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In honor of Mother's Day, we bring our two youngest kiddos to Studio 50 to take a trip down memory lane.  We talk about what motherhood means to us, and then have some fun banter about milestones, fun memories, some embarrassing moments and all the traditions we have experienced along the way.   It's not easy to get our teens to talk, but this episode is light and fun, and provides a little more insight into the type of mothers Lisa and Laurie have been over the past two decades.   We end on a more serious note, providing each of our kids what we wish for them as they both graduate, and head out to experience their college and  formative adult years.   If you are a mama, we hope you enjoy this mash up and HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!
Have you thought of what it would be like to be your own boss?  To take something you are passionate and love, and turn it into a profitable business?  In this episode, we feature Lindsay Pinchuk, an award-winning entrepreneur, consultant, community builder, connector, storyteller, expert marketer, social media maven, spokesperson, on-air expert,  and small business champion!  Whew!  Lindsay collides with hosts Lisa and Laurie, also both successful entrepreneurs, to discuss how to build a grassroots business.  It doesn't happen overnight, there are numerous fails that happen along the way and at times it's a lonely grind.  However, it can be a magical journey, especially for those of us looking to make an impact in our second chapters.   From leveraging social platforms, along with traditional networking, anything is possible if you just DO IT!
Hang on to your hats for this fun ride!  This episode is a light and engaging look into the "behind the scenes" with 35 year  First Class Flight Attendant veteran, Kristin Onstott.  Fueled with champagne, we pepper Kristin with all the burning questions we all want answered about how the flying experience has changed and what really "goes on" during some of these flights.  Yes...we ask about the "Mile High Club," celebrities, strangest requests and behaviors, and how Covid has turned things on its head.   Kristin is a lot of fun, and you will enjoy learning about the life of being in the airline industry.  It's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride for us adults!
How often do we take the time to learn from other generations?  Most of us tend to stay in "our lanes."  This episode integrates the perspective, experiences and outlooks of a 10 X 3 to our audience, and completely dispels our attitudes and misnomers about millennials.  Cue in powerhouse Lesley Logan-- a self made business owner, author, coach and brand.  Lesley has taken her passions, opportunities and "mis"opportunities to make her side hustle her main hustle.  With a brazen get unstuck attitude, she coaches instructors from around the world, toppled a traditional business model into an online sensation and launched a thriving podcast of her own, called Be It Till You See It," Lesley is an inspiration to both younger and older gens.  This episode is a wild ride that encourages stepping out of our comfort zones, being bold and embracing the mess of our journeys.  Tune in to the end, where Lesley gets the advice of us Gen Xers on relationships and love, and we put her in the hot seat for some Millennial slang!
50 years is the "Golden Anniversary," and this milestone for Title IX is no exception.  On June 23rd, we commemorate 50 years since passing Title IX into law, in order to help provide a level playing field for women in sports and education.   In this episode, we invite the former CEO of The Women's Sports Foundation, Deborah Larkin, to break down the 37 words of Title IX, how it positively impacts women and the strides we still need to take to make its implementation more effective.   As a former athlete who experienced some of the most difficult challenges for women athletes, Deborah has been one of the leaders in advocating forTitle IX for many decades.  This interview is direct, passionate and answers many questions and misunderstandings we have about an important federal civil rights law that affects women daily.  
Many of us long for the opportunity to have a conversation with a loved one that has left us.   The ability to ask questions about experiences, past events and relationships.  To truly understand who someone was like through the tone of a voice, facial expressions and body language.  Enter in the revolutionary technology and platform, Storyfile.  After working many years with the Steven Spielberg USC Shoah Foundation to document Holocaust survivor stories, Heather Maio-Smith collected the brightest minds to take the video testimonials a huge leap forward.  Storyfile enables individuals to video record prompted questions that enable a friend, colleague or family member to asks questions that feel as though they are having a natural and real conversation with the individual on the other side of the screen.   Through cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence, Storyfile creates an experience that helps capture the moments, personalities and memories we all want to have with our loved ones. 
Non Monogamy.  Polyamory.  Swinging.  Multiple partners.  Sex parties. Commitment versus autonomy.  These are all terms that we have heard, whispered and wondered about and maybe even integrated into our own personal lives.  Guest Rachel Krantz lives a life that turns the social constructs of sex, love and relationships on their virtual heads.  In her Memoir, "Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation and Non Monogamy," Rachel tells a vulnerable story of her own experiences with Non Monogamy and it's many facets-- both good and bad.  Rachel answers the questions of living honestly, boundaries, safety, love, jealousy and how to navigate non monogamous, intimate relationships.  Her account and stories give light to a lifestyle and choice that many don't understand or perhaps don't accept, and her journey of finding the balance between freedom and painful imprisonment.   This is a provocative episode that will challenge how one thinks about the "norm" of committed relationships and intimacy. Follow us on Instagram @shesa10times5
A true artist knows how to cultivate inner beauty, and have it reflected as outer beauty.  Elena George has mastered this artistry, and has eight Emmy Awards to prove it.  Starting her career as the key stylist and creative mind behind the looks and trends of the popular group Salt-N-Pepa, Elena has been enhancing the beauty of some of the world's most influential celebrities for over 25 years.  Working with the likes of Angela Bassett, Mariah Carey, the ladies of "The View," and currently Robin Roberts of "Good Morning America," Elena has become the go-to beauty strategist and appearance coach we all wish we had access to and you do in this episode!  Elena gives her experience, tips and tricks, along with a wonderful story of how passion and commitment to one's craft can lead to success.  
