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Author: Leslie Wai

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Two people who love movies, pitching movie ideas to each other. Some are good. Some are... real bad. It's up to you which ones are which! A podcast made with only Joel Silver and Jerry Bruckheimer in mind.
12 Episodes
In this episode, Leslie and Matthew are joined by the host of Random Top Five, the hilarious Randy California.   Together, they talk about their favourite time travel movies and what would happen if, through slipstream paradoxes and science, characters from different time travel movies were to meet. What skills would Bill Murray pick up first if his character from Groundhog Day was stuck in the Old West? How confused will Jake Gyllenhaal get when his time loop resets every eight minutes? And who the heck’s gonna check the tickets on this dangblasted train!?   If you like this episode, be sure to check out Randy California’s podcast Random Top Five. Randy talks to different people about all kinds of different topics, including peanut butter snacks and shark movies. Leslie and Matthew even did a crossover episode with him at the exact same time they recorded this episode. Don’t try to work out how they did it. It’s called time travel stuff.   0:00 - Intro and introducing Randy California 2:28 - Talking about our favourite Time Travel Movies 14:54 - The best Time Travel Movie Crossover of all TIME!   Follow us on Twitter:   Links to our socials:   #groundhogday #sourcecode #backtothefuture #shovel #chattingpitch #randomtopfive
In this landmark eleventh episode, Leslie and Matthew discuss the practice of prestige actors coming down from Heaven and slumming it in straight-to-DVD movies.   They then go on to pitch their own B-movie, starring a certain Oscar winning actor as a man on a mission… what is this mission? You’ll have to listen all the way through, won’t you? What a silly question to ask.   0:00 - Intro 4:10 - We talk about Transformers for longer than we wanted to 9:03 - Don's Plum, Jim Henson and more! 19:08 - Our spectacular Pitch for Tom Hank's direct to DVD Extravaganza   Follow us on Twitter:   Links to our socials:   #tomhanks #christucker #gerardbutler #weekendatjimhensons #chattingpitch
This week, Leslie and Matthew take a break from talking about the most critically acclaimed movies of all time to instead gaze over two of Vin Diesel’s own efforts, in order to create their own monster of an action blockbuster.   Listen as Leslie introduces Matthew to some rad stunt sequences and Matthew takes some time out of his backside to actually enjoy what some critics called ‘a movie’.   0:00 - Intro 4:53 - Our thoughts on Furious 7 29:43 - Our thoughts on XXX: The Return of Xander Cage 46:30 - We create our own Vin Diesel movie...   Follow us on Twitter:   Links to our socials:   #vindiesel #family #bang #boom #pow #fastandfurious #xandercage #zoltanhammer #chattingpitch
Eat Pray Love! Game Night! Entourage! None of these movies feature in today’s episode!   This week, Leslie and Matthew discuss the Internet Movie Database’s favourite movies. They didn’t know a machine could love so many movies and figured robots would only want to see films depicting the enslavement of humanity (or maybe a nice romcom). But there you go.   So in this first collection of Leslie and Matthew’s thoughts on the IMDb top 250 movies, the discussion is focused on the top 12 in the list because round numbers are for suckers.   0:00 - Intro 0:30 - The First part of the podcast where we talk mostly about the dark knight 25:54 - The second part where we talk more about the rest of the movies on the list! One of them is not The Road to Perdition.   Follow us on Twitter: Links to our socials:   #imdb #eatgreyglove #gamefight #entourageissh!t #chattingpitch  
In this week’s episode, Leslie and Matthew talk about what they think would happen if The Gang from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia happened to bump into the six friends from that show… I can’t remember what it’s called, it’s about this group of twenty-somethings, they’re all friends, some of them become boyfriends and girlfriends, sometimes they stay as friends, sometimes the ones who were a couple go back to being just friends and… that’s what it’s called! JUST FRIENDS.   0:00 - Intro 3:55 - Talking about Crossovers and our thoughts on Friends/Alway Sunny in Philedelphia 25:54 - The Always Sunny and Friends Crossover!   Follow us on Twitter: Links to our socials:   #justfriends #alwayssunny #canyoufindluther #tvshows #chattingpitch
