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Author: Dr. Ro & Drew Stinnett

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Dr. Rochelle Newton and Drew Stinnett's Podcasts examine current and emerging technologies through the lens of diversity and equality.

About Rochelle and Drew:

Dr. Rochelle Newton is an Assistant Divisional Chief Operating Officer (IT) for Duke University Health Technology Solutions. She holds a doctorate in Higher Education with a concentration in Leadership. Dr. Newton has worked in IT since 1977 in both the private and public sectors. As technology has evolved, she had developed an analytical perspective of technology at the intersection of education and race. She founded Newton Advocacy & Strategic IT Consulting (NASITC). NASITC is a diversity consulting firm. Our work is to simply changethe narrative at the intersection of diversity and information technology (IT). Dr. Newton’s diversity philosophy includes access, advocacy, equality, opportunity, and productive outcomes for individuals and organizations.

Dr. Newton is an avid John Grisham fan (she has read every book he has written). American History is her reading passion. She has been the keynote or paid speaker for numerous events examining the impact of IT within underrepresented groups. Dr. Newton has formed a collaborative group within her organization that brings STEM staff from all across the university together to discuss technology, gender, and race. She also created a small group of women to join in a monthly common purpose – STEM and gender. She serves on the board of several entities where STEM, race, and education are central. Dr. Newton co-chaired Duke’s TechExpo in 2014 and has completed numerous training on diversity, professional development, and emerging technologies. She has developed an interdisciplinary course that analyzes gender, poverty, and race through the lens of technology.

Drew has worked in Information Technology for over 20 years, and currently works at Duke University as a Sr. Systems Analyst. While Drews degree is in Theatre, he has a passion for open source technology, and has worked in Information Technology for his adult life. Drew's areas of focus are Linux, Kubernetes, DevOps, and Security Technologies. If he's not sitting at the computer, you may find him catching up on the latest horror films!

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other agency, organization, employer or company.

25 Episodes
Moore's Law

Moore's Law


In this episode we discuss Moore's Law, both it's meaning and impact on the community at large. Hope you enjoy!
Discussion on the opioid epidemic in America!
Types of Careers

Types of Careers


Good discussion about the different types of careers in IT. Lots of information for folks getting a new start in the IT field, and where you should look first. Hope you enjoy!



In a special more light hearted than usual episode, we discuss movies!
Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety


Today we discuss Psychological Safety! What is that? Listen and find out!
Smart Cities

Smart Cities


Rochelle and Drew discuss Smart Cities, and the future of living!
Being an Advocate

Being an Advocate


In this weeks episode, Rochelle and Drew discuss being an Advocate, what that means, and how to do it. Thanks for listening!
Awesome guest on todays episode, Michael B. Horn! Michael talks with us about both the history of education, and what we can improve on for the future of education!
Working from Zoom

Working from Zoom


Hi Everybody! In this episode, Drew and Rochelle start talking about the pros and cons of working from Zoom in the pandemic world
Hello everyone! Today Rochelle and Drew discuss what's going on with Covid Vaccines in the news, as well as health concerns for under privileged communities.We suggest you do your research!  We are not experts or doctors.  We are podcasters.  These are our opinions and thoughts.
Great conversation in this episode with Aaron Klein, a senior fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institute. Aaron educates us on lots of things finance! Great conversation about money and how financial systems work, in an easy to understand package!
This week we are lucky to be able to talk with Germar Reed about Data Analytics?  What are Data Analytics?  Find out here!
This week, we go back to just Rochelle and Drew talking.  This is a more informal episode, where we talk about how we got to the places in life we are today, and find some unexpected commonalities.  Hope you enjoy the conversation!
Coming in strong with the title "What is Life?"  Find out with our very special guest this week, Tom Banks talking about Theoretical Physics and all sorts of cool stuff!
In this episode, we are joined by Dan Cantrell!  We discuss all sorts of Open Source things here, as well as the benefit of choosing Open Source over other technologies
Today we have a conversation with Andy Ingham about a number of subjects, ranging to life as a Librarian in the modern world, to staying healthy and eating carrots for lunch!  
Todays podcast we are joined by Lee Reiners to discuss Financial Tech (or FinTech as the cool people say).  We delve in to many different pieces of Financial Tech, including the Gamestock/Robinhood debacle and Blockchain!You can also find Lee on his own podcast called The FinReg Podcast, available at
For the first time in podcast history (or at least Imminent Teachnology history), we have a special guest!  This round, Michele Okoh joins us to talk about environmental justice and how it relates to both technology and equality!
Social Media

Social Media


Rochelle and Drew discuss Social Media, specifically as it relates to the storming of the Capitol on January 6th of 2021
Guns and Gun Control

Guns and Gun Control


In this episode, Rochelle and Drew discuss guns and the 2nd Amendment
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