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Author: Laurie Jabbar and Lisa O'Coyne

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Welcome to She's a 10...Times 5! Yes, you got it! That equals the big 5-0! Two Mamas, two wives, two entrepreneurs, who happen to be friends learning the ropes of being 50. We are your hosts... Lisa and Laurie and we invite you to listen along as we try to figure out "what's next" and we transition from "everyone needs me" to "what do I need?" Through relatable topics and experienced guests, we invite you to be a part of "A-Ha" moments of learning, reflections, inspiration and of course, LOTS of fun! We're excited to do what girlfriends do from the heart. Let's do this.
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Ever get frustrated when people proclaim "it's never too late," because you actually feel hopeless and stuck?  Well, here is a woman who has walked that talk and has written a book about it!  Jill Carlyle was a high school dropout with a road of mistakes behind her.-- broken relationships, failed marriages and goals left unfulfilled.  However, after meeting the love of her life and when she turned 42, Jill decided to put her life on its metaphorical head and pursue a new path on her road to turning the big 5-0.  Jill earned her high school GED, four college degrees, a career as a college professor, and then decided to write her memoir to inspire other women that it's never too late to achieve their goals and dreams.  We have multiple acts, and each one has the ability to build on itself and give us the pathways to live our fullest lives at any age.    Her book it aptly named "Finding Fifty," and this episode truly demonstrates that one can find their best moments after midlife.
We say it every January 1st-- new year, new me!  However, many of us "10 Times 5" ladies find the process of achieving our fitness and wellness goals increasingly harder in our midlife.  Enter in fitness guru, trainer, fellow 10 times 5 and walking epitome of complete fitness, Kim Kelly.  Kim gives her story on how she evolved into the brand "Kim Kelly Fit," and outlines twelve lifestyle and workout behaviors that can help all of us midlife mamas achieve our goals of feeling and looking our best.   Kim provides a reasonable, practical and inspiring roadmap for us to follow, along with how to avoid the obvious pitfalls we all run into on our fitness journeys.  Listen along as we have some fun with the interview, by calling THE Rob Lowe and surprising Kelly with some of her closest friends, who join in on putting her in the hot seat with Lo's Lightning Round in Studio 50-- "when you know your bestie is smokin hot!"
We all want to ROCK our midlife years, right?  Well if you want some tips on how to go about it, this is YOUR episode!  Cue in guest, Ellen Albertson, better known as the "Midlife Whisperer!"  Ellen has more degrees than a thermometer--  she is a Psychologist, Registered Dietician, Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Mindful Self Compassion Teacher and best selling author.  She has just released her book  "How To Rock Your Midlife, " and it's already number one on numerous Amazon charts.  Using her book as the baseline of the interview, Ellen shares the seven steps that women should embark and apply, in order to make their midlife chapter the best chapter possible!
Who didn't have big plans, ideas and aspirations for 2021? It was going to be the big rebound year, but it fell "somewhat" flat.  A little bit of "ground hog day," some new twists and turns and a sprinkle of silver linings.  Join us with our recurring guest hosts, Ilene Lamb and Michele Lesher, as we run back through the highs and lows, the year's trends and look forward into the next year.  As all four of us become empty nesters in 2022, we discuss what life might look like for us and what goals we want to tackle.   This is a light, whimsical  episode where we laugh at the fails and ourselves, and speak honestly about our vulnerabilities and goals in our next act.  Oh...and there is Rob Lowe for all you Gen X mamas that proudly displayed that , Tiger Beat magazine poster on your bedroom wall!
It takes massive grit and passion to build a career and successful business from the ground up.   However, the courage and determination it takes to evolve and pivot into a new lane and business model is off the charts at our age.  Enter Deena Von Yokes, who after 40 plus years of running her own business, discusses her personal journey of taking a leap into a career path.  Deena built a thriving and financially successful stylist business and elite salon through paying her dues, learning the ropes and channelling her leadership skills and network.   Being a business owner in this industry, and practicing a trade that requires being behind a salon chair, eventually has taken on a physical toll.  Deena refuses to let go of her passion, but instead is doing what we all think about-- pivoting.  Starting an academy for other emerging stylists and a deep mentorship program, Deena is sticking with what she truly loves and taking it to a new level.  Contributor to Forbes and other acclaimed publications, Deena honestly discusses the trials and tribulations of taking a new career direction as a 10 times 5.  Oh...and she is funny as hell.
