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Author: Joe Casabona

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Get insight from small business owners and developers on how they built their products, from idea to execution. You will learn real processes for launching, and evolving your business over time.
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Have you every wondered how some people seem to do so much? Well this week I sit down with James Rose to unlock some of the secrets of one of my favorite topics: automation. We talk about what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to take some tasks off of your plate, and off of your mind. The post Automating Your Life with James Rose appeared first on How I Built It.
Wondering how to build a following on Instagram? I was! It's my favorite social platform and I'm trying to be more intentional about the content. So I brought on Andrea Zoellner, who offered fantastic advice around IG strategy, taking great photos, and if those walls of hashtags actually work. Let's get into all of that and more. The post Growing Your Audience on Instagram with Andrea Zoellner appeared first on How I Built It.
We're at the half for 2020, which means the end of Season 8. I'm proud to say I learned a ton, and I hope you have too! There were three big topics of focus this season: Find the Right Clients, Productize Your Services (or at least make them more predictable), and Build Your Email List / Network. The post Season 8 Wrap Up: Vet Clients and Build Your List appeared first on How I Built It.
We're at the halfway mark for the year and I've been trying out a lot of new tools and processes. In this bonus episode, I wanted to talk about WordPress plugins, digital products, and analog tools that have helped me be more productive! The post Tools Roundup for June 2020 appeared first on How I Built It.
With everything happening during the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recession, it's easy to panic, cut costs, and coast until this all blows over. But that can kill your business. Instead we need to adapt, and in today's episode, Brad Morrison tells us what his agency is doing to work through what will be a seemingly tough economy. We talk about our experiences with the last recession, what's different, and what you can do to adapt. The post What to Focus on in a Recession with Brad Morrison appeared first on How I Built It.
Recently, I launched my brand new course. Podcast Liftoff: Launch. A lot of work goes into creating an online course, and this episode peels back the curtain a little bit. You’ll learn about the journey and decision making that took place, the research and audience building, and of-course, the process and tools. The post Behind the Scenes: Building Podcast Liftoff: Launch appeared first on How I Built It.
John Vuong know SEO. But he knows relationships even more. AT a time where connecting with people face-to-face has become harder, John offers some fantastic advice for forging better relationship through communication - both with your current clients, and the ones that will soon be clients. The post Improving Customer Relationships with John Vuong appeared first on How I Built It.
We're in the thick of COVID-19 and I wanted to reach out to some businesses and see what they were doing differently. Here are some tips to help you too. The post 3 Tips for Pivoting Because of COVID-19 appeared first on How I Built It.
Let me just tell you right off the bat: my business has grown from my mastermind group. And Ken Wallace…well he really knows what he’s talking about. If you need some extra business support (especially now), you’re not alone. In fact, Ken has bet his own business on it. In this episode, you’ll learn what […] The post Grow Your Business with a Mastermind appeared first on How I Built It.
In August 2018 I was challenged to automate more. Now, nearly 2 years later, I’ve removed myself from core processes because of it. I’m saving lots of time, which allows me to focus on the important parts of my business. While I’m always looking to improve, I’m happy with what I’ve implemented so far. In […] The post Automating to Save Time and Money: My Automation Toolkit appeared first on How I Built It.
As more businesses are starting to do commerce nearly exclusively online, it’s important to know how your customers are finding you and how they make decisions. Enter Ronald Gijsel, the Community and Partnerships Manager at Yith. He’s going to tech us all about the customer’s journey and FREE tools to help us figure it out. […] The post Understanding Customer Journey with Ronald Gijsel appeared first on How I Built It.
Last week we heard from Maddy Osman about how to make money on marketplaces – and at the core of that is being able to productize your services. Now sure how to do that? Well, Brian Casel has you covered. His advice has inspired me to start offering a new service myself, and I know […] The post Productizing Your Service with Brian Cassel appeared first on How I Built It.
Maddy Osman has a unique approach to her business and agency – and it’s mostly around getting gigs on FIverr and other marketplaces. When she first told me about that, I was blown away! I didn’t think someone state-side could make a good income off of Fiverr. Maddy has proved me wrong – and offers […] The post Making Money on Marketplaces with Maddy Osman appeared first on How I Built It.
Sara Dunn is one of my favorite people to talk to, and for good reason. She’s fun, honest, and has a lot of great insight! Today we’re following up on episode 69, where we talked about her starting to niche down. Now, 2 years and nearly 100 episodes later, she’s fully into her niche business. We talk about making some tough decisions, and how to stay motivated. I truly think this is something every freelancer and small business owner should hear! The post The Importance of Niching Down, Part 2 with Sara Dunn appeared first on How I Built It.
Vito Peleg runs a very popular WordPress plugin called WP Feedback, but did you know he also runs a community under the same name? In this episode we talk all about the importance of community in growing your business. Now, during this episode we talk a lot about in-person events, and as I record this intro, there aren’t a whole lot of events going on right now. But digital communities are on the rise and they can be just as powerful. Take Vito’s advice to heart because it’s good, and important! The post Growing Your Network through Community Involvement with Vito Peleg appeared first on How I Built It.
I’ve known Matt Adams for the better part of a decade - we’ve worked on some interesting projects together, which we’ll reminisce about as we dive into how he’s built an agency out of what started as a freelance career. We talk a lot about something that’s hard for a lot of freelancers to talk about: cashflow. Feast, Famine, and Client Relationships have been themes of this season and they all relate to the same thing: managing your money properly so you can survive as a business. Let’s hear how Matt does it. The post Growing from Freelancer to Agency Owner with Matt Adams appeared first on How I Built It.
Nathan Ingram is a fantastic freelancer, educator, and coach. I met him doing iThemes Webinars and he always manages to ask the right questions and tee up the right talking points. I’m excited to talk to him today about how to manage client relationships. The post Managing Client Relationships with Nathan Ingram appeared first on How I Built It.
Erin Flynn is one of my favorite people to talk to. We are in a Master Mind group together and her insight and approach is always appreciated. Today, we’re talking about how she’s managed to build a business around literally working 2-4 hours a day. Recently she tweeted that she worked 1/4 the “normal job” […] The post Optimizing Your Time While Running a Business with Erin Flynn appeared first on How I Built It.
Last week, you heard from Angel Marie about the importance of building your list, and how you can use ConvertKit to do it. Today, I decided to pull back the curtain and tell you exactly how I use ConvertKit. Show Notes Get ConvertKit Building Your Mailing List with Angel Marie How to Set Up a […] The post Using ConvertKit to Drive Business appeared first on How I Built It.
I’m so excited to be talking to Angel Marie,  the Creator Educator over at ConvertKit this week. And we’re talking about one of my favorite topics: building your list. I’ve become a huge proponent of this over the last couple of years, and the contributing factors have been this podcast, my move into products, and […] The post Build Your List Using ConvertKit with Angel Marie appeared first on How I Built It.
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