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What Do You Know For Sure?
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What Do You Know For Sure?

Author: Anne Hughes Ignite

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I have been asking guests on my radio show 'What Do You Know For Sure?' for almost 3 years. After listening to brief replies more than 130 times I decided it was such an interesting enquiry that I had to make more of it - and so this podcast was born! In this series I ask women of all ages & from all places to tell me what they know for sure on a quest to find if our answers follow the same kind of streams or if there are indeed as many deep knowings as there are women in the world.
81 Episodes
A really honest & thought provoking conversation about what it means to be authentic in our lives, work & relationships.
This is an awe-inspiring conversation about optimism, fearlessness, responsibility. It focusses on Leslee's belief that Women need to lead the change that is needed, a change that begins with our children.
"I know life is short. I know you only live once. I know that family & friends are the upmost important things in life."An emotional conversation as Vicky talks about her grief in the aftermath of two bereavements. This is a brave & inspiring sharing that reminds us of what is really important.
A conversation that filled my heart with so much love for Emma as she emerges from such a difficult year with grace, wisdom & self-compassion.
"A different way of thinking is what can change you as a person..."Therese from Sweden is a coach who helps women design their own lives. A great conversation about finding our way through this adventure of
The last 5 years have brought more into Wendy's life than she would have believed she could have endured. Now that she stands on the other side she shares her reflections with me.A beautiful, honest
'If I was acting from a place of being 100% whole would I make this decision?"A wonderful conversation with Tammy Price about how we all go on our own hero's journey and the power that comes with recognising where we are operating from when making decision about our 
This conversation with Jacqui is full of honesty, humility, humour & wisdom. A real pleasure to have such an honest chat & witness such raw sage advice.
A vital conversation about the need for systematic change to build a safety net for vulnerable people to ensure no one is forgotten, ignored or disrespected. Well worth a listen &
Being human is an amazing journey is Colette's attitude to life! A wonderful, honest & uplifting conversation encouraging us all to unleash our 
A great conversation that starts our with my guest reflecting that she knows nothing for sure and quickly realising that the loves she has for her daughters is in fact her only true certainty in life.
"We're 100% responsible for our outcomes" is what web designer Erin Williams in Toronto knows for a sure. This is a conversation about mindset, blame, gratitude, abundance, meditation and so much more. 
A conversation about violence against women and how essential services that support women are in our society
'We could end homelessness if we wanted to' is what Helen knows for sure after a lifetime of working in the housing
As Journalist,  children's mental health advocate & mum of two Kate Silverton publishes her new book There's No Such Thing As 'Naughty', she joins me here to share her ground-breaking new approach to parenting under-fives that helps to make family life so much easier and and certainly a lot more fun.A great conversation about empathy, resilience & so much more.
This conversation is all about the important role trust plays within our workplaces as I am joined by Laura Rennie.
A wonderful conversation about the menopause and the impact it can have on our lives. Read Midlife, Menopause and Me
'Life is not a straight path' is how this chat with Londoner Jess kicks off. Its a conversation jam packed with ponders, insights and wisdom.
The answers to life don't live in your head but rather in your heart - the way to get there is to find a sense of being.A beautiful conversation that really brings calm and helps loose that sense of chaos that so often reigns when we spend too much time in our heads.Connect with Lynn 
Author & Edinburgh University Maths Graduate Lauryn joins me for a conversation about truth & honesty. We chat intention, writing, her infinitely optimistic spirit and so much more in this fascinating conversation that also reflects on an act of micro aggression that led to her writing a book about Black Women in STEM. Connect on Insta  @theshurieffect_book
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