This week, Leslie and Matthew veer away from sequels. They’re focusing on the two-word, one-hyphen combo that’s guaranteed to pay off creatively: spin-off! Listen as Leslie and Matthew drag barely-remembered characters with little depth to the forefront and shove interesting main characters into the background, culminating in a battle to the death where only one will survive.* *not a guarantee   0:00 - Intro 1:20 - Memento Spin Off 14:28 - The Day before the Day after Tomorrow, Al, not Alan, Iron-Fan Follow us on   Twitter: Links to Socials: #castaway #memento #ironman #wednesday #movies #otnemem #chattingpitch
After a few episodes where they recast several successful Hollywood movies, no doubt changing them for the better, this week Leslie and Matthew discuss how sequels to particular movies would work. Movies that don’t really need sequels. But they won’t let that stop them. These two are crazy! 0:00 - Intro 4:06 - Gone Girl Sequel, La La Land Sequel 31:08 - Whiplash Sequel, Looper Sequel...and MORE! 50:53 - Outro Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Youtube   #gonegirl #lalaland #movies #sequels #doyoulikealcatraz #therock2sebastiansrevenge #chattingpitch
After the success/failure (delete as needed) of Will Smith as the entire MCU, Leslie and Matthew decide to limit themselves to one major recasting in one movie. This time, they decide to drop Weird Al Yankovic into A Star Is Born. What will happen? Will Leslie and Matthew be able to come up with lyrics for parody songs off the top of their heads? And would a Daft Punk/Bradley Cooper sequel work?   Answers The plot of the movie, but with Weird Al. No. Oh, undoubtedly. 0:00 - Intro 3:48 - Part 1 24:16 - Part 2 37:06 - Matt and Leslie Rant about the DC extended universe   Follow us on Twitter: Link to socials:   #astarisborn #weirdal #bradleycooper #doyouwantmetobuildaperfectcistern #movies #chattingpitch
This week on Chatting Pitch, Leslie and Matthew try something a little different. It’s a recasting, but it’s a different kind of recasting. This time, they try to decide which Will Smith character would play each major character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   Yeah, it’s a bit weird.   0:00 - Intro 0:38 - Part 1 - Re-casting MCU Characters with Will Smiths 33:32 - Part 2 - Re-casting MCU Characters with even more Will Smiths 61:24 - James Bonds as Adam Sandler?   Follow us on Twitter: Link to all Socials and Platforms:   #willsmith #avengers #MCU #marvel #disney #pleasedontsue #movies #chattingpitch
This week, Leslie and Matthew try their hand as casting directors as they recast Christopher Nolan’s Dream Machine as an 80s/90s action movie. Which cast would you prefer to see? Would you have a different director? You’d have McG, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you!? See, this is what’s wrong with the world today.   Anyway, come along with Leslie and Matthew into their Dream Machine, won’t you?   0:00 - Intro 0:51 - Premise/Leslie's Recasting 25:50 - Matt's Recasting 37:28 - Outro   Note: This was recorded before the Covid-19 restrictions were a lot less strict, which is why it sounds like we're in the same room. This episode was recorded with social distancing measure taken place.   Follow us on Twitter:   Link to all Socials and Platforms:   #inception #meandreammachine #movies #chattingpitch
This episode, we explore the possibilities of Liam Neeson from Taken invading the home of MaCaulay Culkin... AND THE OTHER WAY ROUND.   0:00 - Intro 4:48 - Liam Neeson Invades MaCaulay Culkin 21:45 - MaCaulay Culkin is Kidnapped! 35:18 - Outro Follow us on Twitter: Link to all Socials and Platforms:
Welcome to the very first episode of Chatting Pitch, a podcast where we pitch each other ideas for movies that kind of exist but not really. This episode, Leslie and Matt discuss what would happen if Tom Hanks from Cast Away were to be met with other characters from other films! How fun! 00:00 - Intro 03:50 - Premise and Talking About Producers 18:19 - Introducing characters into Cast Away 34:30 - Outro   Follow us on Twitter: Link to all Socials and Platforms:
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