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So many people lead there business without giving themselves the space and time to really connect and live the CEO role.It's really easy for business owners to look on social media and see everyone else living the CEO role (working on their business, not in their business) and end up with a feeling of failure that they are not there yet.The reality is that this is something that a huge amount of business owners struggle with, and even those that will tell you they've cracked it are not 100% there yet.This week the boys discuss everything relating to the mindset of living the CEO role. 
Does your 2022 New Year's Resolution involve getting more things done?In our first podcast of the new year, we discuss two Italian time management techniques that can make a massive difference to productivity.
This week the boys are back talking about strategy.We explore 3 distinct, proven strategies:Operational ExcellenceProduct LeadershipCustomer IntimacyFor each strategy they discuss which household names are using it, what the key information is and how that could be implemented into a smaller business.
This week, we dive into the 14 leadership lessons advocated by Steve Jobs.Alan has a really interesting article, written by Walter Isaacson in 2012 (just after Steve died) and we pick a random selection of the lessons and discuss them and their impact on entrepreneurs.We cover everything from why face-to-face meetings are still important to why you should always push for perfection.
On this week's podcast, Matt and Alan have a conversation about leadership styles.Is it important to understand your own natural style and the character traits that make up your personality?Do you know where you stand on a DISC profile?Is it essential to be able to adapt your natural style when dealing with colleagues that have the opposite style?How close should your 'work' persona be to your 'home' persona?The boys answer all these questions (and more!) on this week's pod.  
This week, in our Halloween special, we talk about Vampire Customers!Accepted business wisdom tells us that you make 80% of your profit from 20% of your customers.Matt thinks it's also true that you get 80% of stress from 20% of your customers.So what do you do if you have a Vampire on your customer list? How to you fix them? Do you have to manage them away from the business or can you set out the rules of the game and turn them into good customers?We discuss all this, and more in 32 minutes of podcast gold!
On this week's podcast Matt and Alan have a great conversation about whether to continually push for business growth or to take some time to strengthen what you already have.Is there any point to growing revenue if it's not adding to your bottom line (net profit)? Should we be measuring growth in another way, rather than focussing on increasing turnover?If a business is not growing, is it dieing?All these questions and more are answered on the podcast.
This week we are talking all about innovation in business. The modern business world is full of obvious innovation - cloud computing, automated software, machine learning etc, but there is also a lot of off-line innovation happening that is driving some amazing results for more 'old-fashioned' businesses (we use Marks and Spencer as an example).
This week we discuss all things Strategy.Do you have one for your business, do you need one?Recently a hitherto unseen memo from Steve Jobs to his board was released into the public domain. In it, Steve Jobs distills the overall strategy of the biggest company in the world into 5 topics and about 8 lines of text).We discuss that, plus a host of other strategy-related topics in 32 minutes of podcast gold.
This week Alan and Matt discuss how the pace of change in technology has fundamentally changed how businesses operate.Covering everything from Estate Agents to Marketing companies, via Victorian Meat Markets, the boys talk about how business has moved forward over the last decade and speculate on where it will be in 2031.
Episode 29 - Apathy

Episode 29 - Apathy


The boys are back for Season 2!This week Matt and Alan breakdown the destructive power of apathy within a business.Whether that's a business owner's anxiety manifesting as apathy, or self-sabotage or a team member that's having 'one of those days' we discuss all things Apathy and provide some tips on how to deal with it.
This week the boys discuss how relevant a proper business plan is in the modern world.We talk about the important elements that all plans should include, what is just 'fluff' and why it's important to revisit your plan regularly.
This week Matt and Alan discuss the differences between Entrepreneur and Employee Mindsets, and how pivoting between the two is a massively important skill for new business owners in particular.There's also an improptu TV Review of Clarkson's Farm (which is actually relevant to the topic!)
This week Alan and Matt are talking all things toxic culture.Following the open letter from Brewdog's staff to it's CEO (which you can read here: ) the boys discuss the damage a toxic culture can do to a business.Covering everything from different theories of management to one rogue member of the management team, if you lead a team of people this is a must-listen episode.
This week, following Cristiano Ronaldo single-handedly knocking $4b from Coca-Cola's stock market value by moving two bottles half a metre, Alan and Matt talk about branding, and how powerful (but tenuous) a good brand is.
On this week's pod, Matt and Alan discuss the nagging voice of self-doubt (the inner critic) and how business owners can sift the positive points out of all the negative thoughts they throw at you.
This week we talk all about the fundamental changes in the employee / employer relationships driven by the pandemic.Hybrid working, a fast-moving, candidate-led, market and challenges with building a culture remotely have all had major impacts on how business owners retain and recruit the best people.
Have you ever had a spare ten minutes between meetings when, rather than getting something done, your brain enters a form of standby mode - not letting you start something new because you have that other meeting coming up?This week Alan and Matt discuss the phenomenon of 'waiting brain' and what you can do to reclaim those lost minutes.
In a world where all the information you could ever need is just a click away, why isn't it the case that all business owners are smashing it?Is it a mindset issue, a time problem or do business owners just not know the right questions to be asking?
It used to be all about work-life balance.Successive lockdowns and continued working at home has put paid to that and now it's all about work-life integration.Flexible working, ditching the 9-5 and integrating your working hours into your day hear and there rather than in a block is now where it's at.This week Alan and Matt talk all about the flexible working revolution and why, if you are not pursuing a flexible, work-life integration model, you are going to have serious problems in 2 or 3 years time.
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