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The Spark of Inspiration is what keeps us exploring for our dreams and expanding our horizons. That's what Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history did when she created “The Hill We Climb”, for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20. Explore the spark of inspiration and find yours.
“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” — Leo TolstoyWe've all heard it before. Be patient. Take your time. There's the old Chinese proverbThe best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is nowQuotes and proverbs kinda don't mean squat if they don't help you move today, move now.In this episode we'll discuss how patience and time are the true drivers of success, and how the Alchemical Transformation can give you a roadmap for that journey.------------------------------Facebook: https://www.synapticalchemy.comPodcast:  Video/YouTube:
There is a different mindset that can help you come out of the COVID pandemic lockdowns even stronger than when this who crazy time started.
Can a simple change in perspective help you become stronger? Will that perspective change allow you to come out of the pandemic the next best version of yourself? The answer is yes. There is one simple change in mindset that you can use to enable the lockdowns to grow yourself into the next best version of you.
The old way of setting goals, of making New Year's resolutions, just don't work. All the different type of goal ideas are old school. However, there is a new way to create goals. A new way that brings your desires one step closer. The new alchemical goal.
There are hidden lessons about entrepreneurship, business, and leadership buried inside of Netflix's new hit limited series The Queen's Gambit. Let's explore these lessons and get a glimpse of how The Queen's Gambit can directly effect our entrepreneurial journey.
Explore Airbnb from the Alchemical Transformation. IPOs are exciting. Airbnb's IPO was priced at $68/share. One week later the stock is $140/share giving Airbnb an approximately $84 billion valuation.The excitement around the IPO is thrilling, but the real lessons learned. The real entrepreneurial understandings come from exploring the Airbnb journey from startup to unicorn. From exploring that journey through a unique lens. The lens of the Alchemical Transformation.Join me as we take a quick dive into Airbnb's DNA that started it all.
Everyone—and I mean everyone—who is trying to start a business at one point or another goes looking for capital. But not everyone SHOULD go looking for capital. Investors are looking for very specific criteria when they invest. They are looking to reduce risk while increasing return. Entrepreneurs are exactly the opposite. I talk a bit about how investors look at deals in this short episode.Join the conversation and get in the know by learning the core fundamentals of Synaptic Alchemy at
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