Who remembers "Do you know what time it is?  It's TOOL time?"  Debbe Dunning hustled her way into the Hollywood scene by never missing an opportunity, and never taking "no" for an answer.  As a result, she became household name, Heidi Keppert the "Tool Time Girl," on one of the most successful and popular sitcoms of all time.   Debbe tells her story and the family she built with the adored cast of "Home Improvement," and how it shaped her life.   Most importantly, how she was able to do what all of us 10 Xs 5s  strive for-- shaking our identities up and reinventing ourselves.  Debbe was able to leverage her time as the Tool Girl to combine both her passions and also her professional experience.  Currently both the producer and star of the show "Debbe Dunning's Dude Ranch Round-Up," Debbe combines her love for equestrian and the dude ranch experience with being on the small screen.  This is a fun, insightful and wonderful behind the scenes story.  GIDDY UP!
Cryptocurrency?  Bitcoin? Metaverse?  NFT?  Blockchain? What the hell is going on here in this new economic landscape? You might not think this is in your wheelhouse as 10 X's 5 listeners, but if you are a mom, your kids are in the know,  likely participating or WILL be just around the corner.  This IS the future and it can be absolutely daunting to most of us.   Cue in our Australian expert, Craig Allen, who we fondly refer to as the "Thunder From Down Under."  Craig walks us novices through what the landscape looks like, and what the  future experience will be like for us and our kids.   We talk terms, technologies and practical applications.  Want to know what it will be like to be walking around in the Metaverse with celebrities in virtual Armani suits and custom Nike sneaks?  This is your show.
If you ever feel "stuck," this episode is for YOU!   On our life journeys, we are faced with numerous hardships and roadblocks.  However, there are certain steps we can take to make the most of our next chapters.  Cue in Barbara Majeski, a nationally recognized TV personality who is popularly referred to as the  "Curator of the Good Life."  Barbara has personally faced her share of life changing hardships, and chose  to fight for her dreams and inspire others to do the same.   Barbara walks us through her fight with Stage 3 Colon Cancer, and how she came out of her illness with more vigor to live life to the fullest and "put herself in the arena." Barbara explores with us how she inspires others to live their life with purpose, style and adventure, and that anything is possible at any phase of our own lives.  Every year can and should be our best year,  as long as we eject the negative tapes and voices playing in our heads.   Barbara is direct, relatable, inspiring and a heck of a lot of fun!  Get ready to get in the arena, damn it!
Sometimes timing is everything!  This episode takes a deep dive into love and relationships-- and we appropriately are releasing this on Valentines Day!  Featuring acclaimed relationship expert and therapist, Misha Granado, Founder of "Love Grows," this interview will expose some of the pitfalls we can encounter, as well as tools and strategies to make the most of the gifts of relationship and love.  Misha passionately walks us through important considerations, such as boundaries, expectation setting, and most importantly, how to appreciate our friends, family, kids and partners.  For those of us current or soon to be empty nesters who have been in long term relationships,  Misha provides thought provoking ideas and tools to help us transition.  As the saying goes, "Love Always Wins!"
It's Part 2 of the She's a 10 girls telling their own personal stories, and as the old adage goes, things aren't always as they seem.  While most people assume Laurie to be the fun loving, spontaneous girl who always has a smile on her face and a joke up her sleeve, there is actually an unexpected road of difficult barriers that has made her who she is today as a friend, mom, woman and professional.   This episode outlines the significantly challenging, painful and even heartbreaking moments that came to define Laurie's character, approach to relationships and how she chooses to live her life.   Lisa is able to take Laurie to some deep, and somewhat dark and emotional places, but they still have fun with the story and each other.   Laurie is vulnerable, open and honest with it all, and this is what we strive to do-- embody and embrace being a 10 X's 5 and sisters sharing.  
