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Jason Culver, NEDCO Chief Credit Officer, and Will Sailors, NEDCO Loan Officer join Scott Sailors, President of NEDCO on the Small Business Answer Show to put a bow on a historic 2020-21 fiscal year.NEDCO facilitated a record number of loans, and loan dollars which helped Nebraska’s small business owners jump-start an economy stalled by the COVID pandemic. Scott, Jason, and Will get into the numbers of the past year, talk about some of the businesses they helped, and discuss some of the changes to the credit policy.The hosts then look ahead to what is sure to be a bright 2022 and chat with the Credit Team about the credit policy changes and the upcoming year.
As a Houston native, Carl Ray got his start in a band called “the Supernaturals,” opened for The Spinners, and even met Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5! Then as he got older and moved out to Nashville, Ray began his career as a solo artist. Carl told us about his experience as a musician, advice to those looking to get into the music business. Ray also spoke about his tribute to his writing partner, mentor, and friend, music legend Johnny Nash, who passed away in October.We love his patriotic, Christian style, and we encourage you to check out Carl’s latest hit, “I Stand With This Country” streaming on all platforms! We look forward to having him on the show again soon, and as live concerts return, keep an eye out for his upcoming tour dates in 2022!For more information about Carl Ray and his music, visit the links below:Carl’s website: on Facebook@OfficialCarlRay on Twitter@OfficialCarlRay on Instagram
We’re honored to welcome a very special guest, Steve Smith (aka Red Green) of the Red Green Show! His family-friendly DIY/sketch show ran for 15 seasons and over 300 EPISODES on Canadian Television and on PBS here in the states! Each episode followed Red Green and a cast of characters as they solve problems with creative solutions that weren’t always effective but were always hilarious!Steve began his career in entertainment playing cover songs in a band when he learned the saying, “if you’re not putting something new into it, you’re not gonna get a living out of it,” which became his mantra as he created the Red Green Show. Steve also shared some behind-the-scenes stories, including the ideas behind some of their iconic characters, favorite moments from the show, and even some celebrity fans. We also heard stories of on-set injuries and got Steve to recite “the man’s prayer”! It was truly a privilege to have Steve on the show, and we cannot thank him enough for coming on and creating such a fantastic, wholesome show!Scott’s already logging on to subscribe to Steve’s new “Possum Lodge Podcast”, and get himself an official Red Green hat! If you want to check out the podcast or buy a hat for yourself, visit check him out on social media:@RedGreen on Facebook@RedGreenTV on Youtube@realredgreen on Twitter
The guys return to a fan-favorite segment, In the News, where they discuss the latest stories in the Wall Street Journal. This week’s topics include the increasing cost of lumber, chlorine, and ketchup packets! They then dive into a brand new segment as they pick stocks to follow! Each of the hosts purchased a hypothetical $2,000 worth of stock in various companies, and we will check in each week as they trade stock and build their portfolios. The most successful trader will be awarded the “Stock Picker of the Year” trophy during the last show of the year, so be sure to keep listening to see who pulls ahead next week!
