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The 8pl8s podcast is the supreme INTJ lifter's comedy podcast. What do you want, a sales pitch? Overanalyze and chill with us or die mirin'. Follow us on Instagram @8pl8s, get bonus episodes at and GET A GRIP!
28 Episodes
This week, neoliberalism disapprover (@schizotopia.pod) unveils his authentic Irish takes on BTCfash, pirate culture pro, the HBEuro torrent, MK Reptile, teetotaler Cody, Macronavirus, the Macrodos Equis, the Castro CIA corn syrOp, microdosing eggs, Göbekli Tepe, Christian-Leftist timeshoe theory, cumming, B&T meditation, Ana de Armas, jogger schizoposting for all, Sargon, Blank Mad Gosling Psycho, exec. RP, girlboss gaslight gatekeep, egg talk pt.II, petty crime petty time, exciting memory, the secret Beto message and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast...GET A GRIP!Support the show (
This week, multigame mainframe wizard (@maximus.thrax) joins the g8pl8s top chat with PlayStation Cock, cruciferous pulp, Wendy's drive-thru audio, texas wagies, Sunday monkeyball, Japanese Nintendo, Dream #packwatch, Nintendo Eream, funny Metallica, Huckleberry N, Krispy '37, best head in Houston, ball radiation, Canadian fedposting, homeless PD, cars and crack, the SQ, code CIA, going o n l i n e, the real diamond doges, chill pill chillaxers, clicking the link, sneaky piss mic, fizzy delivery, dubstep, the yea minute, the SBC definition, proton male schizoposting, the beautiful 1.2k Cal. cheese steak, airhead fryer, nutritionalist Thraxx, G&M&PBR, the great Modelo Debate, the BJ OOSP bonus and tons more on the 8pl8s podcastGET A GRIP!Support the show (
Episode 25 - Soy João Jack

Episode 25 - Soy João Jack


This week, THA  BOYS ARE BACK FOR Baby back ribs, Everything is a Psyop, live artists (alive), BCAA NUTritionists, monkey school, Chokesteak, prostate vs testicular cancer: the consensus, hypochondria part two, the Haley/Marzia intervention, Simpin' Africa, Van Halla, hot for teacher (Beto++), lumpyboi27 on OnlyFans, fizeek rings, the IRL jelq sequel, anabolic docs, hardcore Europe, retard king Midas, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcastGET A GRIP!Support the show (
This week, THE KING (@basedarchives) IS BACK to blow the lid off of moonshine, dyin', Classique Hollywood Roiders, JS denial, antisigma trailblazing, Ghostface, vidya g8pl8s, Pepe Silvia mode, hollow iceberg Agartha, dead Zombieboy, catching Xs, twinkwave, deadleak, the 1993 chili incident, locker room jelqing techniques, harassmaster, fear inoculum, Andre 3000, N-ergy, boss move delegation, 5% Drake fans, everything is a Psyop, shirt art yankoff, Frankie Heinz 67, Zucc intro, deathisinevitable69, New Frank Zargon, rudeboi @sonnylibrarian, cool Bionicles, baste taste, chill pissmic and tons more on the 8pl8s podcastGET A GRIP!Support the show (
NEW RESEARCH, we get retarded with @wolffslawpower while delving into wife flexxin', the syrian schizo-schism, othodoxxy, hashbrags, Jamie googlin', fake can rating, homeless memers, the chIGnese wall, down's sexdrome, the tiny hoop, coming out as a shortman, not the fats advice, coom/wipe/repeat, thoughts on the videosphere, /homebomb/, the Wolffslaw morning routine, Vietnam retard Bob Ross, KOTH reboot, professional time wasters, beautiful Tel Aviv, ze resistonce, hot doggy thermo, Balboa Island, post-op power pop, black Elliot, Guiness Blonde and the Irish, Bustin' Boston, Nickora Tesura, simping for autism, Transformers G1, raw 11 midnight, the internet centipede, blue bolls, Natalie Portsmith, Midas Ross, mass employee chillouts and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!Support the show (
This week, musician EXTRAORDINAIRE Bill Jobs joins the show to discuss scoring HydeWars, Dora the Programmer, execc secks, Women's sports, bar audiophiles, lofi housonomics, YancityG*rl (mystery), parrot comedy, fake music aficionados, vaporwave to house pipeline, Pure Data, ANALog tuning, natural born trolls, the FB void, soft and deficient ED, decentralized reality, Swedish N Jackson, e-Windex, being left on seen, slash S, Tism Tradition, an INTJ and an INFP walk into a pod, shitbox, the booze cruise pill, epic metal style, breaking the law, bloomer Bill, the Hyperreality backstory/promo, raw garlic nationalism, onion love, the deep 8pl8s name lore, demon tech, basedment and tons more on the 8pl8s podcastGET A GRIP!Make sure to check out Bill Job's music at: billjobs.orgAnd show some love to his pals as well:MTRLV:@mtrlvofficial@jeremygirouard YANCITYGURL: the show (