Who remembers the iconic movie, "Steel Magnolias?"  It's the timeless story of women who embrace differences, find support and discover the importance of friendship and sisterhood, all within the four walls of their town beauty salon.  In this episode, host Lisa O'Coyne finds herself as our guest and tells how she lived a very similar experience-- and yes, discovers the true meaning and value of sisterhood.   This is a "get to know us" episode, with a theme that inspires every element of our podcast.   Lisa walks us through the challenges and heartbreaks she has faced, as well as the beautiful moments that have shaped who she is today and how she values women relationships.   She's a girls girl, girl mama and a woman that proudly wears the crown of sisterhood.
Hang onto your hats... this episode is a barn burner that GOES there!   Have you ever wondered what dating and sex is like when you are back on the market at midlife?  Well, here you go!  Under the condition of anonymity, we interview the self proclaimed "Cougar" to share her real life experiences.  Online dating? Check.  Sex Arrangements? Check.  Props and role play?  Check.  Tips on different "acts?" Check.  The Cougar goes into it all with detail, humor and a candor that might make even E. L. James, writer of "Fifty Shades of Grey," blush.   While these are not things that we openly ask about or discuss, The Cougar's stories are what we all want to know-- married or single.  Buckle up and make sure the kids aren't listening!
Ever get frustrated when people proclaim "it's never too late," because you actually feel hopeless and stuck?  Well, here is a woman who has walked that talk and has written a book about it!  Jill Carlyle was a high school dropout with a road of mistakes behind her.-- broken relationships, failed marriages and goals left unfulfilled.  However, after meeting the love of her life and when she turned 42, Jill decided to put her life on its metaphorical head and pursue a new path on her road to turning the big 5-0.  Jill earned her high school GED, four college degrees, a career as a college professor, and then decided to write her memoir to inspire other women that it's never too late to achieve their goals and dreams.  We have multiple acts, and each one has the ability to build on itself and give us the pathways to live our fullest lives at any age.    Her book it aptly named "Finding Fifty," and this episode truly demonstrates that one can find their best moments after midlife.
We say it every January 1st-- new year, new me!  However, many of us "10 Times 5" ladies find the process of achieving our fitness and wellness goals increasingly harder in our midlife.  Enter in fitness guru, trainer, fellow 10 times 5 and walking epitome of complete fitness, Kim Kelly.  Kim gives her story on how she evolved into the brand "Kim Kelly Fit," and outlines twelve lifestyle and workout behaviors that can help all of us midlife mamas achieve our goals of feeling and looking our best.   Kim provides a reasonable, practical and inspiring roadmap for us to follow, along with how to avoid the obvious pitfalls we all run into on our fitness journeys.  Listen along as we have some fun with the interview, by calling THE Rob Lowe and surprising Kelly with some of her closest friends, who join in on putting her in the hot seat with Lo's Lightning Round in Studio 50-- "when you know your bestie is smokin hot!"
We all want to ROCK our midlife years, right?  Well if you want some tips on how to go about it, this is YOUR episode!  Cue in guest, Ellen Albertson, better known as the "Midlife Whisperer!"  Ellen has more degrees than a thermometer--  she is a Psychologist, Registered Dietician, Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Mindful Self Compassion Teacher and best selling author.  She has just released her book  "How To Rock Your Midlife, " and it's already number one on numerous Amazon charts.  Using her book as the baseline of the interview, Ellen shares the seven steps that women should embark and apply, in order to make their midlife chapter the best chapter possible!
Who didn't have big plans, ideas and aspirations for 2021? It was going to be the big rebound year, but it fell "somewhat" flat.  A little bit of "ground hog day," some new twists and turns and a sprinkle of silver linings.  Join us with our recurring guest hosts, Ilene Lamb and Michele Lesher, as we run back through the highs and lows, the year's trends and look forward into the next year.  As all four of us become empty nesters in 2022, we discuss what life might look like for us and what goals we want to tackle.   This is a light, whimsical  episode where we laugh at the fails and ourselves, and speak honestly about our vulnerabilities and goals in our next act.  Oh...and there is Rob Lowe for all you Gen X mamas that proudly displayed that , Tiger Beat magazine poster on your bedroom wall!
It takes massive grit and passion to build a career and successful business from the ground up.   However, the courage and determination it takes to evolve and pivot into a new lane and business model is off the charts at our age.  Enter Deena Von Yokes, who after 40 plus years of running her own business, discusses her personal journey of taking a leap into a career path.  Deena built a thriving and financially successful stylist business and elite salon through paying her dues, learning the ropes and channelling her leadership skills and network.   Being a business owner in this industry, and practicing a trade that requires being behind a salon chair, eventually has taken on a physical toll.  Deena refuses to let go of her passion, but instead is doing what we all think about-- pivoting.  Starting an academy for other emerging stylists and a deep mentorship program, Deena is sticking with what she truly loves and taking it to a new level.  Contributor to Forbes and other acclaimed publications, Deena honestly discusses the trials and tribulations of taking a new career direction as a 10 times 5.  Oh...and she is funny as hell.
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