Brandon Miller of Falconwood Park may not be a Nebraska native, but his Falconwood Park has become one of Bellevue’s finest attractions! After being devastated by the historic floods just two years ago, Miller’s amazing 23-acre greenspace is fully operational and hosting all kinds of fun events!Brandon stopped by to talk about his “campitheater” which is home to concerts, weddings, church services, drive-in movies, camping, and more. He shared how his business pivoted during the pandemic, what it was like starting a drive-in movie theater in the internet era, and even gave us a preview of some of this summer’s big events. It was so fun to speak with Brandon about all the exciting things going on at Falconwood, and we can’t wait for him to stop by again to fill us in on more upcoming events and activities at the park!To learn more about Falconwood Park, visit their website check them out on social media:@FalconwoodPark on Facebook@falconwoodpark on Instagram@falconwoodhulla on Twitter  
We are so excited to have a true loan expert on the show, Zola Finch! Although we like to imagine Scott was born managing 504 loans, we owe a lot of Scott’s loan expertise to Zola’s mentorship over the years. Zola is a former Chairman of the National Association of Development Companies (NADCO) and currently is the Director of NADCO Region 7 where she oversees Certified Development Companies (CDCs) in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.Zola is a graduate of William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri where she obtained a BA in Accounting and an MBA. In addition, Zola is a Certified Economic Development Finance Professional through The National Development Council (NDC) and is a graduate of Leadership Missouri. Zola joined the staff at Rural Missouri Inc. (RMI) in 1983 when it became a CDC, and was recently promoted to Executive Director of the company. Although she keeps plenty busy, Zola still finds time to be with her family (even if they’re in different states) and serve her local church as the church organist!Zola discussed the upcoming changes to loan programs across the country as a result of the COVID pandemic, the wide variety of loans she has been seeing in her region, and the increased 504 loan activity nationwide. Zola and the guys also talk about the future of office life, the evolution of small business lending over the years, and the importance of building a good relationship with the banks. It was so much fun to talk shop with Zola and we hope she stops by the show again soon to share more of her loan expertise!For more information about Zola, NADCO, or Rural Missouri, Inc. check out the links below:The NADCO Website: www.nadco.orgThe RMI website: www.rmiinc.orgOr send Zola an email at
A recent episode of the History Channel show Modern Marvels, titled “The Future of Food,” featured the Wiseacre Farm, a hydroponic farm located in the north Chicago suburbs. As a hydroponic farm, they produce fresh, hyperlocal lettuce, herbs, and greens for consumers in the Chicago area. Wiseacre farm is owned and operated by the Sheinfeld family. Father Aviad Sheinfeld grew up visiting his grandparents’ farm in Israel, which instilled a life-long appreciation for farming. He originally came upon the hydroponic methods as a possible supplemental science program for a local school, but he loved the innovative idea so much he turned it into a business with his father Sam and daughter Yael.The episode of Modern Marvels followed the Sheinfelds as they grew and harvested produce while explaining the process of hydroponic farming utilizing large metal containers similar to those you see on semi-trucks. The units are self-contained, temperature-controlled, using specialized lights and careful growing techniques to grow wonderful, healthy produce. The compact containers can produce the equivalent volume of two acres of farmland. The Small Business Answer Show is just the latest to feature Aviad, Yael, and their impressive farm. The History Channel, Forbes, and The Chicago Tribune have all produced stories about the Sheinfeld’s incredible venture and its impact on the north Chicago community.For more information about Wiseacre Farm check out the links below: The Wiseacre Farm website: www.wiseacre.farmWatch their episode of Modern Marvels: "The Future of Food" Modern MarvelsOr find them on Social Media:@WiseacreFarmIL on on Instagram 
The Small Business Answer Show welcomes back to the show Legendary Country Singer Song Writer Mr. Lee Greenwood. Lees updates listeners about the Lee Greenwood Signature Bourbon Whiskey release at Soldier Valley Spirits in Nebraska. The new spirit will be available nationwide by Memorial Day.The hosts checked in with Lee concerning the All-Star Tribute to Lee Greenwood on October 12 at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama, which includes an All-Star list of performers, including Keith Urban.During the show, Lee spoke of the use of his music in movies and commercials, and shared his favorite venue in the country! It was such an honor to have a true American Icon come back on the show, and we can’t wait to try his new bourbon whiskey this summer!If you’d like to learn more about Lee Greenwood or his new line of bourbon, check out these links!LeeGreenwood.comSoldierValleySpirits.com
