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Shit You Didn't Learn In School is a brand created to talk about all the subjects that public education system conveniently leaves out of curriculum. This includes subjects such as the deep state, politics, ancient history, alternative medicine, alternative science, Q, esoteric knowledge, and any other subject that is important that school doesn't bother to teach anyone about.
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When it comes to social change, nothing has forced change on the public so aggressively as cancel culture and social justice propaganda. We are witnessing corporate America attack the people and form an alliance with a corrupt wing of our government which allows the attack to happen. Even rewards corporate America for doing it. There is a cure, but it won't be easy...
Trump had his first appearance since inauguration at CPAC yesterday. While it was awesome to see him again I was reminded of all of the RINOS who had double crossed him in the past few weeks. It got me thinking about what it is going to take for the military to finally step in and make some arrests. Some people might not like where this goes.



Went to a gun show earlier this morning and was reminded of the current political climate surrounding our second amendment right and how we're at danger of not having any more gun shows. Here's my take on why I feel we need more guns.
Another slow day at work which meant a lot of conversations with coworkers. Some of these conversations inspired this episode...
Despite guidance from the CDC and the WHO saying that schools are safe to reopen, teacher unions from around the country have been pushing back and refusing to return to the classroom. I give my two cents on how I feel about this.



Being ignorant is one issue, humoring ignorance is another. Really something we can all do that'll help bring this craziness to an end sooner is to stop humoring stupid.
After having an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is an immigrant from the Philippines, a very interesting thought came to mind.



Finally watched Mike Lindell's docu-movie "ABSOLUTE PROOF" and learned a few details I was surprised to hear.
All Eyes On Myanmar

All Eyes On Myanmar


In one of his first interviews since inauguration, Trump made reference to the situation in Myanmar with the military takeover. Is Trump hinting at what is to come here in America?
The crazy winter storm and the unsuspected blackouts that are happening simultaneously in Texas seem to be a coordinated effort. Is this the dark winter Joe Biden was talking about back in October?
So some politician just stated that cops and ex-military should be targeted for gun control measures due to the fact that they are root causes of "white supremacy". As Mexican-American veteran myself, I have a few choice words for this politician.
So over the past couple days I have had 2 close calls. Over the weekend I almost spun out on some ice, and today I witnessed a fire break out at work. I stop and think about what could have happened...
Going back I realize Eric's Swalwell was on the impeachment team trying to convict president Trump. This is hilariously ironic for a number of reasons.
After a long weekend I play catch up on some events that transpired. I talk about what this means going forward, and why I was laughing my ass off at this exchange I saw between a CBS reporter and one of Trump's attorneys.
The drama happening with the MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is just the latest line in cancel culture attacks on American citizens. I explain the real reason behind the culture and how this is a telltale sign of a fascist government.
Today's morning mini episode, I start with a random thought train about the book 1984, and start to connect the dots on how it relates to events happening today.
WARNING ⚠️ TENSE EPISODE! I was getting off work and decided to vent about something I had just read about organ harvesting in China. I get pretty fired up in this episode.
In this mini episode, I contemplate what the bad guy's "plan" must be. Q and it's followers have been trusting "the plan" these past few years, and in this mini episode I guess what the bad guy's plan must be, given all the evidence available at the moment.
My latest addition to this mini series on the Burmese military coup. In this episode I point out the media's reaction to it and what that spells for what could happen here in the US.
Follow up to my last car thoughts episode, plus extra tidbit on why I think Q is the real deal.
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