Some stories can both break your heart and inspire.  This is that story.  Stephany Erlbeck unexpectedly lost her husband two days after his 50th birthday, leaving her and her four children, ages 8  through 19, reeling emotionally and financially.  Simply unprepared for an event like this, Stephany had to build her and her family's life back in every way.   This isn't a foreign dilemma. Many women simply aren't prepared for a sudden loss of a partner-- whether that be divorce or passing of a loved one.  Stephany, owner of multiple "Bodyrok" fitness gyms and founder of "Steph's Fit Culture," was able to follow her passions to get back control for herself and the future of her family.  The last layer for Stephany to address was loss during the holidays, something that most of us encounter and struggle with in our second acts.   Loss of loved ones.  Loss of tradition as kids age out and evolve.  It's flat out hard, and we need to address it.  This episode is about loss, gaining back control and evolving our approach to traditions in whatever second act we face.
We all know it-- it's a love/hate relationship that we have with social media.    Most of us adults don't get it and don't know how to process it, but also understand it is the new normal for our kids' generation.  There are silver linings to using social media, along with numerous pitfalls.  Cue in Dr. Lori Fishman, a renowned clinical psychologist who specializes in working with parents, teens and young adults on obesity, body image and anxiety issues, which are all situations that can be exacerbated by social media.  In this episode, we discuss the positive aspects of using social media, as well as some of the negative effects we all need to be sensitive to and address with ourselves and our kids.   From oversharing, over usage, comparisons, placing unwanted pressures on each other, and those dreaded feelings of exclusion and rejection, Lori gives us great advice on how we adapt our lens , as well as how we approach our kids when social media becomes harmful to their well being.
Do you ever wonder if your soul came here with an actual plan?  Well, according to Human Design experts, the road to becoming your happiest, most successful selves is unique to you!  In our interview with Jackie Grossman, a Human Design expert and Coach, we learn that uncovering your personal Human Design helps you recognize your innate gifts and traits so that you can be who you truly came here to be.  In a fun interview, Jackie outlines the premises of Human Design and then deep dives into what it all truly means by giving both Laurie and Lisa their own personal readings.  Join us as we find out our energy and personality types, and have a little fun with discovering the world of our souls.  Yes...Laurie and Lisa truly are the ying and yang of She's a 10!
As midlife mamas, we have all discovered that complete and holistic wellness takes proactivity and management of numerous moving parts.  Doctors, specialists, trainers, and maybe even a bit of non-western medical professionals and therapists.  Guest Ronnie Loaiza, a certified personal trainer, wellness coach and advocate for midlife women, gives us food for thought on how to properly prepare for medical support and how to ensure we integrate our health providers into a team.  Ronnie gives real life examples of where things can go wrong, and when we don't get the return on our medical and treatment investments.  Whether it's preparing questions beforehand,  holding our health team accountable or even ensuring all team members are on the same team, it is vital to have a strategy to get the most out of our approach to staying fit, healthy and to thrive.  Ronnie is another example of a guest who has used her personal experiences and story to empower and help other women, and her passion for encouraging other women to be their best selves jumps through the mic.  Stay tuned until the end, as you are sure to get a good belly laugh as Ronnie takes on Lo's Lightning Round and talks about being "gassy."
