is outside of the range of your assumptions.To change your world you must do two things1 Challenge those assumptions2 Cultivate faith in the unseen heavenThis is what we will be serving up on this week’s Flow of Enlightenment Radio Show; Tuesday March 22 @ 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Ok Ganesha – Clear Away The ObstaclesAir Date: 16 March 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTAll the gods and goddesses are within you” – Joseph CampbellI love the Hindu gods and goddesses. They are so colorful, epic and full of life. Contrary to the way the people in the west view them, most people in India do not see these divine beings as actual characters.To the western Abrahamic religions God is a fact, a person. In the east the gods and goddesses represent primordial powers, aspects of consciousness and the self-evident forces of nature that get personified into this constellation of remarkable and tangible beings.Ganesha, the Elephant God is such a persona. He represents the power within each of us to carry enormous weight, perform feats of superhuman strength and move even the largest obstacle out of the path growth towards full self-realization.In other words, Ganesha is you!In fact, all they are all you; Shiva, Athena, Zeus, Yahweh, Kannon, Ganesha, Hanuman. The purpose of all of these spiritual symbols is to point you back to the immense, undiscovered world of potential power and authority that lives within you.The gods and goddesses of mythology are there to show us the potential that lies within each of us.Oftentimes, in the course of our everyday lives e lose sight of what we are truly capable of.We need to be reminded (often) that you have way more power than you realize. But, this power has to be awakened and activated.Join Lisa Berry and Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh as they reveal the powerful gods and goddesses that are alive and well within you on the Flow of Enlightenment. Tuesday at 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC.Note for those of you in Europe and Australia, US and Canada are now on Daylight Savings Time and you are not yet! So the show will be one hour earlier until you all change it up/ Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
The Body Is a Reflection of the MindAir Date: 9 March 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTWhat we see evidenced in the body is a direct reflection of the mind. At the heart of the mind is the set of beliefs about yourself.Those beliefs determine every aspect of your life.They will determine whether you are comfortable in your own skin or will be searching (often desperately) for something to fill up this inner hole.The deeper truth is the body is nothing but the mind made manifest. The body IS the mind.Out of Balance with Our Own RhythmSo why in the world is non-dual Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh talking about food and eating and weight loss and body image???There are many reasons.• It causes a great deal of suffering• Producer and Student Lisa Berry specializes in the subject• Emotional eating is a mask worn by a much deeper traumatic wound The current problem of obesity, especially in children, underscores a very deep issue facing all of humanity. • We have become disconnected and disassociated with nature • We have substituted sensory gratification for genuine satisfaction • We are in our heads and out of our bodiesIn short, we are scratching our butts when our nose itches.It all stems from a distorted and totally fallacious sense of identity.A false sense of identity can never be satisfied and will search endlessly for some relief from what it itself is causing.In a sense, we are asking the thief to catch the thief. The only real permanent solution to our out of balance relationship with the body is self-inquiry. Unless you know who you are you can never find that which is truly satisfying.When you do know who you are, you are immediately in harmony with the Tao, the natural flow of life and the weight of false identification falls away… literally and figuratively.Join Producer and Nutritionalist Lisa Berry and Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh as they break down the imaginary separation between mind and body and thus liberate both on the Flow of Enlightenment.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Celebrating the Power of the FeminineAir Date: 2 March 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTMarch is Women’s History Month, a time for us honor the feminine in all its aspects and in all aspects of life.As the age of empire building, wealth accumulation and the regarding of everything as property comes to an end (and it is) a new/old model for human relationship comes to the fore.“Women are life. Men are the protectors of life.” – Joseph CampbellThe earliest object of worship was the Goddess. She who gave and nourished life. From the very first emergence of the awareness of ourselves and the universe in which we lived, the great mystery of life and its flow has caused us to regard with awe and reverence the feminine.The feminine and masculine represent two very different systems of value. The masculine is of the immediate, the functional, the practical, get it it done kind of vibe. So everything is regarded in its utility for that purpose.The feminine is far more open, fluid, communal where everything is regarded, not by what function it serves but by what it is. The mother loves the child not for what it can do but simply because it is. This regard for life by the giver of life is the truest and highest spirit of the Supreme Being. As such it is equally available to both genders but it is woman who is leading the way to a world where the Goddess is restored to Her rightful place as the source of all.Join Goddess Lisa Berry and Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh as they open up vistas into the mysteries of being on the Flow of Enlightenment. Tuesday at 1pm EST / 6pm UTC.