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Battle Drill Devotional

Battle Drill Devotional

Author: Rob Westwood-Payne

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Engage every day with the Salvation Army daily devotional and discover how it can transform your spiritual journey. Battle Drill, fast-becoming a cherished tool in the Salvation Army, is being used as an everyday tool for personal devotion—forming a pathway for people to discover their faith. By encouraging regular, meaningful encounters with the Lord, this everyday ritual provides a timely weapon for spiritual battles and is notably seen as the cornerstone of the spiritual life of many soldiers.

The Salvation Army daily devotional platform has been a light to numerous soldiers, adherents, and friends battling the darkness. It provides an unbroken thread of light, guiding individuals through the labyrinth of life’s twists and turns. The intention of Battle Drill is clear – to equip individuals with the strength to endure trials and tribulations and empower them with the fortitude to conquer whatever life throws at them. By focusing on daily devotions, resilience in the face of adversity can become second nature.

Recognised as a trusty companion in navigating through life, this Salvation Army daily devotional can offer a lifeline to those feeling lost or disconnected. Every weekday, it calls us to delve deeper into the essence of spirituality, encouraging us to harness the power of prayer and reflection. The Battle Drill is not only a testament to the stalwart faith of the Salvation Army but also an invigorating call to arms – offering a timeless beacon of hope for anyone looking to enrich their spiritual lives. It’s not just about a daily routine, but rather, a steady commitment to growing one’s faith and understanding of God.
726 Episodes
Transform your life and make an eternal impact. Discover how to live in a way that reflects your relationship with Jesus. Join us on this journey!
Peter and John had been with Jesus. Discover the power of being with him, bringing love and healing to those in need. Join us in transforming lives!
Discover the transformative power of friendship with Jesus. Peter and John - they had been with Jesus and were positively impacted. Learn how you can be too.
Discover how to show gratitude to God, trusting him through crisis. Learn to pray, thank, and praise for a faithful God's guidance.
Discover the significance of fasting in focused prayer. Strengthen your connection with God through this powerful spiritual practice.
Pour out your heart to God in prayer and discover the power it brings. Find comfort, strength, and hope in the midst of your family, health, relational, or financial crisis.
Discover the right direction to take in a crisis. Learn how to focus on God and not your problems by turning to him and finding peace.
How to pray in a crisis? Discover the power of prayer in a crisis. Through Daniel's example, learn how to pray effectively and listen for God's voice through Scripture.
Feeling so far from God at the moment? God wants to be close to you and promises whenever we get serious about seeking him, we will find him.
God has not forgotten you. You may feel in exile now. But God is still working in your life.
Jeremiah 29:11 (NLT) reminds us that God will see our lives through to a glorious conclusion. All praise to him!
Do you know how to pray for political leaders? It's what God asks us to do. And it’s when it’s most needed.
God commands us to further the public good. A good neighbour prays a prayer for happiness and peace for their community.
Your new identity in Christ enables you to focus on the long-term future, with hope. You can move forward to the future God has planned for you.
Finding your identity in Christ will make you discover your priorities in life. His values will set your priorities.
As your identity in Christ helps you see what your limited responsibilities are, you retain the choice of saying yes to God and saying no to other things.
If you want to know how to find your identity in Christ, then simply spend time exploring it in the beautiful family God has given you.
This week in Battle Drill Daily Devotionals we explore why it is important to know your identity in Christ.
How much stuff do you need to be happy? It's a question of trusting in God and seeing the many ways he is blessing you.
Does God want us to be happy on earth? Rely on Christ’s strength rather than your own and you'll find happiness even in difficult circumstances.
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