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Multilingual roundtable

Multilingual roundtable


In this final episode, JP Seabright chats with Andrés Ordorica, Elizabeth M. Castillo, and Andrés Piña. They write in their mother tongues, and other tongues, as well as in English. They offer some readings for us and chat about their experiences with other languages. Support the show (
As we bring the Full House Podcast series to a close, we are founding off with two final fantastic roundtable sessions. In this second to last episode, JP Seabright chats with the wonderful Annick Yerem, Lesley James, David Ralph Lewis, and Perry Gasteiger about mental health and writing. Support the show (
In this episode, we chat with Kate Hammer, and JP Seabright. We also take a look at recently published pieces by Pareidolia Literary. Support the show (
This episode we have the pleasure of chatting to Sarah Etlinger, Hannah Copley and Raegen Pietrucha. Each have wonderful stories to tell around their writing, including writing about myth and history, and offer some great tips for writing. We then look at some standout pieces from The Birdseed's issue 2, including work from: Katy Naylor, Lori Cramer, April Yates, Dee, Gabriella Catena, Sean Wang, Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar, Laura Stamps, Slawka G. Scarso, and Mandira Pattnaik.Support the show (
In this episode, we speak to Teo Eve, Lindz McLeod, and Laura Besley. We also review Kissing Dynamite's latest issue (issue 34) and highlight Abdulkareem Abdulkareem (Panini), Ashley Cline,  Zoë Fay-Stindt,  Daniel Liu, Nicole Arocho Hernández, Kaleigh O'Keefe, Ami Patel, and Emma Younger.Support the show (
Writing is everything

Writing is everything


In this episode we speak to Zeke Jarvis, Thad DeVassie, and Lorraine Wilson. We then review some recently published pieces from Sledgehammer Lit. Support the show (
Writing about what matters

Writing about what matters


To kick off the first episode of season 2, we start by diving into INKSOUNDS' latest issue. We then chat with Sarah Tinsley, Jenn Koiter, Lauren Robinson, and Lynne Schmidt. Content warnings: loss Support the show (
In this final episode of season 1, we chat with our clubs writers, including Julia Ruth Smith, Emma Wells, Oz Hardwick,  Fran Fernández Arce, Jane Ayres, Mandira Pattnaik, and Shine Ballard! Support the show (
 Featured contributors: Marie Little, Akash, Louise Mather, Bri Stover, Anisha Jackson, Matthew Hall, Logan Kluste, Anwesha PoddarSupport the show (
Clubs issue readings

Clubs issue readings


Featured contributors: Julia Ruth Smith, Emma Wells, Oz Hardwick, Anne Leigh Parrish, Emily Paluba, Fran Fernández Arce, Jane Ayres, Bethany Lyall, Mandira Pattnaik, Dylan Hussey, Dan McNeil, Ejiro Elizabeth Edward, and Shine BallardSupport the show (
In this episode we first take a look through Acropolis Journal's issue 1, we then chat to the wonderful Shiksha! We then chat with Tommy Dean about Uncharted Mag. The brilliant Farhana Shaikh has a wonderful chat with our assistant editor  JP Seabright, before we round off by looking at some latest Beir Bua Press releases! Support the show (
In this episode we first take a look at Pastel Pastoral's issue 1 and highlight our spotlight pieces. We then chat to Daniel Wade, Haley Jenkins, and Hamour about the process of writing and publishing. Support the show (
In this episode, we begin by looking at Journal of Erato's issue 1 and highlight some standout pieces. We then chat to the wonderful J. Archer Avary, and the fantastic Zoe Brooks. We finish off with a quick newsblast. Support the show (
In this episode, we begin by looking at the most recent issues of cnsorshipmagazine and cpquarterly. We then review Nikki Dudley's Volta. We then chat to the wonderful Shontay Luna and also the fantastic Stuart McPherson. We then round off with our newsblast. Support the show (
In this weeks FH episode, we first look through No Contact Magazine's most recent issue, before having a chat with Rachael Crosbie. We then chat to Nikki Dudley about the recent release of her novel Volta, about Streetcake, the magazine she co-edits, and about her writing. We then speak to Aaron Kent ahead of the release of his chapbook,  Angels the Size of Houses, and speak about the fascinating way he writes and the processes behind the craft. We finish off with a newsblast from JP. Support the show (
Talent, talent, talent

Talent, talent, talent


In this episode, we look at the work of, and speak to some incredible guests that blew our minds with the way they approached their craft, or what they were doing within the literary scene. We first begin by looking at Wrongdoing Magazine's latest issue, and highlight our standout pieces. We then chat to Kavan, a writer with real determination and love of the craft. Micro Podcast have a chat with us about the word they do, and why they do it. We then speak to Amanda Earl for a fantastic chat about all things vispo. JP then rounds off with our newsblast. 
Welcome to the Wilcard issue 3 read along! Featured contributors: Chris Arksey, Bess Amelia Yeager, Cassidy Champagne, Jason de Koff, Trini Decombe, Nikki Dudley, Diablo Dylan, Agnieszka Filipek, Joanna Grant, David Greaves, Ellen Huang, E.P Jenkins, Shontay Luna, Eleanor May Blackburn, Robin McNamara, Rahma O. Jimoh, Chloe Orrock, Diana Raab, Shane Schick, JP Seabright, Dorka Tamas, Ashley Wagner, Sarah Ward, Gail Webb, Ryan Westmoreland, and Skye Wilson. Support the show (
In this episode we speak to Alternaverse, Stanchion and round off with a newsblast from the wonderful JP. Support the show (
In this episode we chat to our wonderful hearts writers and find out a little more about the behind the scenes process when it comes to how they crafted and created their pieces that we published. Support the show (
Hearts issue readings

Hearts issue readings


Hear the work from our 13 fantastic writers read out loud!  Featured contributors: AR Benjamin, 婕 Venus Cohen, Sean Cunningham, Terry Dyson,  Featured contributors: AR Benjamin, 婕 Venus Cohen, Sean Cunningham, Terry Dyson, Lauren Frey, J L Hall, Kara Killinger, R. J. Kinnarney, Michelle Kulwicki, Terri Mullholland, Danny Scheyer, Jessica Taggart Rose, Jessica Tsang. Support the show (
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