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Karma – Reward or PunishAir Date: 23 February 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTThe only way out of karma is self discoveryWhat is this karma thing…Is it destiny?Is it a punishment for past transgressions?Is it a reward for past merits?Who is doling out the reward or the punishment?It is none of the above actually but it can be a bit difficult to understand.In the west, because of our religious heritage, we see karma in the same way we see God, doling out punishment and reward. In other words, it is seen as an ethical or moral enforcement, carrot and stick.For that reason people are busy trying to avoid bad karma and trying to accumulate good karma. The mission of spirituality is not getting all the good karma and avoiding the bad but stepping out of karma altogether.The Smoke & Mirrors of Materialistic DesiresThere is no karma for the true self… that is, the true you!Karma belongs to the realm of the unconscious, conditioned mind. If is a mindless energy, grinding along.It is like a spaceship moving through space. It will remain forever on that same trajectory unless and until something bumps it off into a new direction. That bump can come from some unexpected event or it can come from a conscious awakening.Join Lisa Berry and Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh when they explore this profound but little understood phenomenon controversial on this week’s Flow of Enlightenment. Tuesday at 1pm EST / 6pm UTC.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
The Smoke & Mirrors of Materialistic DesiresAir Date: 16 February 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTMaterialism is the Flaw in the Law of Attraction.A life that is dedicated to attaining, acquiring and pursuing is a life doomed to repeat itself.Every great spiritual teacher, guru, sage or prophet, in ever spiritual tradition has made the same point. No material accomplishment or possession can truly make you happy. “Seek ye first the kingdom of heave and its righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”Into this consumption based culture comes the metaphysical permission to continue this futile pursuit of that which will never make you happy.Happiness can only be realized as an inherent aspect of you being. Once realized as such it can never be lost.Join Lisa Berry, and Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh when we explore this controversial but ever some important subject on this week’s Flow of Enlightenment. Tuesday at 1pm EST / 6pm UTC.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Lovey Games – Hide n’ SeekThe Valentine’s Day ShowAir Date: 9 February 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTThere are few things in a human life that consume more attention and energy than romance!It isn’t really romance per se we are so enamored with. It is a deep desire for intimacy, to be seen and still loved, to feel that juice of life and know that we are in fact living!Yet few really find it. A temporary high, yes. A bit of physical pleasure, also yes. But genuine intimacy, soul connection, being seen as you actually are? Not very often. You see to know true intimacy you have to risk it all. You have to risk one of the things that human beings don’t want to experience.Rejection!Now there is a very god reason for that. Deep in our primitive body there is the expectation that to be rejected (by the tribe, the pack, the group) means you die.Primitively speaking that was literally true. Some critter rejected by the group was far more likely to end up dead shortly thereafter. Not to mention the need for touch, the absence of which can literally kill us or at least leave us in a very bad state.Not wishing to risk rejection but also needing the companionship on all levels leads me (at long last) to the title of this email and this week’s show.Lovey Games – Hide n’ SeekIt is a very complex dance we humans do. Trying to appear to someone in the way we think will most appeal to them.But the problem is, in this game there is no winner, just two losers.What do men want? What do women want?They want you, the real unvarnished, raw and vulnerable you. But showing your vulnerability means walking past one of our deepest fears and that is what we will be discussing this week.Playing Games When We Want the Real ThingHide n’ Seek ~ Come Here, Go Away ~ Clue (less) ~ Pac-Man (crunch, crunch)We have all been trained skillfully into the art of hiding. The art of keeping ourselves invisible while at the same time trying to experience what our hearts desire and our bodies and souls need. GP is going to ask you to play another familiar game Risk. What if you took the risk to let yourself be seen, knowing full well that you could be totally rejected. (maybe even harshly) ?But imagine the payoff when someone acknowledges you as you actually are.Join Lisa and GP for “The Valentine’s Day Flow of Enlightenment Show” on OM Times Radio. Today at 1pm ET.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
It’s Not Fair!

It’s Not Fair!


