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Let's get true conversation going again. Open discourse about a wide range of social issues. How science and religion can work together. How people don't have to be on the same political side and still build friendships. Learn how we can understand other people's lifestyles and still be ourselves. Learn how to use your own voice and actions to help your communities with helpful segments. We're all on this planet together, can't we at least work together? Support this podcast:
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201 - Do Better!

201 - Do Better!


Often in life, we think we're doing what's right. But a lot of times, we're just trying to get through the day without upsetting people or making things worse. Could we do better? Should we do better, if "better" could make things worse? Is broccoli fake? Does 1+1=5? Let's start off Season 2 with a... "Huh?!" --- Support this podcast:
Think cancel culture doesn't exist? Tell that to the people who have lost jobs or been publicly humiliated, even if what they've been accused of isn't true. We discuss the current and future implications of cancel culture and hypothesize of better ways to handle this issue. But first, our conversation starts out about a gay couple versus a small bakery. Thing is, this isn't an isolated incident - multiple times this has happened, and with varying results. So grab a slice of cake, turn off Pepe LePew and let us know how you feel about this episode. --- Support this podcast:
Can you really be happy about someone dying? Sure, you may think life would be nicer if certain people in your life kicked the bucket, or media would be better if someone would just die already... but should you find happiness in their death? Plus - should we really be spending money on making robots and flying them to another planet to drive around? All we know is, when Cody breaks out the tonic water, that's when things get interesting. --- Support this podcast:
007 - A Social Dilemma

007 - A Social Dilemma


If you've listened to any episode before this, you know we're not fans of social media. So we're providing an in depth examination of why. Will and I discuss the documentary The Social Dilemma along with the benefits and consequences of social media. We also talk about ways to improve your own personal usage, how to avoid pitfalls most of us fall for, and how to fine tune your experience to make sure you're getting the full story. That's right - you're only getting half the story on your feeds. Don't believe us? Listen, see for yourself, and give us feedback! --- Support this podcast:
Did you know hate crimes against Asian-Americans have gone up 1900% from March 2020 to December 2020? Odds are, you don't. Why aren't mainstream media outlets talking more about this? Why did it take a victim's daughter reaching out to Olivia Munn to make this alarming trend a blip on the radar? My guest Amy and I discuss reasons why we think little has been said on this topic, and why it may remain in the shadows for some time to come. --- Support this podcast:
Before you start writing that hate mail and demanding the podcast to be canceled, Will, my guest, helped come up with the name of this episode. Since he's gay, an atheist, and has an awesome sense of humor, I had to use the suggestion because it's hilarious. Will sheds a light on so many subjects and offers advice to those who may feel alone in their personal turmoil. Plus - a Christian and a "gaytheist" in the same studio for an hour, having a rational conversation, without trying to kill each other? Once your heads are done exploding, give this episode a listen - I guarantee there's something for everyone to learn and enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
This episode introduces my fiancée, Jess, where she talks about her experience receiving the COVID vaccine. We also discuss facts about the vaccine in order to possibly help you make a decision on whether you will get the vaccination yourself.  --- Support this podcast:
We talk to my long-time friend Amy about being Chinese and growing up in a predominantly white school and neighborhood, plus the differences between her experiences from childhood and adulthood. We also discuss the recent stimulus checks sent from the government - should they have been for more money? Should we be able to spend them any way we want? Should we have gotten them at all? Listen to see if you agree. --- Support this podcast:
We continue discussing athletes using their sport as a platform to put injustice in the spotlight, then dive into aspects of social justice and how some people may think they're doing the right thing, but they're doing more harm than good.  --- Support this podcast:
This episode was recorded over Discord with my longtime friend Tad. We discuss THE Ohio State Buckeyes making it to the national championship, the Browns making it to the Wild Card weekend, and how athletes are using their platform for social justice. Has it brought attention to their causes, or has it turned people off? Take a listen and see if you agree with our take on the subject. --- Support this podcast:
On our inaugural episode, we talk about how trading penny stocks can help get you through some of the financial burdens COVID may be causing, and how trading can become an addition. Speaking of addictions, did you hear Oregon decriminalized hard drugs? We'll discuss the pros and cons (no pun intended) - one of the pros being you may need them in order to enjoy Ernest Cline's new book, Ready Player Two. Is it worth the read? Will the upcoming movie be a waste of time and money? We discuss all of this and more! --- Support this podcast:
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