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VetScoop is unique in that it is a true collaboration of a diverse group of veterinary professionals from varied backgrounds, areas of expertise, professional journeys, and personalities. We are here to provide pet owners with access to information that they can feel confident about and that will empower them, in turn, to make better decisions about the health and wellbeing of their pets in consultation with their local veterinarian.
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In this VetScoop podcast, our co-founder, Dr. Marty Becker, is joined by boarded veterinary nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Bullen to talk about all things pet nutrition.  They chat about the importance of getting good information about nutrition for your pet, what food allergies are and how we can detect them through food trials, and so much more about keeping our pets happy and healthy with proper nutrition.
Pandemic Pets!

Pandemic Pets!


So many people adopted a new pet during the pandemic and that even includes our own VetScoop crew!  Dr. Kwane Stewart adopted his new puppy Cora during the pandemic and just like many of us, he's going through the ups and downs of making sure their life together gets off on the right paw.  He joins Dr. Natalie Marks for this VetScoop podcast to talk about what we need to do when we bring a new pet into our home.
All About Cats

All About Cats


On this VetScoop podcast we're talking all about cats!  Do we need to protect our indoor cats from parasites?  How do we help them scratch in all the right places?  Should we let them go outside?  Should we be worried about hairballs?  What do we have to watch for as our cats get older?  VetScoop hosts Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Evan Antin have tips to share on all of these topics and many more as we focus on our feline family members.
In our latest VetScoop podcast, our host Dr. Natalie Marks is joined by Dr. Kwane Stewart.  Dr. Stewart is known as The Street Vet for his help with the pets of the homeless in Southern California, but today he is having a cup of coffee with us as we talk about the importance of keeping a watch on our pets' oral health.  While Dr. Kwane acknowledges he is not good about brushing his dog's teeth each day, he says we all can find ways to do something to help.  He and Dr. Marks talk about what we can do to take better care of our pets' oral health, as well as why this is such an important issue for our pets' overall health.
In our latest Top Vets Talk Pets podcast, we celebrate national Dog Bite Prevention Week with the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Our host, Dr. Natalie Marks, chats with Dr. Doug Kratt, President of the AVMA.  They cover all the important aspects of making sure that we help prevent putting our dogs, ourselves, and especially our families with young kids in a situation that could result in a dog bite.
This week's Top Vets Talk Pets podcast covers all things preventive care so we can keep our pets healthy instead of just waiting for something to go wrong.  Whether it's aging, joint disease, arthritis, or nutrition there are so many ways wellness visits can help our pets live longer, healthier lives.  Listen in as Dr. Julie Reck joins our host Dr. Natalie Marks to cover our pets from noise to tail.
Dr.  Kwane Stewart is best known for his work as "The Street Vet," helping the care for the pets of the homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.    This week he joins our host, Dr. Natalie Marks, to talk about the importance of adoption and what we should be doing to prepare so we adopt the best pet for our family.
Our latest Top Vets Top Pets podcast has our founder Dr.  Marty Becker joined by boarded nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Bullen.    They talk about the importance of nutrition in all aspects of our pets' lives,  how different breeds can have different nutritional needs, and why getting good information about nutrition can be so important.
Obesity and Our Pets

Obesity and Our Pets


On this week's podcast we're speaking with Top Vets Talk Pets host Dr. Evan Antin about keeping our pets at a healthy weight.  Dr. Antin talks about all of the health issues that can face our pets as they get older if they are overweight, as well as the distressing popularity of overweight cats on social media.  And of course, Dr. Antin has great tips for helping us find ways to feed our pets more appropriately and make sure they are getting the right amount of exercise.
For this Top Vets Talk Pets Podcast celebrating Black History Month, we are excited to welcome in correspondent Dr. Tierra Price.  Dr. Price is a recent graduate of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and the founder of Black DVM Network, an organization dedicated to helping all veterinary professionals achieve success.  Through the network Black veterinarians have a place to connect and grow to better serve their clients.  Find out more at
Our Top Vets Talk Pets podcast this week is all about the joys of adoption.  Dr. Natalie Marks speaks with Dr. Kwane Stewart, who is known as 'The Street Vet' for his work with homeless people and their pets.  Dr.  Stewart reveals his evaluation process for finding the right pet for your family as well as how to set yourself up for success once that pet joins your home.
Welcome to our inaugural episode of the Top Vets Talk Pets podcast.  Our co-founders, Dr. Marty Becker and Dr. Natalie Marks, talk about the foundation of this new venture.  We are dedicated to helping you, the pet parent of today,  get the best possible information about the health of your pets from a team of diverse, incredibly talented veterinarians from around the country and to remind you that your veterinarian is always the best source of information about your pet.  Remember, healthy pets visit vets.
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