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Author: Ishaan Bharadwaj

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In The Green Link, Ishaan introduces people from different walks of life who are actively influencing the community to keep the environment healthy. He uncovers the layers of wisdom, passion, and experience from these activists and the paths they have created for future generations.
10 Episodes
In this episode, Ishaan talks with Pooja Iyengar, a social entrepreneur, a filmmaker and chairperson of Mahashakti Seva Kendra (MSK), who has dedicated her life to do everything in her capacity to make environment and sustainability part of every thing she does while changing lives of many. She has a multi-faceted personality with a keen interest in human lives, be it through the film medium or by personally engaging with the people through her NGO work at MSK. Listen in to understand on how she does it all and get inspired! 
In this episode, Ishaan talks with Charlotte, a senior lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Law, Institute of Public Law at the University of Berne, Switzerland, specializing in animal law, environmental law, and climate law. She was a visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA, where she completed her LL.M.  In this episode she talks about the traditional legislative, judicial, and enforcement mechanisms of Swiss constitutional and administrative law are apt to meet impending climate change challenges, or whether they need to be adapted, in some cases even fundamentally redesigned. How are these different from the laws in the U.S? Tune in to listen to this very interesting conversation!
In this special episode, Ishaan talks with the five young  winners of Millburn Ed foundation Stem Fest Challenge who are passionate about saving the environment and have started their initiatives.  Shane Lim (winner of Level 1),  Team The Elements: Celina Chen, Fiona Hu, Sophia Li (winners of Level 2), and Aalok Bhatt (winner of Level 3) share their innovative project ideas about household waste management. They share their experience of  how they came up with their project theme and worked through the challenge. Listen to these young guests and their wonderful stories!
In this episode, Ishaan talks with Jayasimha,  the co-founder & Chief operating officer of Global Food Partners. Tune-in to listen about his journey in animal law including supervising country directors and  global experience in different areas that impacts environment! Also, listen to his thoughts  about climate change issue and different ways in which this problem can be tackled by engaging individuals, communities and corporations at the same time!
In this episode, Ishaan talks with Anne, the Director of Impact Acceleration for Textile Exchange a global nonprofit that creates leaders in the preferred fiber and materials industry. Tune-in to listen how they achieve their mission to inspire and equip  people to accelerate adoption of preferred materials in the textile value chain and focus on carbon reduction, soil health, water and biodiversity as part of our holistic approach to drive positive impact for the entire industry.
In this episode, Ishaan talks with Vositha, an attorney-at-law and executive director at SLYCAN trust that focuses on the thematic areas of climate change, adaptation and resilience, sustainable development, environmental conservation and restoration, social justice, and animal welfare. Listen to this story as Vositha explains about the activities which include legal and policy research, education and awareness creation, capacity building and training, and implementation of ground level action.
In this episode, Ishaan talks with Ashwin, President/CEO of, to understand the link between saving fishing cats and conserving the environment. Tune-in to listen to the amazing story as Ashwin walks through his journey to protect and restore earths valuable ecosystem. Ashwin explains how his organization empowers global communities with conservation jobs that restore ecosystems, and help solve deforestation, extinction, and climate change.
In this episode, Ishaan talks with Tara Stafford, a program manager and education specialist at Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University. They talk about involvement of students at a young age understanding the environmental problems,  engaging in activism by protesting, using social media, knowing their elected officials, demanding a change in policy, to bring in changes, and most importantly celebrate the small wins! 
In this episode, Ishaan talks with Haein Shin, an Education Technical Adviser at Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University. They talk about different ways of promoting environmental education not only in the school but outside as well. They also talk about a program, Eco Ambassadors, that Haein facilitates, which is an excellent way for students to get involved in environmental activism.
In this episode, Ishaan talks with Dr. Radhika Iyengar, a research scholar at Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University. They talk about different environmental topics and how the trends for environmental education is changing with technological development. They also talk about different ways the youth can get involved with initiating changes around them. 
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