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Conversations with SaaS founders + investors. Hosted by Bart Macdonald, Managing Partner and Founder of Bloom Venture Partners. At Bloom Venture Partners we buy, build + invest in SaaS. Tune in as we chat with the best founders, executives, investors, and leaders in SaaS. Learn more at
10 Episodes
If you've spent more than one refresh on Twitter, and have a brokerage app installed on your phone, you've probably heard of the infamous Howard Lindzon.Howard has leveraged his prowess for financial markets into a notable 20 year career- pioneering the fintech industry as a startup founder, media personality, investor, father and creator of the cashtag (ex: $RIMM and $AAPL).Howard joins Bart on this episode of the full bloom to chat about the importance of using leverage in two markets- financial and social. Hear why Howard thinks we're entering a new era of social leverage, and explains why "your network is your net worth" is more true than ever before.Bart and Howard analyze the trends of the public markets. And recent CEO of $SLAC.U, gives his perspective on the unique investment opportunities SPACs create.  Howard Lindzon, General Partner of SocialLeverage :: Twitter + LinkedInBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
Adii Pienaar believes there's a new measure of entrepreneurial success. After more than 12 years of chasing success, Adii is reflecting on his journey as a 3x founder and CEO, and introduces his new perspective of "success" as a startup founder.Adii's entrepreneurial journey started with building custom Wordpress themes, eventually leading to founding WooThemes in 2008. After WooThemes was acquired by Woocommerce in 2015, Adii has parlayed his wins into multiple e-commerce technology ventures- mostly recently as the founder of Cogsy.In this episode, Bart and Adii host a conversation about the importance of founders separating themselves from the successes & failures of business. Adii dives deep into reflection on his experience launching products, growing teams and funding ventures- sharing what he would do differently as a first-time founder.Adii recently launched his book, Life Profitability: The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success. In Life Profitability, Adii provides you with a new perspective for becoming self-aware, recognizing your values, and understanding your impact. An enriched life and a successful business are not mutually exclusive. In fact, this book will provide you with the first steps in building a business that is more sustainable, with increased options for you, your employees, and your community. Learn how to give yourself some space, measure meaningful output, and live with intention so that you can maximize profit that truly counts.Adii Pienaar, Founder of Cogsy :: Twitter + LinkedInBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
With over 250 total investments in startups and multiple unicorns, Jason Calacanis is recognized as the world’s greatest angel investor. Jason joins Bart for a casual chat to chop it up about the hottest topics in tech.Hear how Jason became Jason. SPACs, are they here to stay? Thoughts on Robinhood from an investor's perspective. Is San Francisco dead? Jason answers your questions from Twitter. And more!Jason Calacanis, Founder of LAUNCH :: Twitter + LinkedInBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
Rob Koyfman, Founder and CEO of Koyfin, dropped in for an emergency podcast episode to talk SaaS products and public markets with Bart.After 15 years of trading multiple asset classes on Wall Street, Rob started building a solution to his own problem- an affordable data visualization tool for independent traders. Bart dives in with Rob on how the Koyfin team has built a cult-like following of casual and professional investors in the public market.Rob breaks down how retail traders used the power of data and insight to liquidate multiple hedge funds, driving the price of GameStop up 1,600% in a few short days. Ex-hedge fund manager gives an inside-out explanation of shorting public equities.Rob Koyfman, Founder and CEO of Koyfin :: Twitter + LinkedInBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
Michael Frew joins Bart to talk what they know best- buying and building online businesses. Hear how Michael has evolved his 20+ year career in software and engineering into becoming known as "The Acquisition Entrepreneur".Michael has spent the past 5 years buying and building online businesses across the globe and sharing his learnings at The Best Damn Newsletter for Buying Online Businesses. Bart and Michael host a lecture on deal sourcing, valuations, acquiring and operating SaaS businesses. Hear an expert-level action plan on how to buy your first online business, and operating a portfolio of high-value SaaS products.Michael Frew, :: TwitterBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
Fellow Aussie and seasoned founder, Matt Allen, stops by the full bloom to drop wisdom from his 20+ year journey in startups and capital markets.From self-taught web developer in the late 90's, to CEO of Tractor Ventures, Matt has a scorecard of wins from founding and investing in software businesses around the world. Bart and Matt breakdown the glossary of capital sources and explore investment optionality for founders.From angels, to private equity, Bart and Matt detail the innovative funding sources startups have access to in 2021.Matt Allen, Founder and CEO of Tractor Ventures :: Twitter + LinkedInBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
@thisisKP_ continues his journey of building in public on this episode of the full bloom. Hear how KP has become known as "The Build In Public Guy" across the tech and no-code ecosystems- growing a community of more than 8,000 Twitter followers and landing his dream job at On Deck.Bart and KP sync on the thesis of building in public, and chat about how founders and makers can benefit from growing an audience. Then KP takes us on a journey of the no-code movement, and shares what it means for the future of startups.KP, Program Director of On Deck's No-Code Fellowship :: Twitter + buildinpublic.xyzBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
Is work-from-home here to stay? What does the shift to a remote-first work force mean for SaaS founders today?  Chris Herd, Founder and CEO of Firstbase, gives us a unique perspective on how COVID has accelerated the remote world. Hear how Chris sees the future of decentralized fundraising, startup accelerators and distributed workforces. In addition, Bart and Chris about the power of community building in startups.  Firstbase is helping a generation of companies go officeless by reimagining where & how companies work. Firstbase lets you setup, manage, maintain & retrieve all the physical equipment your remote teams need to do great work at home. Learn more here.Chris Herd, Founder and CEO of Firstbase :: Twitter + LinkedInBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
Justin Mitchell gives a masterclass on the importance of focusing on branding in startups. From starting a career in tech at 16, to running a creative design agency- Justin has leveraged his 15 years of startup experience into a venture-backed company leading the space in voice-first communication.Justin and Bart dive deep into how YAC is using branding, audience building and market pulse as startup superpowers.Justin Mitchell, Founder of YAC :: Twitter + LinkedInBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
The broker market for small cap startups is changing, and MicroAcquire is leading it.Andrew Gazdecki, founder of MicroAcquire, joins Bart in a progressive conversation about liquidity, exits and what the future holds for SaaS startups. Andrew dives deep into his career as a multi-exit founder, and shares insight into his experience with venture capital, brokers and acquisition playbooks. This is a must-listen episode for any bootstrapped founders preparing for their next venture.  MicroAcquire helps startups find potential acquirers. The MicroAcquire marketplace hosts over 30,000 startups and buyers looking to make their next business transaction. Free. Private. No middlemen. Lean more at microacquire.comAndrew Gazdecki, Founder of MicroAcquire :: Twitter + LinkedInBart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn
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