We spend enormous amounts of money on coaches, trainers, instructors, tutors and counselors for ourselves and our children.  However, when it comes to contemplating changing our bodies and faces, we don't invest with the same rigor, do we?  Enter in Michelle Emmick, Founder of MyCoachMD, a platform that provides consumers education and support PRIOR to having an elective cosmetic procedure.  After spending over 20 years working inside the field of aesthetics, Michelle decided to put her behind the scenes, inside working knowledge into coaching potential patients in their options, avenues and what to expect before an elective cosmetic surgical procedure.  After writing her Amazon Best-seller, "Blue Collar Beauty, Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Coach," Michelle started in earnest working with as many potential patients as possible.  Using her insights, she helps to dispel misinformation, social media misconceptions and the daunting volume of technologies and options,  in order for patients to achieve the best possible experiences and outcomes.   In addition to the "Ask Us Community," Michelle  Co-Founded "Ask Us Beauty,"  an online magazine that collaborates with authentic women in the fields of beauty and wellness.  Michelle is the epitome of wanting the best for other women and to strive to lift one another up,  She is the perfect kick-off guest for our new season, as sisterhood is at her core and in her DNA.  She is the definition of wanting other women to live their "10" lives.  Her story, her truthful insights and her guidance is a must for anyone considering a cosmetic procedure. 
This episode is a quick recap of our Season 2,  coupled with a re-release of our Season 1 celebration mashup.  Ask and you shall receive, and we were asked to relaunch the buffoonery of our roadshow collaboration with our previous guests and some of our listeners.  It's a throwback to  living in the 80's and "back in the day" with songs, trends and reminiscing.  No depth to this one, but if you want a sing along and a trip down memory lane, this one's for YOU!
Ever have a moment that truly changes your life, passion and path?  Cue in our guest, Randi Crawford, who took a traumatic event that happened as a young 18 year old and unknowingly used it to fuel a her life's work in mentoring, supporting and coaching women.  This interview tells the story of a women who truly embodies the idea of empowering other women.  With both humor and extraordinary vulnerability, Randi takes us on a journey and gives us many examples of why we should be both optimistic for young women, and also at times concerned.  Anxiety, pressures, comparative paralysis and mental health woes are more real than ever.  However,  Randi has used her own personal trauma and resulting issues, as well as dedicated study, to be a conduit to help coach others through the worst.  She has been there, she was that girl and she promises there are things we can do to help one another.  
Ever get tired of pretending your kids and being a mom is "perfect?"  Do you get exhausted with the incessant mommy highlight reels posted all over your social media pages?  If the answers are yes, THIS is your episode!  It's a story of one mom who bravely stood up to the norm to create a successful resource and platform for mommies to speak their TRUTH.  Guest Lindsey Whiting-Schnepper, aka "Elle Double U Pepper,"  launched "Mommyblogue" to give honest, raw and funny stories of being a mom that we can all relate to.   From getting mommy "twisties," to having to fit everything in one short line for the required "occupation" question.  Lindsey has wit and incredible analogies that bring life to her stories and connect us all.  Stay tuned for the back half of the interview, as Lisa and Lo put the interview on its head.  As a mom with much younger kids, Lindsey interviews her hosts to get the scoop on what she might be in for as her kids get older, as well as what advice she might want to take.  It's Mommy "hood," the best kind of hood to be part of!
Back by popular demand for a short, yet in-depth Q&A session on hormones, mood swings, libido and weight issues that women face in their midlife madness.  DR. Diana Hoppe,  a highly acclaimed OB/GYN, author and creator of the online resource,, rejoins Lisa and Laurie to discuss the critical issues women face as they cross the threshold into perimenopause and menopause.   Best yet, DR. Hoppe educates and inspires us with solutions that we can take to get back to our "Badass" selves.  This episode is quick, informative and even fun for those that are going through the ups and downs of being a 10 X 4, 5 or 6!
Sometimes it takes a heart to be broken in major fashion for us to regain clarity and passion.  In this episode, our guest Julie Habelmann, Founder of the popular resort wear brand Noble Sands, had a perfect trifecta of heart challenges.  In the year to end all years, “2020,” Julie suffered a major heart attack, the demise of her marriage and having to quarantine with her soon to be ex-husband.  You thought YOUR 2020 was rough?  In a story of literal heartbreak, Julie not only came out stronger on the other side, but is prevailing and creating a brand and business that is game changing and enables her to give back in ways she never thought possible.  It’s a touching story that provides perspective and inspiration to all women! 
