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Jo Dalton is one of the most trusted talent advisors in the UK, is immersed in the tech startup and scale-up ecosystem, and helps the founders and funders of future unicorns to build their boards and leadership teams.  In our final episode of this podcast series, “Bouncing Back”, which Jo’s business JD&Co has kindly sponsored, Jo shares with us her own stories of adversity, her passion for disruption and growth, her experience of being a judge for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for six years now, and the challenges of building diverse and inclusive leadership teams in today’s workplace.  
Tammy Banks is a super trainer and a standards bearer – in parliament as well as in her work delivering transformational training for frontline professionals. She and her team at Taye Training ensure that the lifesavers and superheroes of this world receive support, advice, skills and tools from a team of trainers who are values-led. Tammy’s personal experience of harm, abuse and homelessness, and her ‘bounce back’ story of how one woman brought her in from the margins of education, drive her not simply to be the change, but to create and deliver operational solutions, in the world today. If you want to hear more of Tammy’s personal story you can also watch Tammy’s origin story in her Tedx talk here ;And for more information about her work Read the book Transform your TrainingListen to the free podcastsJoin the Training 4 Influence FREE community
When you meet Lynn Erasmus you immediately sense her warmth, high energy, humour and craziness (as her kids call her). Her ethos is “More fun and less glum”! When you hear Lynn’s story – a lifetime of pain resulting from loss, grief, fear, exclusion and flight from her homeland – you start to understand why she is determined to build a better life based on gratitude and appreciation.  This multi-award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, publisher, coach, keynote speaker and CEO of Pathfinder Development talks honestly and vulnerably about how she has spent years purging and rebuilding her life, and how she now brings her healing work to enable other entrepreneurs to learn the skill of adaptability and to “Break Those Damn Rules”. 
Helen Daniels is enjoying a successful career as an award-winning IFA (Independent Financial Advisor). That wasn’t her original career plan, which was to join the Navy.But life doesn’t always go to plan. Helen’s certainly didn’t. In this heartfelt story of courage and resilience, Helen bravely shares her “Armageddon”, how she has rebuilt her life and how she has channelled her lessons learned to support her clients’ life goals and outcomes. 
Chi-chi Ekweozor was a pioneer of social media, music video and podcasting in the Noughties.  And in the decade since she has upskilled in web development and software engineering, and in 2016 she founded Assenty, an interactive question board platform for event organisers. Chi-chi also organises Manchester’s acclaimed #FemaleTechFounder nights, one of the region’s foremost communities for supporting and nurturing female founders starting out in technology and business.In this conversation Chi-chi explains what drives her incredibly creative and disciplined work ethic, and how she views her talent as a gift that she must share in a purposeful way. 
Hayley Hayes’ journey has seen her battle neglect, abuse, rejection, homelessness and poverty, to get to where she is today: a successful solicitor on track to become a partner at law firm Walker Morris LLP, and a happy mother and wife. In 2020 Hayley won the She Has No Limits’ Phoenix Award that celebrates women who have endured and risen from the ashes of hardship, and who have bounced back to achieve their career goals, against all odds. And, as a result, the Phoenix inspires others around her to be courageous and to never give up. In this moving episode we find out why Hayley Hayes is a Phoenix. 
Katie Neeves lived for 48 years as a man struggling with her gender and hiding her big secret to the world.  Her gender dysphoria caused her to go on a transformational voyage of discovery, leading to her courageously coming out, both personally and professionally.  Katie now runs Cool2BTrans to support and inspire other trans people and to educate others on trans issues, by showing them that trans people are just ordinary people who want to be happy - just like everybody.  
Ben Grubert is an award-winning tech entrepreneur, as is his business Inevitable, because of his and their diverse thinking. In this episode, Ben divulges his ‘super powers’ of autism, ADHD and disability, his accidental mansplaining, how diverse leadership increases profitability and how toxic masculinity is hindering our societal quest for equality for all.