It’s Not Fair!Air Date: 2 February 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTIt’s not fair – says the child who sees its sibling get moreIt’s not fair -says the one with hands tied behind their back and unable to help the less fortunateIt’s not fair says the lover who’s heart is brokenIt’s not fair says the mourning as they say goodbye to a dying loved oneIt’s not fair, or is there something that I simply haven’t seen, understand, or could imagine to be possible and right?The one who aligns with the ego suffers constant feeling of defeat as their endless attempts to balance the scale in their favour fail.We think we’re coming from a place of seeing the whole picture and thinking it’s been painted wrong.Is there a way to better understand the image , a way to accept and even love what we see and are experiencing? How do we shift our perception so that judgements and fairness don’t consume us and influence how we make our choices?Join us today on The Flow Of Enlightenment as Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh answers student Lisa Berry’s questions around fairness and wanting to play God when we already are.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Follow The Signs To The Fountain Of TruthAir Date: 26 January 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTSign sign every where a sign… but which to follow?Symbols, secrets, signs, and stars, are these what we should be interpreting and using to help us get to the fountain of truth?Where do we stop to ask for directions?Are we clear on our destination?Must we know who we are along the way or will it be revealed once we arrive no matter what?Student Lisa Berry asks these questions to Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh to unfold the map of the mysteries of life. Join us as we take steps along the path and read the signs to take us through self inquiry and arrive at the fountain of truth.“The enlightened are never idolaters. They lift the veil of the form and go into the shrine of the reality, and a new light and truth are coming, to them continually through the old symbols” Henry Van DykeConnect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Rated R for Reality

Rated R for Reality


Rated R for RealityAir Date: 19 January 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTMaster Spiritual Teacher, GP Walsh, got my head spinning once again during day 4 of Ten Days Of Tapping and my quizzitive student self raised it’s hand.Am I really here?Do I create my reality?Am I creating or affecting other’s realities ?Are there alternate realities?Do I interpret a reality or simply experience it?Can I remember a reality?Is it only my ego that senses the illusion that I am calling reality?GP has shared many times that we have 1 planet and 8 billion worlds, if “I” is everyone’s name, do we all share one reality? I know You can already feel my anticipation for this upcoming episode of The Flow Of Enlightenment, won’t you please join us and even call in with your own Reality questions during the hour. 1 (202) 570-7057 Tuesday 1pm – 2pm ET.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Training For Your AwakeningAir Date: 12 January 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTWhat is awakening?It is a popular word these days but for me it has a very specific meaning. It means you have had at least a glimpse of your true nature and that you are not all the conditioned responses of the nervous system.Even a glimpse of this, even hearing such a thing it resonating with you is the awakening. No, you are not yet a Buddha but you have entered the path.Lisa Berry, my producer, and I thought we should dedicate a show on “The Flow of Enlightenment” to exploring what awakening is, when it means, how to recognize that you have had at least an experience of it, and perhaps discover how we can consciously participate in bringing that initial glimpse to a full blown realization.So we will be taking up a bunch of questions:What is an awakening?Have I already had one and don’t know it?What to do after an awakening?Do self-techniques like EFT aid in awakening or afterwardsIs it totally an accident or can I somehow make it happen?Is it scary?In the East people are prepared for it, they train for it in a wayIf I awaken will I fall back asleepI am awake (I think) now what?I will try to demystify this whole thing for you and give you some simple tings you can do to help things along.Enlightenment is a divine accident. But there are ways to become more accident prone.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Healing Through Touch – Ten Days Of TappingAir Date: 5 January 2021 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTLong before we humans could think, reason, anticipate or remember we could feel.In fact, communication through touch has been around about 250 million years longer than even our first thought.But we live in a world dominated by mind and have relegated feeling to a position of “also ran” and we suffer as a result.Life is felt not thoughtWe don’t want to just think about life. We want to live it!And that means getting out of our heads and back into our bodies and to reunite with our essential nature.Meridian Tapping (a.k.a. The Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple, direct way of invoking the body’s natural sense of safety.It bypasses the mind with all of its illusions and distorted perceptions to communicate directly to the nervous system that it is indeed safe, even though the mind may believe otherwise.And we can verify ourselves that a touch bring about a calm that a torrent of words cannot.GP started practicing Meridian Tapping about 12 years ago. He very quickly saw its effectiveness and started including it in his coaching and healing practice.He’ll go more in depth during the show but, suffice it to say, tapping works because…Safety Through TouchIt communicates safety to the nervous system through the simple, 250 million year old Healing Power of Touch.Join us on this episode of the “Flow of Enlightenment” here on OMTimes Radio. Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #Healing #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
Are You the Reflection or the LightAir Date: 29 December 2020 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PTAre you the reflection or the light? The answer is both!You ARE the light but the reflection of light is also you.Let me give an example. When you stand in front of a mirror is the reflection in the mirror you?Well… yes it is. But… no it isn’t.It is me, a likeness of me, a reflection of me and so it IS me but also ISN’T me.In that simple everyday example, the whole mystery of non-duality is revealed as well as the mystery of how two could be one.One in essence but two in reflection.Every single thing you see, in the entire universe, is but the light reflecting off of it. We never see anything other than light, the oneness of light. And yet, that one light appears as the illimitable forms we call the universe.But this is not mere philosophy. it is highly practical. Why? Because the quality of the image we hold of ourselves is what will mold all our perceptions. Those perception literally create all experience and so your self-image is being constantly reflected back to you as what you call your life.In this week’s “Flow of Enlightenment” show entitled “Are You the Reflection or the Light?” we will be taking on one of the least understood mysteries of non-dual spirituality, the oneness of the seer and the seen.Connect to The Flow of Enlightenment Show Page with GP Walsh at http://GPWalsh.comConnect with Lisa Berry at #Light #FlowOfEnlightenment #GPWalsh #LisaBerry
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