She can deal with a lot, but she can’t deal with stupid— and boy has she dealt with a lot over her six X’s 10 life!  Guest Lea Black is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, public figure and personality, best selling author, philanthropist, podcast and radio host, and one of the original cast members of that “little” show called “Real Housewives of Miami.”  This woman has done it all, and continues to work at making a difference in lives and the world around her.  Join us as Lea talks all things from the “World of Lea Black.”  She is profound, fun, edgy and beyond inspirational.  From stories about developing her well known Lea Black skin care line, being a RHOM alumni, dishing about pop culture, and working towards her goals for the future, Lea makes us all want to go out and conquer obstacles, tackle the impossible and make the world a better place.  She is simply mastering what it means to be a "10."
Fashion and shopping is a timeless bond between women and girlfriends. Hitting the annual sales, looking for the perfect outfit for a special occasion or even just kibitzing about the latest trends, is something we love to do.  However,  shopping can also be daunting.  As we get older, knowing what works for us and what to avoid as a 10 times 5 gets "trickier" and even exhausting.  Shazam!  Krista Bonano joins us as the approachable girlfriend who has some fun advice and considerations for all of us.  As a successful Nordstrom salesperson and stylist, Krista takes us behind the scenes on the trends, brands, "must haves" in our closest, timeless pieces and what pitfalls we should avoid.  It's a light and fun journey through one of our favorite department stores, with someone who sees and hears it all!  
Feeling triggered?  You are not alone.  Coming into the new decade has been rough on many of us, as we struggle to get back to normalcy.   The “She’s a 10” girls invite recurring guests, Ilene Lamb and Michelle Lesher, to Studio 50 to discuss what is happening around us, and how to get to a “new” normal.  It’s an unscripted chop-up session about those things affecting and triggering us, as well as some of our goals in making progress towards feeling better about today and tomorrow.  The ladies try to be as forthcoming as possible, and as always, they add a decent measure of humor to the mix.  If you often feel triggered by what’s going on around you, this is your rollercoaster ride to hop aboard. 
They say it’s who you know, and this episode’s guest knows EVERYONE.  After having an unexpected pregnancy and giving her first child up for adoption at the young age of 15, Tina HIllstrom never felt complete.  After years of writing to the adoption agency, Tina and her daughter finally reconnected when her daughter turned 23.  It was as if Tina could finally breathe, and set her on a path of a truly amazing second act.  After moving to Beverly Hills with her husband, Tina became a constant fixture at the Wilshire Hotel, Rodeo Drive and every fabulous Hollywood gathering.  A self-proclaimed artist, B list actress, clothing designer and movie producer, Tina’s friends began to joke about her being the most famous person in Hollywood that wasn’t really famous for anything tangible.  While Tina turned down the chance to be one of the original cast members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she was the one who help producers discover Lisa Vanderpump, and did appear on numerous Real Housewives of New York episodes with her dear friend Sonja Morgan.  Tina is a kind soul with a deep story, as well as a feisty, funny and stereotypical L.A. socialite with adventures that most can only read about in US Weekly.  Get ready for a heartwarming start and a fantastically fun ending. 
Climbing the corporate and career ladders is never easy.  Imagine navigating the path to becoming a longstanding presence in the cut throat media industry in none other then the epicenter of it all-- NYC!  For twenty plus years, Lauren has been a constant influence at WABC Network News, covering major events, scandals, political and societal happenings, and also illuminating those neighborhood stories that we all cherish.  She was bravely reporting from the ground on 9/11.  She was there to cover Eliot Spitzer, Antony Weiner and most recently, Andrew Cuomo stories.  For years, she has provided New Yorkers with the touching stories and also helps support neighborhood eateries with coverage.   Lauren tells her story of working her way up, paying her dues and what it's like being a woman in a media industry that has changed dramatically, and is at times embroiled in questions and doubt.  It's a fantastic journey with many great stories and behind the scenes insight.   This episode is fascinating, deep and we end on a fun take on what it means to be a native New Yorker at the end with a fun "Lo's Lighting Round."
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