Rocki Howard self-identifies as proud female, over 40, black, Christian wife and mom. And she is also an award-winning leader in the global fields of diversity, HR and recruitment.In this episode we talk to Rocki about DEIB in business today, in AI and HRtech, and how she uses her inspirational career story and influence to showcase the diverse brilliance in corporate America and to help change the lives of the underrepresented.  
Olivia Hanlon founded Girls in Marketing aged 21, and now it is a 40,000 strong online community and membership platform for professional and aspiring marketers. Olivia is now 22. In this episode Olivia shares her huge success story so far and some of the limits placed on her, by others, because of their ageism. And we analyse other reasons why Olivia is a successful role model for younger women, entrepreneur and pioneer in the modern marketing industry.  
Gill Cooke is a community maker extraordinaire. Since founding STEMConnext in 2018 she has brought together hundreds of women and minorities in STEM careers to build a community where they can network, share ideas and support one another. In this episode Gill shares her learning’s from her diverse and atypical career so far, from broadcaster to technical project manager to now diversity, inclusion and belonging strategist and leader. Gill shares her personal drivers and vision for the future workplace that she is helping to shape where everyone can be their distinctive selves and design the careers they want.  
In the final episode of our first series we talk to Yemi Jackson, recruitment consultant, CEO and founder of Engage Transform and Building Inclusive Boards. Yemi shares her passion and her ‘why’ for helping women and BAME talent to find roles in IT and finance, and to get a seat at the top table of businesses. And Yemi explains her positive challenge to leaders and hiring managers who have yet to build a truly diverse and inclusive workplace - no more excuses!  
Ellie Edwards-Scott is an influential leader in the media and adtech industry. After years of building digital businesses Ellie now enjoys a hugely rewarding portfolio career as a consultant, trustee, advisor and non-exec director. In this episode Ellie talks inclusivity, “manels” and the power of female relationships in business. And Ellie explains how her self-belief, love of learning and desire to create opportunities for minorities and people from disadvantaged backgrounds enables her to enjoy a busy and fulfilling life. 
Clare Garner is a hospitality industry entrepreneur and co-owner of “La Greta” restaurant in Valencia. In this episode Clare talks with searing honesty, a few expletives and wit about addiction, xenophobia and life as a Brit in an EU country, post-Brexit. Clare also shares her learning’s from her very different career phases (teaching, investment banking, the export industry and hospitality) and explains how coming from Liverpool, and now living in Spain, have shaped her personality and her approach to living a life of no limits. 
In episode three of our “Knowing Me Knowing Me” series we talk to Emma Sayle, a kick-ass entrepreneur who oozes hard work and determination.Emma set herself the challenge of disrupting a male-dominated sex industry, and has created a sexually and economically empowered global community of 150k women, and a business worth £15m.Emma explains how being confident in the boardroom can also lead to success in the boardroom.Her self-awareness has been the turnkey to her growth and success in every aspect of her life, hence why Emma was the worthy winner of the She Has No Limits Aspirer Award in 2020.
In this episode gender equality champion, author and public speaker Michael Ray talks about his heartfelt journey from quintessential Aussie bloke to solo dad. Michael shares his mission to eradicate parent and carer stereotyping, so that working dads and mums alike can better integrate their careers with family life, and also his advice to help employers create family-friendly workplace cultures.
Amanda and Catherine chat with Cheney Hamilton, founder of Find Your Flex, and winner of the She Has No Limits "She's a Community Maker" 2020 award, about the why and the how of flexible working - for employees and businesses alike - and about the skill of self-awareness. 
In this launch episode executive coaches Catherine Smith and Amanda Davie introduce themselves and their own career stories, and explain what She Has No Limits is, how it came about, and what the forthcoming series will entail. She Has No Limits is a movement and a community of professional women who are working together to design the careers we deserve. For more information about She Has No Limits, and to join the movement, go to 
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