This week, @intj_moments' HALEY'S BACK to overanalyze weck's Chemo, the crank debut, the memer-guest demotion, arthoe specs, INTgays, special college boi, jaw injuries, second loser, the basedarchives return, the BBB podcast, the manson family welders, maple syruping your man, where pen is, stolen chromosome, who ain't based, ze artits, Gene Simm8pl8s, UGBB emails, pen15 pals, Caulimuscle, Jerry Wein, airBnB, Macadamia, hungry Haley, solipsism, topillowdes, swipin' in da ToysRus, meeting in Phil Collins' Ass, breaking up with Primeval Labs, soyjack, Beto's exposed bits, Tapout evolution, iCP, Peter Punch, chicken, shampoopoo, Marziagent, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!Support the show (
This week, Internet legend Ephemeral Rift talks about the ER creative process, the EphemRadio to Riftcast pipeline, reasonably filtered opinions, internet tough guys, Anarchism, /innawoods/, perception of violence, political powerlessness, scaling down, 3000iq boozin', the CPAP minute, not becoming a writer through the Arkham Sanitarium Mythos, and string twanger @tymbones joins the pod to discuss boofin' kratom, cat war, street names, getting busted, the 8pl8s swear jar, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!Support the show (
This week, janny destroyer @top.kek.des joins us to discuss his GOMAD Salad, taping pillows, not going Cowboy Mode, 8pl8s News, the NegativeXP fanboy minute, milktoast Fantano, DaddyDes vs Nployees, 2=4, the return of Can Ratings, headphone users beware, chicken tendies, 20% Australia, the Des-Xi standoff, journey at the center of Kroger's, Halo announcer moments, the MMF vs FFM threesome pendulum, Scholastic, 80s Hotline Miami, get head set, Beto Reynolds, Rocky, Chrissy & the Bakedpl8s audience, becoming the arbiters of truth, the Squirrel bite spectrum, 100% built different, Mongolian Owlconry, G. Kong, BET-O, Nü Male Afternoon, Wooden Teetch, Self-induced vasectomy, the 231 grams, hit the road Jack, booze cruisin redux, cool pink, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!
This week, the fellas from @diamond.doges join us to discuss the 8pl8s psycho, barbershop balls, meeting David Goggins, downing Jack Blacks all the day, boycott iCop, the triple ute takedown, the Thai dungeon, NZ suxx, the airport question, top secret ladyboys, the diamond playlist, 70s NASA bloatmaxx, sp8pl8s, Jupiter Moon Fish, Prince Phillip regeneration spells, impartial gelato reviews, understanding time zones, 17 is legal pops, the beats by jay comeback, wheelin' Ronnie, another glowing D.I.G. review, a bit of fun buddy, 1000 dollarydoos, the psycho call-in, heightlighting, gasheighting, the Grizzly Gym, the employment exorcism, the Cavaliere staircase, altered states of language, campus society, w*odworking fantasies, expectations of functionality, the trillon-IQ take, the Ryan Gosling Psyop, soul-cashing, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!
This week, THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN for gravitas & bravado aficionados, Lee Haney underwear, gymsmas, 8pl8s armed robbery, bomb losers, primeval markups, code SHIT, Thor:Alphmanager, boozin' on the job, Bojack & Horse's Necks, DMT Apes, getting that Sunrise, Delitalian ice, the funniest phrase, fat man pod chair, gym mentorship, 2 yerls 2 live, the prostate of affairs, the daily dozen, resting kissy face, the Seid Nut Basket, johnliver lovers, jamba memories, stinky guest society, too big big pain, the MD bit, preggo Vaillant, cuppa Beet moments on the show, Curtis Water, Necro vs Black Pitt, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!Support the show (
To kick off autism awareness month, Mr. G  @barbell.blessedposting joins us to discuss sleeping in, 'Straylian time zones, intj planning, Aussie Osborne, saying "like" too much, Mr. 8gent, the ideal domain name, democracy manifest, not choosing B, honorary 6-footers, the Mystery method, vegemite ice cream, predicting the future, gelatissimo sponsorship, legal mumbo jumbo, bb's French lineage, Buffalo Cheese, the lonely airport, the 1st BP, utes, the Gborhood, back to the gym, training at night, Guy Heaven Gym, DYEL vs jacked Europe, jiggle protests, the return of pissmic and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!
