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The episode features Robert Puccia- General Manager Technical Services at NS Sales, Division of NSSMC USA.  Listen to his gripping tale of spending more than 4 decades in the steel industry.  Catch his story on our latest podcast.
The episode features Eric Engels , Sales Manager at Camden Yards Steel.  Hear him talk on how he made his way through the steel industry and learning things along the way. Catch his story on our latest podcast.
The episode features Steve West , the VP of Engineered Products at  Chicago Tube & Iron.  Here he talks about his ride in the steel industry. Catch him share his gripping stories of spending his entire career in the industry.
The episode features Mark D. Eck from Coilplus Texas. He talks about his journey from selling wireless phones back in the day to getting into steel industry.Catch his captivating story in the steel industry
This episode features Bob Kula from the Mill Steel Company.  Catch his fascinating take on his foray into the steel industry. 
This episode features Timothy Quinn from American Consolidated Industries. He discusses the growing importance of innovation in the steel industry and the need for digital transformation. 
On this episode, joining us is Mr. Michael Barnett, President & Chief Operating Officer at Grand Steel. He dives deep into what it takes to work in the Steel Industry and what he looks for in the people when hiring. In today's competitive world, while younger generations are struggling to get a degree to stay ahead, it's good to know that the steel industry values not your educational qualifications, but something much more valuable: knowledge and the ability to do the job and get things done!
Joining us today on the show is Mr. Eric Batt, Division Manager at ArcelorMittal. He has taken up a number of roles in the Steel Industry. He talks about the process and effort that goes into making new steel products that suit the customers needs. The passion he has for his job is evident and contagious and we're here for it!
On today's episode, we have with us Mr. Paul Thurber, Director of Business Development at Paul became a Paramedic in his early days to help people. Soon, he realises the the amount of danger that is present in the work environment in industries such as steel. He has now dedicated his career to preventing accidents and ensuring safety for people working in these industries.
Joining us today is Abizer Ghadiali,  Vice President at Alliance Trading Inc. who was on his way to a successful career as a lawyer, but couldn't stay away from his roots for long - the Steel Industry. He talks about how he entered the industry, the impact COVID had on business and the impact technology can have in an industry still so rooted in traditional methods. 
On today's episode, we have with us Johan Israelsson, President - BU Tubes at Sandvik. He talks about company culture, having the right team and the importance of knowing your customers. Listen more to find out how being able to speak Swedish led him to the Steel Industry.
On this episode, we're joined by Lewis Dennen, Owner of Lewder Steel Corp. We've all got sales calls from random people in the middle of a busy day and cut that call short without batting an eye, but have you ever wondered what the story is on the other side? Listen now to hear Lew's journey from a sales person to a business owner.
Joining us on todays episode is Nick Urban from Speedy Metals. I'm sure everybody is with us when we say 2020 wasn't the greatest year. Industries, businesses, families, we all took a hit. Except for Nick, he says 2020 has in fact been one of his most eventful years, listen now to find out why!
Today joining us on our podcast to share their steel story is Navy man turned CEO of Bay Cities Metal Products, Robert Moeck. He talks to us about how his experience in the Navy influenced his role as a leader in the Steel Industry. When asked how he sells steel, he says and we qoute “You don't sell steel, you sell a service.” Listen now to know more about his straight forward approach towards this industry.
On today's episode, we have with us, Bob Mraz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TW Metals. Being in the industry for over 40 years, Bob is an embodiment of commitment and hard work. Join us as he talks to us about company culture, the impact of COVID and the importance of adapting with time. 
On today's episode, we have with us, Candice Coatsolonia, our most energetic guest. Listen to her Steel Story and the values she feels is important as a women in the Steel Industry. She's full of energy and she talks about experiences in her life that has shaped her to be who she is now. As Candice says, be high on life and always show up! 
On today's episode, joining us is Damian Brennan, Vice President of American Heavy Plates. He talks about his steel story and how American Heavy Plates  started, his learnings on the business model that worked and the one that didn't, how they tackled the fluctuations in demand and supply in the steel industry and much more!
On the fourth episode of EOXS Podcast: Stories on Steel, we have with us, Terry Perles, Secretary Board of Director at US Vanadium Holding.  He talks about how he entered the steel industry and the shift to vanadium and how vanadium helps in making  steel stronger in a cost efficient way!
The third episode of EOXS Podcast: Stories on Steel features David Verville, Vice President of Eaton Steel Bar Company. Mr Verville discusses his career in the steel industry, technology in steel and how Eaton Steel Bar Company is tackling COVID-19
Welcome to the second episode of Stories on Steel!Joining us on today's episode is Connor McMenamin, President of Chemcoaters. He shares with us his 'Steel Story' and how he chose this industry. Has online presence helped? Is the steel industry still considered "traditional"?  What sets you apart in this industry? The future of this industry, the impact of Covid and much more.
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