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Men's World Radio Podcast Review
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Men's World Radio Podcast Review

Author: Anthony Reed

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Men's World Radio Podcast reviews discuss all genres of podcasts and offer an unbiased opinion on some of the 1.5 Million and growing podcast out there. With a panel opinion and an overall score out of 10 for production and binge-worthiness...If you do not have the time to trawl through all those podcasts Then Men's World Radio Podcast Review will help you. With a panel opinion and an overall score out of 10 for production and binge-worthiness Tunein today! The Best of the Best and some of the worst will be broadcast on the Men's World Radio Station. Men's World Radio The Home of The Planets Best Podcasts. Listen Today!
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We Have a Launch Date! 1st Jan 2021.. Happy New Year!Hi Guys... this is Tony Reed from Men's World Radio. Finally, we have a launch date...Here is a quick update!  Hopefully a better year than 2020!We have scheduled the first podcasts and here they areJake Yapp Not Today Thank You!Fiddly Dicking! From the States... Cam Cole ID'sYou will Love these...  So Funny! Keep up to date on the MENSWORDRADIO website 
Did you know there are over 1.5 Million Podcasts out there with over 35 million episodes? Yes, 1.5 Million!  IN 2021 this number is expected to grow by 40%. LISTEN TO MENS WORLD RADIOThat's Brilliant for the listener… But very time-consuming trawling through all the podcasts.There are some great podcasts but also some terrible ones too... Well, Here is the solution.The Men's World Radio dot com team and I is looking for quality, well-produced Podcasts in English from various genres from all over the world… In the Men's World Radio Podcast review... I try to find those nuggets that are Brilliant but are not quite the Joe Rogan Show yet! But maybe in the future... I am looking for Podcasts that will appeal to the modern man… but it's not all beer and football… Ladies, you are welcome to listen too… You might learn something about us strange creatures. :-)I then discuss and review the podcasts giving them a score out of 10 for production and are they binge-worthy? We may also invite the producers of the podcasts on to the show to discuss their creation in more detail.If they are that good... we may even feature them on our Radio Station called Men's World Radio, you can listen here.ListenIf the podcasts are that bad in our opinion, we will tell you that too!MENSWORLDRADIO Men's World Radio dot com mixes The Planets Best Podcasts with great Music,  presented by a new breed of Podcjocks. Yes, Pod Jocks… That is what they're called … :-) We will also be playing one track per podcast to hight music that in our opinion, does not get enough airtime... So that's what I and Men's World Radio is all about. Reviewing the Podcasts and playing great music. . .Comedy, News, Sport, Music Drama, Mystery podcasts whatever it is. Talk soon Guys Take CareTony Reed
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