This week, @unironiczyzzposting joins us to spill the venom about the Juji split, Antoine's Angles, Piana's charisma, Chestbrah's brilliant business strategies, @said_sergeyevich inspiration, high-quality SARMS, amazing brilliant revolutionary brilliant amazing @vibe_oils, how great is, how stylish @shavershianfitness clothes are, sucking off Dark Iron Gains, rare Chinese aesthetics, Hardstyle, onlyfans lottery, italian Zyzz, meatballs, the Mandrill maze and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!Support the show (
This week, the BOYS FEEL THE NOIZE to discuss fatsplaining your chair, sûkūdikü jelly, bodybuilders against cheese, simping for necro nexercise, whack the rat cat, the schizo-roider loophole, SARM-Brain, 9555, stranger (Kai) Greens, the coomcels simp & switch, Joakley Willink, the 8pl8s biznass and English orgasmatron, cumming 2 America, sanitized raspberries, the reference show, health update, Hawg Ranch, CBDeez Nutz, more weed more Seid, bang vapes, P/P/L, MTL gyms opening, the EAA squire, Quiet Riot, wild greek reviewer @alpha27trevglos, PB2 comeback, becoming an INTJ CEO, ANGELWITCH Sandwich, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!Cover designed with @diamond.doges
This week, THE WHEELS (@18wheelsarerollin) ARE ROLLING to expose the cinephile ring, the birth of the Hawg, the trashman's scoop, edgy beatoff, the unforgivable pod, Diddish Columbia, Nicc Cage's accolades, the Tokyo Drift tapes, the boozer origins, Whitey&T, the Apple PC, the black stores, gramps Hawg, the OSHA fanclub, Canadian SIN, Japanese Bond: Yuo Only Fry Rice, the INTJ CEO, the Gay/Busch/Hawg workout split, docking into the deadlift station, based trucksacks, loss, an 8pl8s Strike, rednexican lifters, real kekka hours, stealing from Seinfeld, NNN to full succ December, awfully hot coffee pots, skinnyfat copes, DnD gang, drug drivers, the teetotaler McDonald's lobby, intermittent fatting, das milch, dodgeball frustration, the punk dayz, 8pl8s FIGHT NIGHT, mogged by an Englishman, the homoschizo, the macro partition, time_passing.mp4, white wine enjoyer tattoos and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!
This week, THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN for fish oil Sigma brained Necwo the Secksowsist, the EP11 aftermath, lettuce freshness, NASA powernaps, the CD-ROM cycle, the game: gym edition, the INTJ pulse read stare, stories from the powerlifting years, FPH horseshoe theory, boozer kino, the dead fish oil heavy metal autist, blackface Lee Priest's picture fiasco, the BB speech impediment inner circle, beats by Jay and bodybuilders in the rap game, the Makaveli classroom, the mystery journalist, 8pl8gate, Marzia Durden, GTA: CPAP stories, the El Paso head crack, chastity belt thoughts, the bonus episode 3 tease, JF succy time, based archives is my friend, Playground bully Jeff Cavaliere, the 8pl8s freestyle, warehouse J-Roc, the FFM casualty list, switch cucks, battlefield bad company 2, fruits in cookies, salad car pileups, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!Support the show (
This week, we "interview" literally Arnold Schwarzenegger himself (@basedarchives), who somehow brings up Mike Ma the sushi chef, geometry dash, excruciating can ratings, and tons of other stuff I quite frankly couldn't explain to you in a million years.GET A GRIP!Cover design by DC & basedarchives



This week, the boys CARRY THE SHOW to discuss getting mugged in Mexico, no-fun diets, pb&y, anal fruit lawsuits, cortana vibes, big think, nursing home bullies, the 9mm & shovel son, going ubisoft, the smoochy natty's rock bottom, gainsposting during a bulk, ball shrinkage, the Platzinum gymcel tale, BOGO V-deals, the Jeremy Jahns dichotomy, Cialis pumps, MK-ultra sleeper agents, Biggie Smallnuts, Strawberry Whey, eating dry casein, protein smuggling, the roider organ market value, plasma4synthol, bloodsuckin Boston Bruin, belly fisters, windmill hoodfights, failed Blade Runner references, the hamster dance resurgence, recurring childhood cringe, dumbass tattoos part 2: Electric Boogaloo, beach discredit, perpetual suffering's admin anecdotes, bodybuilders against tipping, the 8pl8s creative process, nutposting, borderline comedy disorder, BetoTV, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!
This week, the good @vottamism and the bad @theliftingbean join us (the ugly) to discuss bean tardiness, the F track, ibeantity theft, the high-T experience, gymcel rage, the E. Roger spreadsheet, the shooter fashion guide, the bald efukt professor, racist reddit's reiligon, big fat moon witches, Valentine's week, the sad family cereality, JP Benzo's Venti rant, the Albertan political need for speed, the rogue Prêwdböy scare, ex-celebs, my son Mario 64, sk8ter bois, just ska, biketard roomies, panic attack vaporwave, forum abuse, pee talk, spillin yer beans, 4min30sec professionals, superbowl subliminals, INTJanal, Dr. Ouchie, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!Support the show (
This week, ex-con @embedded69 joins us to discuss bri'ish cultcha, Tim Dillon's dark fate, hipster scumbags, getting Lynched, horsebites, 2plates4dates, Sigma Males, Michelin & Cheese, Sad Chef Hours, wot's on da telly, Croc Talk, lives ruined by MTV, GameStocks vs Bankers, Viewtiful Joe, Emerald Musk, editor abuse, Dr. Hu, getting succed on the job, Kyle's crippling Monster habit, gooner cops, Shia defense squad innit, Kyler, english baloney, coom vocab, UK mormons, Justice Cigarson, anti-pescatarians, Sad Comedian Hours, boot polish nationalism, Doxx the docks, Blaha Blast, and tons more on the 8pl8s podcast!GET A GRIP!
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