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Audaciously Speaking

Author: Nathasha Alvarez

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Nathasha Alvarez has brittle bone disease which accounts for her more than 200 fractures in her lifetime. But she strongly believes that with self confidence and an audacious attitude reaching goals is possible for everyone. Join her as she shares her secrets with you.
3 Episodes
This episode is continues to discuss the events that lead to my lawsuit against the University of Miami. The people who became allies and the ones who looked the other way. Being a disabled student at the University of Miami should have been a highlight in my life. Instead, it was a nightmare. Please make sure you check out the FREE PDF before it goes away. I share the strategies that I have used when challenges become bigger than I THINK I can handle. is for you, Bella and Luke. Please feel free to leave a review. Thank you. 
Part one. Nathasha Alvarez shares the actions that lead up to a lawsuit that changed her life and others. One episode isn't enough. Make sure you subscribe to hear it all. 
My first of many podcast episodes about the lessons I learned in life. You can go to to get your free gift but after you hear this episode. 
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