Yee haw! They roped us back in with another episode about rodeo, and we had such a good time speaking with Charlie McKellips! Charlie is a professional rodeo announcer, livestock transport manager, and rodeo organizer through family-owned business CR McKellips Rodeo.Charlie walked us through all that goes into planning a rodeo, the keys to rodeo announcing, and how his company handled the COVID pandemic. McKellips also spoke about the rising popularity of professional rodeo, his favorite events to announce, and what it’s like running a family rodeo business! It was so much fun having Charlie on the show, and we hope he joins us again soon!To learn more about Charlie or CR McKellips Rodeo, visit their website check them out on social media:@C-R-McKellips-Rodeo-Co-Inc on Facebook@crmckellipsrodeo on InstagramOr find Charlie at @cmckellips on Twitter  
Giddyup! This week we were joined by a very special guest, Dale Yerigan! Dale is an ELEVEN TIME steer wrestling champion and is now General Manager of the International Pro Rodeo Association! Scott, Jason, and Will were careful to ask the right questions of Dale so as not to be thrown to the ground and tied up!Don’t be fooled by his southern drawl, Dale actually grew up in Minnesota, where he was a roper at local events. As a life-long rodeo enthusiast and professional for decades, Dale shared the basics of rodeo, the economics of the sport, and how shows and movies like Urban Cowboy and Yellowstone have influenced rodeo. He also explained the process of qualifying for participating in a professional rodeo, much to Scott’s disappointment as he hoped to pick up some extra cash on the rodeo circuit! Whoa boy!To learn more about the International Pro Rodeo Association, visit check them out on social media:@iprarodeo on Facebook@IPRARodeo on Twitter@internationalprorodeo on Instagram 
The welcomed special guest Andee Hoig, Publisher and CEO of the Midlands Business Journal, the region’s premier weekly business newspaper, Andee speaks fondly of her father, Bob Hoig, the founder of Midlands Business Journal and the newspaper’s early days. Andee agreed that her father, Bob, “had a way of telling the stories of area businesses in a fair and interesting way”. There was no greater fan of Omaha than Dad, she noted. Bob interviewed such guests as Presidents Ford, Nixon, and Johnson, and Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to conquer Mt. Everest, just to list a few. MBJ started in 1975 and continues today to be the region’s business reporter. Andee acquired full ownership of the Journal in 2019, after the passing of her father. She shared that the MBJ is currently enhancing its internet presence with the development of a new website. Please visit for more information.
Aaron Davis is an incredible thought leader and an expert on attitude from right here in Lincoln, Nebraska! Aaron won a national championship in 1994 as a Husker football player and has since spoken to over a million people about having the attitude of a champion. Aaron shared the lessons he learned under coach Tom Osbourne, tips on protecting yourself from the harmful effects of modern media, and advice for people looking to start their own business. It was such a burst of energy having Aaron on the podcast to share his positive message, and we hope he will stop by again soon to continue to inspire us!To learn more about Aaron or to buy one of his books, visit check him out on social media: @acdavisco on Facebook@aarondavisattitudeexpert on Instagram@acdavisco on Twitter
Jerry Cohen loves two things, classic baseball and classic rock. Jerry turned his love of classic baseball, and specifically classic uniforms, into a business over 30 years ago. Cohen’s Ebbet Fields Flannels creates authentic vintage sports uniforms, hats, and jackets, many of which are for teams that don’t even exist anymore! Classics like the Kansas City Katz, and Jerry’s favorite Brooklyn Dodgers are just some teams featured in their incredible collection of hand-crafted apparel. Cohen joined the show this week to share his experience starting a business, favorite stories from baseball history, and even some celebrity customers!We love our Ebbet Fields products and highly encourage you to check out their site to see these incredible products for yourself: find them on social media:@EbbetsFieldFlannelsInc on Facebook@EbbetsVintage on Instagram@EbbetsVintage on Twitter
It was a real treat to have Todd Baker of Baker’s Candies join the program this week! Todd’s father, Kevin Baker, revolutionized the gourmet chocolate industry in the 1980s as the first to use 100% automated manufacturing, and the Bakers have been making their delicious candies ever since. Todd and his brother Paul now run the day-to-day operations of Nebraska’s favorite chocolates, and Todd stopped in to share what he’s learned growing up in the business with us. He filled us in on how the company found success during the COVID pandemic, the benefits and challenges of an automated chocolate factory, and the impact of partnerships with retailers like Walgreens, HyVee, and Hallmark. Baker’s Candies has truly found a sweet spot between quality and price, and we can’t wait to stop by their new outlet store in Greenwood to pick up some more Meltaways!For more information about Baker’s Candies check them out on social media: @BakersCandies on Facebook
In this episode, we were joined by advertising and design expert Amy Ebbeka. Amy and her husband have been running their own design business for almost 20 years now, designing websites, logos, and print materials for small businesses across the country. We have been working with Amy for quite a while now, and were so excited to speak with her about her experiences running a design agency. She had so much to share with us about agency life, advertising strategy, and making the leap to start her own business. For more information about Amy or Ebbeka Design Co., give them a call at 402-441-4649, or visit to learn more.
