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AiMTY's events show 2021
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AiMTY's events show 2021

Author: Ahmed Ibrahim Metawee

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Business events for the current status is not interactive as usual. It will be online in a world where coronavirus is taking place. The contributions of people who needs to perform their works will be using application for meeting, conferences and public conversation. If there's some plan to be suitable for this present status. It will be the status plan which I will cover in my new event show. The AiMTY's events show!
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The new year's event will be virtual this year because of the pandemic and coronavirus spreading. The surprise will be very happy as you may choose a lot of online services to show to your people. You can provide a plan for your own people and invite others as you have a channel feature on many of online platforms. So, you can customize your event to show your visitor what you want and your family or colleague will be interested in special plans as games and making food for the dinner as an end of this day journey. Don't forget to close the online camera before you sleep? That's it(
It will connect your teams in a professional way and in receiving your feedbacks from your employees. The remote and online meeting with your teams are this pathway to success in your business.
First development of the industry will be in making event series. The development which will be successfully completed by surprising your business customer with many services and present accomplishments in your business as integrated presence in the market or your superior existence as a brand. With event series, you can utilize the most appropriate solution of your company in the market and ask your attendees to invest in your industry by joining it or benefit from its service. As you can present all what to serve them in topics of their interests.
Training the product to be interactive and making your people near you are international success in events business. The development of simulation based events and XR will make the connection between the industry and buyers in the next year. These systems will help the international business with many tools to construct a reality in a physical place which will be online in a Runtime environment using cloud computing and SAT servers.
The new year's events will be supportive to all industrial companies, specially for Tourism and smart cities. Great ideas will help a lot of buyers to go forward in their business. The service will be virtual or in trade shows. As it will connect people who needs to stay safe and be connected with the international business conferences.
The mobile app is a development of the IoT business and it is the present interest in the . markets as it will connect you with your attendees through an application as platforms and generated applications. The developed app will help the business to reach the customer in an online event after few steps in a form or a short online survey.
Creating a web plan

Creating a web plan


The city of cambridge is making a website plan to make it easy for people to be in their events without infection and virus spread.
Creating a master plan

Creating a master plan


The Utah mater plan will be your guide for the project you will make for your business.The most current template for their events:
The event Budget

The event Budget


Budget ideas
Aims and objectives

Aims and objectives


Sims and objectives.
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