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Lawyers, Love, Life is a podcast for those of you who find the practice of law exciting, exhausting and/or intimidating either because you dream of becoming an attorney and you have no idea how to do that or because you are an attorney and as such, find yourself navigating your career wondering how are others doing this? This podcast will offer interesting, inspiring and unorthodox examples of careers available to attorneys regarding how to lawyer, love and live life! You will find resources for managing the demands of lawyering or becoming a lawyer and other fun law-related material.
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What do you do when you completely screw up a podcast episode?  Listen in and find out!People Mentioned:Davina Frederick-Business Consultant Millionaire Makerhttp://www.wealthywomanlawyer.comInstagram Account:  @wealthywomanlawyerPodcast:  Wealthy Woman LawyerWhether you’ve dreamt of creating a 7-figure law firm, providing a first-class education for your children, becoming a leader in your community, or achieving the financial freedom and flexibility you deserve and desire…Your mindset, marketing, systems and team–your everything– needs to be in strategic alignment with who you are becoming, not what’s in your bank account today. Once you are in complete alignment..GET A FREE COPY OF HER BOOK:
In this episode, you meet the one, the only, Allison Williams from Short Hills, New Jersey, who is the founder of not one, but two 7 figure businesses: Williams Law Group and Law Firm Mentor.  Law Firm Mentor is a business coaching service for solo and small law firm attorneys.  Allison helps you grow your revenues, crush chaos in business and make more money.  This episode is replete with wisdom nuggets.  Grab your note pad and listen in!Law Firm Mentor Program Law Group Chaos Podcast Mentioned:*Who not How by Dan Sullivan*Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza David Nagle-Mindset CoachAli Brown-Founder of The TrustMia Hewett-Allied Intelligence
Amy Gentry is Senior Legal Officer at one of the largest cancer centers in the US and yet she finds time to write, sing, coach, she does it all.   I'm lucky to call her a friend.  I have known Amy for about ten years now and she is a generous as she sounds.  Please listen in.Takeaways: 1. Create the experiences you feel are necessary to better relate to your peers, supervisors and clients.  2. Share your career goals and/or areas of interest with your boss(es), they will remember and help you when the time is right.3. Reach out and ask for help, even if you are no longer a baby lawyer.4. Allow yourself to have a creative outlet as this will help you weather the stress of the practice of law.How to follow Amy? mentioned during episode: 
Dustin Sanchez is way too humble when he describes himself.  This guy has had 5-6 different careers and life experiences that some folks never get to muster in one.  He is unapologetic about what he perceives is missing in law school training.  His story is riveting and inspiring.  Listen in and learn.  Added perk: Dustin is the real deal when it comes to online marketing for lawyers.  How to contact/follow Dustin: Mentioned:The Four Hour Work-Week by Tim FerrisObtacle is the Way by Ryan HolidayTrust me, I'm Lying by Ryan HolidayMeditations by Marcus Aurelius
Hilda Sibrian-firm founder and successful personal injury lawyer who has established herself in an Industry that has traditionally been male dominated.  One look at her gorgeous building will evidence her competence and genius In building empires.
It's here!! Finally loading the much anticipated (by me mainly) beginning of this super exciting and fun project.  Let the fun begin!!
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