We sat down with rising country singer/songwriter Paige King Johnson! Paige was the Female Vocalist of the Year at the Carolina Country Music Awards in 2020, thanks to her awesome tunes like “Just Like You”  and “Water Down the Whiskey.” The talented musician told us all about her family and small-town upbringing that influenced her music, how she connects with fans during COVID, and writing customized songs for people on Songfinch! We are so excited that Paige stopped by, and we can’t wait until she comes out to Nebraska! Check out her various social media pages (@PaigeKingJohnson) or visit her website:
This week, we were so excited to welcome the talented country musician JD Shelburne! JD grew up in small-town Kentucky but didn’t start playing music until he was in college in Lexington (showing Scott it’s never too late to get into the music game)! He built his fanbase in Kentucky and moved out to Nashville after graduation, where his music career took off. JD was so generous to spend some time with us sharing his experiences in the music industry and the challenges he overcame during the COVID pandemic. 2020 wasn’t all bad for the rising country star, he and his wife welcomed a baby boy in September, and his latest hit, “Church Pew Bar Stool,” reached No. 1 on the CMT video charts! His new album “Straight from Kentucky“ is coming out in June, fully-loaded with some great tracks! Check out some of his music or upcoming tour dates on JD’s website:
Andrew Duey’s passion for computers began in 3rd grade, back when the only thing most of us knew about computers was how to play Oregon Trail. Since then, Andrew turned his passion into his own computer services business, Duey Computer Services, that he started from the ground up over 23 years ago. This week, Andrew sat down with us to talk about how he started his business from scratch, the benefits of an IT partnership for your business, and the importance of computer security. We’ve worked with Andrew for over ten years, and his integrity and expertise truly sets him apart as a great partner for any business looking for computer support. For more information about Andrew and Duey Computer Services, visit their website
This week we are joined by a very special guest, America’s favorite patriot, Lee Greenwood! Lee sat down with us to talk about his new line of bourbon that he is producing right here in Nebraska! We also spoke with Lee about his work with the military, his upcoming tour, and of course, his iconic ballad “God Bless the USA”. Lee also shared about some of his ventures outside of music and shared some great advice for anyone looking to launch a career. It was truly an honor to have such an iconic figure join the show, and we still can’t get “God Bless the USA” out of our heads!If you’d like to learn more about Lee Greenwood or his new line of bourbon, check out his website or the Soldier Valley website. @TheLeeGreenwood on Twitter
In this episode, we are joined by Bob Coleman, founder and editor of The Coleman Report. Bob is a national expert on small businesses, banks, and everything in between, and his newsletter, The Coleman Report, provides critical analytical information for today’s small business lending professional. 100 of the top 100 SBA lenders in the United States use the Coleman Report data and technical reports. Coleman called into the studio to share his insights on how to navigate the small business world. From how to hold people accountable in the financial world, how businesses will change because of COVID, and the keys to Bob’s famed Coleman Report. We loved having Bob on the show, and we’re hoping that his visit gives us an edge in being selected for more Coleman Report awards in the future!
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